How to Transform Your Android Device to a Productivity Boosting Machine

Android devices and smartphones, in general, are considered to be time-suckers. Due to the endless news feeds, and the stream of WhatsApp messages, the smartphones definitely takes a decent pie out of our lives. You don’t have an idea, what time you are wasting using your smartphone until you quit digital insanity for a day or two.

Fortunately, there are some of the great ways to turn your Android device into a time-saving productivity machine.

In this post, I’ll present you some tips and perhaps some apps that let you use your Android device as a tool to save lots of your time.

#1. AppBlock – Stay Focused

Undoubtedly, the first tip you hear when it comes to boosting productivity is to try saving the time you are wasting.

AppBlock – Stay Focused is an app, that helps you to remain focused on the work. This app lets you block any app for a predefined period or a time. You can temporarily block any application. It is very similar to StayFocusd app. But this app is for Android, and can’t block websites but only apps.

It also blocks selected app notifications. Once the block time is over, it will display all the blocked notifications, so that you won’t miss any of them.

When it comes to Apps like these, self-control is very important. The app can be a gentle reminder to stay focus, but it can’t rewire your brain to be a productivity ninja.

There are many apps like this. You can also use some app lockers. But the advantage of using AppBlock is that the apps will be automatically unblocked after a period of time.

If you are not willing to use any separate app, you can do simple tasks like blocking notification from social media apps (that too FB and Instagram) for a specified time.

#2. Listen to ambient music

Ambient music

Ambient music and binaural brainwaves are proven to enhance the focus and cognitive abilities. There are several apps like Brainwaves by which you can generate pure brain waves to aid your focus and productivity.

If you prefer ambient sounds over the brainwaves, you can make use of apps like Headspace.

In order to gain maximum benefits out of this music, it’s highly recommended to use the earbuds or especially, the binaural headphones.

You do need to remember that, initially the ambient music may actually appear decreasing your productivity. But trust me, once you get used to working with the music in the background, it’ll increase your productivity.

I’m so accustomed to the binaural beats, I can’t imagine working without the beats in the background.

#3. Tasker



This is the best automation app for Android. You won’t get this sort of automation app for iOS devices. It is my favorite app for Android devices.

With this app, you can automate any task on your Android device without any coding. This app costs you only $2.99 in Googler Play store. Compared to the robustness and the features that the app provides, this price is nothing.

Tasker itself doesn’t do anything to your productivity. You need to learn how to setup profiles that boost your productivity.

You can set tasks like:

  • Turn off Wifi when a particular app open OR at a particular time, location, etc.
  • Turn on Airplane mode at night time.
  • Turn on airplane mode when the battery level is less than 17, and also the when a particular app is open.
  • Automatically launch ambient music app (whichever you are using) when you plug in your headphones.
  • Disable Facebook app automatically when Google Docs app is open at a specified time only.
  • Take a selfie when there is 3 failed device unlock attempts. (catch the bad boy!)
  • Create your own battery saver using Tasker by killing apps periodically and scheduling some juice saving tasks
  • Set up autoresponders for your messages app. (trigger words, scheduling, and responses).
  • Auto reply to WhatsApp messages using Tasker. (Conditional replies, many more features)
  • More here.

The possibilities are endless.

In order to get profile ideas, you need to make a list of tasks that you do repeatedly in your day. Like, if you turn on silent mode every time go to your office, you can set the Tasker to automatically turn on Silent mode whenever you are near to office (location aware).

If you regularly delete cache of you certain apps, you can set tasker to do it for you at preset times or set triggers. It seems like a great idea instead of using Cleaner apps.

This is a great productivity booster. iOS devices don’t have any of these apps.

With the buzz of the internet of things, Tasker can also automate and integrate with smart devices and things in your home. For example here’s a tutorial on – Automatically Turn On Your Lights When You Return Home using Tasker.


These are the few tips you need to consider turn your Android device into a productivity boosts machine instead of wasting your time. Although these are several tips, I highly insist you implement these three tips in your life. It can make a great difference. You’ll soon realize that you now have good time left to treat yourself instead of being occupied all the time.

Hope you loved the post.