HOW TO Unbrick LG Optimus L3 Android Phone

LG Optimus L3, a relatively new Android phone in the market is facing some issues as I can see in the CWM installation tutorial I wrote a while back. The issue which people faced was that their LG Optimus L3 reboots into recovery and does not boot into system normally. Perhaps, this was due to incorrect compilation of the recovery by the developer. As promised, I am posting a tutorial to unbrick LG Optimus L3 here at Hack My Android. Hopefully, this will get you your phone back working as usual. In case you face any issues, let me know in the comments below.

An Alternate to KDZ Method

Quite a lot of you have commented that you are stuck in CWM. So before you try the KDZ method which seems to be difficult, our reader Boris Blagojevic has an alternate method for you. Download the stock ROM zip file and flash it via CWM (since you have access to it) and reboot your phone. It will boot normally. You can now connect your phone to PC and run the LG PC suite to update your firmware and you should be good to go with the stock unrooted ROM.

I have tried the same method on LG Optimus Me P350 and the same can be applied to LG Optimus L3. All LG phones can be flashed to the stock firmware using a KDZ updater.

Before you Begin

Sit and relax. I will get you your phone back, but promise me that you will follow all the steps properly and comment below if you face any issues. You don’t  believe me? Read the 250+ comments at my unbricking & rooting tutorial for LG P350. No bragging, it’s a matter of trust. However, some mistakes can not be rectified and I will let you know if you have committed such mistake. Now, identify the problem you are facing. Some issues, can be solved easily and do not require you to flash the stock firmware. For instance, if you are stuck on the boot animation it does not mean your phone is bricked. You can wipe cache and boot into system again. If you find no method to boot into the system, follow this tutorial. However, I always advise you to comment and ask before you do this because this method is a little risky but you’ll end up with a working phone if you follow all steps properly.

A video of this tutorial is available at BlogoTech.

Flash Stock Firmware on LG Optimus L3

  1. Download LG Optimus L3 USB Driver  from here.
  2. Download official LG Optimus L3 stock firmware from this page. The file would be a .kdz file. Download the appropriate firmware according to your network provider and country.
  3. Download KDZ updater and install it on your computer.
  4. The zip file has a Microsoft XML parser, make sure you run it and restart your PC. This will solve the wparam 100 and lparam 6 issue mentioned in a comment below.
  5. The next step is to put your phone into emergency mode. To do this, remove the battery of your phone and re-insert it (don’t turn it on). Press and hold Volume Up button and Volume Down button. While you are pressing the two buttons, press the Power button. So now, you must be pressing all three buttons together.
  6. Your phone will boot into emergency mode and you should see a yellow screen with Emergency mode written on it.
  7. Pick up the USB Cable and connect your phone to the computer via the USB Cable.
  8. Run KDZ updater as Administrator.
  9. Choose the following options in KDZ Updater: Type: 3GQCT Phone Mode: DIAG and KDZ file is the one you downloaded in step 3. Click on the image below for a better view.
    Unbrick LG Optimus L3
  10. Re-check with the image above and ensure that you have the appropriate settings on the KDZ updater.
  11. Take a deep breath and click on “Launch Software Update” button.
  12. This process is usually long. It take quite a long time for the firmware to be flashed on your phone.
  13. If everything goes well, you will see “Finished” written in the log screen and your phone will change to switched off mode from Emergency mode.
  14. The next time you turn it on, your phone will take a lot of time to reboot. This is normal!

So there you get a working LG Optimus L3 phone. Go ahead and hack it because you can always unbrick it using this tutorial.


So we found that quite a lot of them are complaining that their LG Optimus L3 is booting back into recovery mode even after trying this  tutorial. I thank Mohammed Yaser for his comment below who has found a solution to this on XDA-forums. If you face this issue, follow the steps given below:

  1. You will be using ADB and fastboot commands in this. So if you are not familiar with it, head over to this tutorial.
  2. Download recovery.img and place it in the folder where you have the ADB files. I have named the folder as C:\Android in the aforementioned tutorial.
  3. Open Command Prompt and type “cd C:\Android” or the path to the folder. Alternatively, you can open the folder that has the ADB files and Shift+Right Click to select “Open Command Window here”.
  4. Make sure your phone is in CWM (it has to be) and connect it to PC via USB Cable.
  5. Type the command “adb reboot bootloader”. Your phone will now be in bootloader mode.
  6. Now type “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” (Without quotes please).
  7. You should see some file transfer being done. If you see something else, post it in the comment below.
  8. Now type “fastboot reboot”.
Your phone will now reboot normally.

A comment from Kiryuchamo below might be helpful to you in case you face some problems:

i read about this post after searching lots of forums in the internet.

we had the same problem. i followed the tutorial and then i got an error and then the kdz updater crashes.. then the phone reboots and goes into an endless bootlop..

what i did is i pressed the vol.down+home key+power button (hard reset). i know u’ve probably did this but the phone will just vibrate and the LG logo will appear then it will automatically shutdown.. thats why all who experienced this cant enter into recovery mode. only emergency mode is working.

but the trick for you to be able to do a hard reset using the 3 buttons goes like this:

push the three buttons and when u felt the phone vibrates(its just only half a second, i guess) release the buttons right before the LG logo appears.. it will take you to an android unpacking a box screen.. wait for it to finish and your phine will reboot and will now work fine with stock rom.

this guide is for those who got the same error during updating with kdz. i hope it really helps.

i just got my brother’s L3 back after bricking it. and also thanks to the author of this tutorial. i salute you. goodluck guys on unbricking your phones

Do you face any issues? Please post them on our forum to get quicker replies!
  • Joe

    Thank you, thank you, than you man!!!, You've been a real life saver!!!

  • Edy Ati

    Hi, and thank you for all tutorials, great job! If you let me ask: can you make a tutorial for lg l3 e400 how can I moov all aplications from system memory(157MB) in internal memory(1GB), specificly for this device! Thank you again.

    • You can use apps2sd application for that. However some applications can be installed only on system memory, for example: Facebook. You can not move them to external memory. If you wish to do that, you need to flash a custom ROM to it!

      • Edy Ati

         Thanks for reply. Yes, I know that, I use Link2SD this is much more efficient (for me),
        but I want to install applications directly on internal memory (if is possible). I have read tutorials about this, but to me it does not work (…to make ext4 partition on SD…) I have installed cyanogenmod9 nightly20120916 android 4.0.4 v10k.
        Works well, but I can't install flashplayer. If you have any idea about this. Thanks.

        • It didn't work for me too, hence I did not recommend that. Flash player has to be included by the developer. You can not install it as such!

          • Edy Ati

             Thank you!

  • Hi!! Can we use the same methods for software update too???

    • No. For software update, you must use the LG update tool!

  • Jet

    sir i really need help,. i installed CM9 ICS rom but seems kinda incompatible,. i tried to flash my phone but then the kdz but now cant found my phone and i dont know why,. can you help me out finding a way to put it back sir, i really need your help as soon as possible, thanks

    • Jet

      btw i have my driver installed sucessfully,. 

      • Check device management in Windows. You may need to update those drivers!

  • Somchai

    nice job. my bricked back to speak again. thanks.

  • Aristarco Scannabuoi

    Didn't worked. Now my LG is locked into emergency mode. Ouch…

    • Does your computer recognize your phone? Right click on My Computer>manage>Device manager and check if you have the necessary drivers installed! The "Ports" sections should show LGE Android Platform".

      • Aristarco Scannabuoi

        What a quick reply! Thank you.
        Yes, the drivers were installed and succefully recognised.
        It appears as LGE Android Net, not platform.
        The KDZ Updater crashed several times, never ended right 'til now. And the telephone is blocked, as I said.
        If you can help…thank you, if not, oh well, thank you the same for your time!

        • Is your phone locked to any network? Which firmware are you trying to flash?

          • Aristarco Scannabuoi

             it's locked but i found the according firmware on the link you posted

          • Disable the LG modem and try the tutorial again from the first step. Refer the image for disabling the modem.

          • Aristarco Scannabuoi

            Sorry for my late. I've never used my phone as a modem and otherwise the system didn't seem to ecognise it that way. I have to take the phone to a shop 'cause is blocked on the emergency mode and I found no way to restore it. Thamk you for your help and your time. I'll retry doin' this the way you told me. Greetings from Italy.

  • Stitch13400

    Hi , I just flash my phone with your tuto but now my phone rest at the boot screen LG.
    The software say me that finished.

    And now i have everytime i QWHote screen after lg logo and th ephone reboot. Cant acces recoverymod

    • Stitch13400

      Finnaly get it work

      • Jittusm

        how did u get it to work? i am having bootloop

  • gsmhome

    i m faing this error mdel dll messa not found
    upgade errr wam .100 para 6
     i have alread tried disablng lg mdem

    • Run Microsoft XML parser that comes along with KDZ updater (the msxml file)

  • gsmhome

    its wparam 100 and lparam 6

    • Did you run KDZ updater as Administrator? Also, is your phone recognized by the software? It usually takes a long time. A screenshot will be preferable.

    • Make sure you run the Microsoft XML parser which comes along with KDZ updater!

  • Kazuma-senpai

    thanks dude, I was so worried because my optimus was so fucked bricked DX.I followed all the steps but it continued bricking, so the last hing I did after doing all the steps, was pressing volume down+menu+power and with that the phone fixed. thank you

  • Borisb131286

    I have a very big and very serious problem after I had installed Cyanogen Mod 9 ICS oficiall after every instalation and uninstallation I had wiped mani times cash memory under this ROM and last night I have this very serious and extremely urgent problem wich I canot resolve myself and that is my cellphone LG Optimus L3 E400 is started to behave no matter that is battery 100% recharged it started after I turn it off and turn it on it started to behave like battery is empty.What is it about can you help me please it is extremely urgent. 🙁

    • Seems like a bootloop. Did you try the unbricking tutorial I have written?



  • Muhammadnaufalazizhuryansyah

    Please help me!!! my phone can’t turn on&recovery after installing cm9

  • Muhammadnaufalazizhu

    Please help me!!! my phone can't turn on&recovery after installing cm9

  • Eco


    Please help I'm getting this: Upgrade Error  Wparam:100  Lparam: 500

    • The KDZ updater comes with a msxml file, did you run it as administrator? Also did you run KDZ updater as administrator??

  • Crazy

    I'm trying to flash my phone LG P-350 with KDZ but it hangs half way through and eventually pops up a box with "upgrade error WParam: 100 LParam: 500.

    Phone is "bricked" but I can get it into emergency mode, If I try to start the phone it just freezes on the LG screen.

    Anyone know why i'm getting this error and how I can fix it? It's driving me crazy.

    • The KDZ updater comes with a msxml file, did you run it as administrator? Also did you run KDZ updater as administrator?

    • Rademaar

      Hi Thanks fix worked for me.

  • Sander Rombouts

    follewed your instructions but after unbricking stuck on lg logo our keeps restarting to cmw

  • Sander Rombouts

    stock on lg logo
    upgrade error
    can i be that i fuck up internal stoge beceuse i whas trying to increase using cwm can u help me otherwise i have to buy a ney phone

    • Did you run the msxml file that came with the KDZ updater? Did you run it as an administrator?

      • Sander Rombouts

        yes i did

      • Sander Rombouts

        i reflasht it and its keeps rebooting to cwm

    • Red

      ignore that message when done just put your phone to recovery by push home -vol+power button when vibrate released power and volume button, just hold on the home till u see an lg logo, wait for it to load cause it will takes time to reboot. hope i help you.

  • Sander Rombouts

    i think i know what my problem is i cant instal msxml file as admistrator beceuse i have windows 7 64 bit ultimate do i need to do this on a 32 bit system?

    • Nope, I have done the same on Windows 64 bit so that shouldn't be an issue. What error do you see when you try to install the Microsoft XML file? Did your computer reboot after that?

      • Sander Rombouts

        no error when instaling microsft xml file i just can't give it administrator rights that option is grey't out after instaling it i reboot the pc run kdz updater as adminstrator but keeps get error code 100 and 6

  • Sander Rombouts

    yes i did a reboot
     i dindt get any error
    but i cant click on run this as a admistrator its grey out and cant be pressed

  • Sander Rombouts

    my problem is a bootloop i know i can fix using originall recovey in cmd but it says waiting for device

    • Are you able to boot it into emergency mode? Remove battery and boot into emergency. There should be no bootloops in emergency mode!

      • Sander Rombouts

        yes i can go into emergency mode can i reinstal original recovery using cmd from emergency mode

        • You need to unbrick it first using this tutorial and then install recovery!

          • Sander Rombouts

            i know but the problem is that boot loop and i cant unbrick becouse i get wparam 100 wparam 6
            even when i run kdz updater as admin and i have mxhm intall't as admin and reboot after but stil get those errors

          • Well,I have never seen bootloops in emergency mode. I'm sorry, I'm unable to identify what went wrong on your side but the tutorial for sure works as you can see in the other comments!

          • Sander Rombouts

            i know i dp this for other people its strange du u know if i still have waranty on it

          • If rooted, I don't think you will be able to claim it. But since your phone can not be booted into the system, it is impossible for the LG officials to detect if it was rooted or not and they will try to flash the KDZ to the phone or somehow unbrick the phone by flashing the stock firmware. After they do this, the phone will be in an unrooted state. If this happens, you can make use of the warranty!

  • Markyrevilla

     is it  normal that it displays MOD UptesFX Application stopped working?

    • Can you please attach a screenshot of it?

      • shumayal

        I’m getting this error when I Launch the updater
        “MOD UpTestEX MFC Application has stopped working”
        Problem signature:
        Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
        Application Name: KDZ_FW_UPD.exe
        Application Version:
        Application Timestamp: 4ac2a689
        Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll
        Fault Module Version: 6.1.7600.16385
        Fault Module Timestamp: 4a5bdaae
        Exception Code: e06d7363
        Exception Offset: 00009617
        OS Version: 6.1.7600.
        Locale ID: 1033
        Additional Information 1: 0a9e
        Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
        Additional Information 3: 0a9e
        Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

  • Rompiedinho

    do u ran the  Microsoft XML as admin on win 7 64 bit

    • Rompiedinho

      how do u ran the  Microsoft XML as admin on windows 7 64 bit isee no option to rn it as admin

      • Right click on the file and select "Run as administrator".

        • Rompiedinho

          that option isnt there its grey and dont clickeble

          • Well, it seems like some problem with Windows then. I'm not sure what it could be!

  • Richmondthuku

    I did everything as per the tutorial i have an LG L3 and tried flashing the CM9 ROM before things went haywire now my phone is turning on yes but its looping endlessly! (so frustrating) is there something i missed? I need some help

  • Hey guys after 3 days of panic and Googling i finally got through my persistent boot loop on my L3 thank you all for your comments and @lalitindoria:disqus keep it up! 😀
    My phone is back wooop!

  • dsa

    Thank you very much

  • Rompiedinho

    when right click the Microsoft XML file there is no ran as admin option only instal rinstal en recover
    and in proberty's its grey't out and not clickable 
    so how do i ran it as admin
    kdz is no probblem that i can run as admin
    nowi get wparam 100 en iparam 6 so this tuturial dont work for me
    how do i go from where?

    i have windows 7 64 bits
    i hope that there is a solution for this

    • I am sorry, I could not understand what you said!

      • Rompiedinho

        sorry for my bad english
        when i right click the MXML file there is no option to run as admin only instal recover and reinstal when i go to proberty's on that file the box where u can select it as admin is not availible so how do i go from here thnx 

        • You may try changing the permissions of the file from Properties.

  • Rsaandroid60

    hellowe sir,,, i forget to backup stock rom of my lg l3 when i install custom rom on this phone,,, now, i want to install stock rom but how can i do this,,,, plzz help me sir.

    • You can install the stock ROM using this tutorial of mine!

  • Very big thanks man for posting this thread. i follow your instruction  and voila! my lg l5 comesto life again, it’s been three days i’m googling on how to unbrick my lg l5 but no results since i found your post here and then i succeeded it. thanks man!

  •  I thought i can't use my lg l5 again when it bricked, luckily i found this thread and i was so happy because my lg l5 phone is back again to life with a vengeance! Thanks again Lalit for a great help.

  • Shaikhwahed196

    My lg e400 stuck on lg logo plz help me

  • Shaikhwahed196

    I reinserted battery pressed power button. And it goes to cwm recovry
    i tried to boot but its goesto cwm recovry again and again what to do? Sir plz i really need help

  • Vassilizaitsev_05

    hi im vassili from the philippines… i bricked my LG E405 (its the same lg e400 but dual sim) just hours ago and googled around for the solution. i stumbled on this tutorial and followed all the instructions.

    for me to share this.  here is the link for the LG e405 firmware:

    I renamed the file to LGE405v10d.kdz to make it short.

    here's what i did:

    1.Press volume + / – button together plus the power button to put the phone to emergency mode
    2.plug usb cable to pc and then to phone
    3.follow the tutorial above.
    4. i encountered some errors at first  and also see the "wparam etc…" showing up on the log repeatedly. but after several minutes the phone restarted itself and booted successfully!!

    Root users:

    you may have to re-Root the phone again.

    hope this helps guys

    • Thanks for your suggestion and feedback!

      • Vassilizaitsev_05

        hi does the CMW / Cyanogen MOd9 also work on LG l3 dual?

    • Clarisse

       how will i reroot my phone again?

        • Boris Blagojevic

          No you can’t reroot it using Spectrum others tested an confirmed.And every try is usless with thouse methods from above.I couldn’t.The only and the last way is using SuperOneClick v7.Trust me.So don’t be suprised if all others methods and rooting scripts and programs disapointing you.The only rooting program for guarantied sucsefuly complete root procedure is”SuperOneClick v7″.Good Luck everyone with Root Procedure.Have nice and Happy Root Procedure’s my brothers and sisters. 😉

  • Racksodunedain

    My dear friend! you save my life! THANKS for all!!!!!!!!
    yor'e the best savior! xD

    totally grateful!!

  • shittingabrickedphon

    hi. im using this method following your instructions precisely but i kept getting this message

    "Model Dll Msg Not Found"
    "CDMA wParam = 205, IParam" the numbers after that kept counting well past 100

    finally it says "CDMA wParam 11 IParam 0" & it says phone reset..
    then it says "CDMA wParam 12 IParam 0"
    and it says update finished
    then says "resetstartinginfo", detachDll call, detachDll callend, freelibrary call, freelibrary callend.
    then "resetstartinginfo" then OnModelDllMsg(OnMsgFromModelDll-CDMA) delete m_pLGCyo.. cant read the rest,, then the KDZ Updater crashes, & my phone stays on the LG logo screen..

    please help..

    • shittingabrickedphon

       btw,, when it does work exactly how long does it take to boot properly? 5 minutes? 20 minutes?? an hour?

      • shittingabrickedphon

        after 2 hours on LG logo screen the phone still wont boot past the logo..

        it had been rooted using your method

        • shittingabrickedphon

           please help

          • Re-insert the battery and press Home button + Volume Down + Power button to hard reset your phone. After that the phone should reboot properly!

          • shittingabrickedphon

             nope, didnt work.. now its back to booting to clockwork mod..

            how this all happened is this..

            i used your root procedure,,
            everything was great,
            then i stupidly done a system update not thinking,, lol..
            then it just keeps booting to clockwork,,
            no matter what i do i cant get it to boot properly..
            tried the solution above but the KDZ updater freezes before it completes..

            anything else you can think of?

          • shittingabrickedphon

             i think i should also mention im doing this with the australia standard rom downloaded from the site you linked to.. if that makes any difference

          • shittingabrickedphon

             i think i no longer have a rom installed, wouldnt have a clue what to do to fix that

          • shittingabrickedphon

             & in the post above the last, i meant the australian firmware not rom.. my bad

          • I seriously don't get you. Since we are restricted here, I request you to head over to this thread… and have a discussion. If you wish, I can create an account for you so that you can post images and everything else on the forum.

          • shittingabrickedphon

             ive created account.. just waiting account activation before i can post to discuss the problem.. sorry if im not making much sense

          • Your account has been activated!

          • Clarisse

             please give me an update if you make it work.

          • If you are in Australia, it should work fine. I did not link to any other site but to a different page on this site only.

          • shittingabrickedphon

            i have created an account on the forum to discuss my problem

            thats the link i referred to,
            which is not a page on this site..

          • shittingabrickedphon

             awaiting account activation on the forum to post the complete story of what exactly's happening with my phone..

        • Clarisse_sanota

          we have the same problem

          • That is an issue with your OS on the PC. I can assist you better with it on the forum.

          • Clarisse_sanota

            maybe you're right because after the word finished,the updater always become error.

    • Kiryuchamp

      i read about this post after searching lots of forums in the internet.

      we had the same problem. i followed the tutorial and then i got an error and then the kdz updater crashes.. then the phone reboots and goes into an endless bootlop..

      what i did is i pressed the vol.down+home key+power button (hard reset). i know u've probably did this but the phone will just vibrate and the LG logo will appear then it will automatically shutdown.. thats why all who experienced this cant enter into recovery mode. only emergency mode is working.

      but the trick for you to be able to do a hard reset using the 3 buttons goes like this:

      push the three buttons and when u felt the phone vibrates(its just only half a second, i guess) release the buttons right before the LG logo appears.. it will take you to an android unpacking a box screen.. wait for it to finish and your phine will reboot and will now work fine with stock rom.

      this guide is for those who got the same error during updating with kdz. i hope it really helps.

      i just got my brother's L3 back after bricking it. and also thanks to the author of this tutorial. i salute you. goodluck guys on unbricking your phones

      • That is awesome. Thanks a lot for your tip, I really appreciate it :

  • Clarisse_sanota

    always say phone not found

  • sachin kumar

    help…   its not detecting my mobile…  nor my mobile is booting in recovery mode.. it is stuck in boot animation.. i was installing  CM9..

  • Prasadwin65

    i tried to roor my lg p350 mobile.
    1)i instaled kdz soft ware in my pc
    2) browsed the V10Q_00  
    after some time my mobie came to emergency mode ( yellow backgound)
    next it showed some error, but i not remenber
    than i removed my moblle from pc,  removed the battery, and i tryed to restart the mobile.
     but my mobile never starting, even any of  lg drivers are  not showing in device manager.
    i tryed with volume+, volume-, power buttons, call buttons, in all sequences, but it is not starting.
    could u please tell  wt is the problem, if u can please solve

    • Both volume buttons and the power button pressed together should land your phone into Emergency mode. If not, I'm afraid I don't have any other alternative to make your phone work. Emergency mode is the last option and most of the times, it works!

  • Gears_21

    Can you reinstall the rom from windows xp ?

  • Clarisse

    i can't make this tutorial work so i'm planning to try installing a new that possible?

    • If it is possible, you can go ahead and do it 🙂

      • Clarisse

        I tried already and again I failed..T_T
        If i have a money I'll probably bring this to the repair shop already.

  • Quite a lot of people have been successful with this unbricking tutorial. But this also involves you to be aware of the issues you might face on your PC.

  • Acampbell8

    I have a friends Lg-e405 And it comes up with the connect to pc symbols where can I go from there when i connect it to the pc nothing happens it wont show as a drive…

  • Vassilizaitsev_05

    anyone here who were able to flash custom ROM to LG e405 dual?

  • hi i am having the same problem plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • hi..i have the same problem..i did software update…now i am stuck in clockworkmod…and KDZ doesnt work..application crashes down…same like person with user name shitingabrickedphone…….help… 

  • hey is ur phone proper now???i am having same problem.need help

  • Clarisse

     didn'nt work either.

  • maks

    LIKE THIS POST!! Very useless thank you : )

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    Thanks a lot u are INCREDIBLE…….Post more instructions like this!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  • Karl_mede

    i have the same problem with Mohammed Yaser  with my phone LG E400 tried your tuturials but i think i'm missing something …how do i get the exact stock for my phone is there a code i should look for in my phone?

  • Jordan Apostolov

    Thank you man, after install CM9 on my e400 I was like "Maaan, my phone is gone.." but you saved me! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

  • i have changed ma rom and found out that the contrast of the phone is too high…..or something is wrong with the display….i recovered ginger bread back but same proble …plz help

    • Which ROM were you using and what did you do to recover back?

      • CM9….now i switched it back to ginger bread

        • You shouldn't face these issues if you have followed this unbrick guide. Try to do a factory reset.

  • cantunbrickmyl3:(

    my lg l3 keeps booting to the tmbile logo after the lg logo, please help 🙁

    • Do this now, remove battery and re-insert it. After that, press home button + Volume Down button + Power button together. When you see LG logo, release the Power button and hold the other two buttons. It will show an Android robot emptying something from the box which is called "hard reset".

      • i held the 3 buttons….the phone switched on….then i saw the lg symbols i left the power button…it has taken me to clock work mod recovery….

        • Okay I didn't know that you have installed CWM, in this case, you need to follow the unbrick guide given above by booting your phone in emergency mode.

  • Torcinado

    Thank you very much, after install CM9 on my e400 I think my phone is gone, but you saved me! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Željko

  • kent1307

    hi just got a optimus l3 and just done rooting and also installed ics.. now my l3s is unable to enter emergency mode.. cwm is present in my phone.. help pleaseeeeeeee :((

  • Please head over to this thread

  • Enelis1970

    Hello Lalit,
    I've read your articles and they are very helpfull and clear.
    However I've got a really big problem for which I your need your help really bad.
    I've rooted my L3 then installed clockwork mod manager to install cm9 ICS rom then things went really bad it crashed.
    Now when I turn on the phone it directly goes in clockwork mod manager, I've tried to install the standard rom which it dit then after reboot its goes directly to clockwork mod again.
    Now after reading your article above I finally get my phone in emergency mode, KDZ cant connect to my phone, it says phone not connected.
    Please help me Lait I want my phone back.

    Greetings from Holland.


    • Hello
      Thanks for your appreciation, makes me feel good 🙂 It is good to know that you can get your phone in emergency mode. So if KDZ does not recognize your phone, you perhaps don't have the necessary drivers installed. Please download and install them for your OS. While your phone is connected to the PC via USB, you should be able to see the drivers by right clicking on My Computer>Manage>Device Manager. If you see "LG Modem", please disable it. If you have any more issues, please let me know 🙂

  • lala

    Hello Lalit,
    Thanks for the feedback, After following your advice I finally got the stock rom on my phone to work with KDZ, for the LGE400 the V10K__00.kdz file was the only one that worked for me.
    Is my phone unrooted now ? To check this I searched for SU (super user) files and SU apk. files in the system file and system app files, I cant find any so I think my phone is unrooted (yesss Finally !!) I also deleted a Clockwork mod file with clockwork mod files in it.

    Sweet succes !!!

    Thanx again Lalit for the help.

    Greetings from Holland.

  • Manjunath narayan

    Hi,,, thanks for the guide,,,, it works! great…. but it did not the work with india kdz,, but instead it worked with UK kdz,,, thanks….!
    let me know if their is any proper ics roms,,, coz on restarting it was not, it used bootloop, till it is connected to usb cable, and also google play was a big issue…… any guide for this??

  • jc


    pls help…

  • jc

    hi im from philippines, i rooted my phone to install ICS but got bored of the long processes so i just updated my phone software via setting, about phone, then software update…. after downloading and validating my phone restarted… from there my phone wont start again… it only display lg logo… so i follow your steps and got this message TYPE_WPARAM_UPGRADE_ERROR… pls help.. thanks…

    • Did you run the msxml file?

      • jc

        yeah i did… it says upgrade error… i think when it goes to the step: phone restarting… after that dialog box poped up saying upgrade error.. pls help mr. lalit.. thanks again..

        • jc

          it says CDMA: wParam = 205, lParam = 2
                     Model Dll Msg Not Found(205,2)


          Step : Phone Reset
          CDMA: wParam = 100, lParam = 6
          Step : Uprage Error2 – Error Code : 6
          ResetStartInfo() Call
          _DetachDLL Call
          _DetachDLL Call End
          FreeLibrary Call
          FreeLibrary Call End
          ResetStartInfo() Call End

          pls help Mr. Lalit


          • Looks like some DLL files are missing. The issue is related to Windows. Run the msxml file and a "dll-fixer" so that KDZ can run properly!

        • Sorry, I don't get you. Does the phone go to "switch off" mode from Emergency mode?

  • Hi, i followed ur tutorial but the problem is that the phone does not get detected at emergency mode… So kdz updater is not working…

    16:16:22 : Launching SW update  
    16:16:22 : Unpacking KDZ   
    16:16:23 : KDZ file extraced  
    16:16:26 : Files were extracted.
    16:16:26 : LGMobileDL Load.
    16:16:26 : Port = -1
    16:16:26 : Connecting to phone   
    16:16:26 : PHONE WAS NOT FOUND!      
    16:16:28 : ===FINISHED=== 
    This is the log …

    • Right Click on My Computer>Manage>Device Management and see if you have LG USB Driver mentioned. If not, install the drivers. If you see LG Modem, disable it.

      • A Mohsin Ahmed

        do one thing press vol up+vol down and power on button to turn iinto emergency mode thenuse kdz flasher dude

  • Elijaabigailclar

    hi ! i already made it , it's working, but the problem is when i had software update on my phone then it turn off when I turn it on again i'm stock to ClockworkMod Recovery v. even if i click the "reboot system now" if goes there always and i can't open my phone now .. pls help !!!

    • You can not use Odin with LG Optimus L3.Did you follow the tutorial given above?

      • Elijaabigailclar

        what is Odin ? what do you mean? yes i followed your tutorial when i turn on my phone i'm stuck to CWMod i wipe cache then i reboot system after doing that it works i've got my phone back, then I Upgrade my phone using Software update in my phone using wifi connction my phone goes always to CWMod then it won't open again even if I wipe cache it doesn't work i;m stuck to CWMod . what am i going to do ? pls. help Mr. Lalit . by the way thanks for your reply ..

        • The post has been updated, please have a look.

          • Elijaabiailclar

            i did not notice when i launch software upgrade the TYPE that i select is CDMA , and now when i select the right TYPE this log appears
             [R&D Test Tools Log File]00:01:20 : Launching SW update  00:01:20 : Unpacking KDZ   00:03:21 : kdz decrypt error.00:03:21 : Extract file error00:03:23 : ===FINISHED=== help me what am i going to do ..tnx

          • Looks like the file is corrupted or incompletely downloaded.

  • MonicaPaula

    hi. im happy to see this post as I was experiencing the same problem with regards to infinite restarting of my phone. now, i'm scared to update my software 'cause i might experience what elijaabigailclar experienced. T.T

  • spider0877

    I can't  open my device LG E400 L3…just the LG logo appears on the screen….pls. help to solve my problem..thanks alot…

  • Kelvinmendoza25

    after i type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img the command shows waiting for device…it is really long that i this normal??

    • goutamduttam2607

      do you have all the drivers installed correctly? and have you followed the fastboot setup thoroughly?

  • Shehanrubera

    hay i got the wparam 100 and lparam 6 issue. but the phone started and working as before in a high cotrast. help

    • Did it automatically go into switch off mode from emergency mode? Try to do it again. Run the msxml file as admin.

  • spider0877

     how to run the msxml file as admin..don't know how to do it…pls. help..

    • The KDZ updater you downloaded also has a msxml file. Right click on it and select "Run as administrator".

      • spider0877

        ok thanks i'll do it..

      • spider0877

        this is the result
        Upgrade Error
        Wparam: 100
        Lparam : 6

        • Did you get this when you ran msxml file? Also,run KDZ as admin

  • Also, right click on My Computer>Manage>Manage Devices and disable LG Modem

  • Shehanrubera

    I don't know how to run the msxml file as admin and I restarted the computer after installing the msxml file. After I opened the KDZ and ran the simulation the error cam stated above and the phone got on. With a weird high contrast.
    Now the computer can not read the phone either.

  • Rahul Gupta 19694

    i unbricked my lg l3 e400 using KDZ  and now my phone is not updating when i update it manually it shows your phone not yet registered what should i do..????

    • spider0877

        how to run the msxml file as admin..don't know how to do it…pls. help..

      • I assume you are using Windows 7. Is that true?

        • spider0877

           yes i'm using windows 7…what should i do? thanks…

    • By updating, do you mean going to Settings>About phone and tapping the option to check for software update?

      • lalit bhai yeh msxml phaser toh installer package hai….yeh toh run as admin ho he nahi paa raha hai..pls help me…window 7 n vista dono pe try kiya..ek bar confrm solution bataoo really be thankful to u sir

        • Installer packages can be run as admin. if not, try to run it as usual.

  • spider0877

    I tried six times already and has the same results…same error.
    Run the msxml file as admin..this was really cofusing me..what i did was right click on the KDZ_FWD_UPDATES then run as admin…how about the zip file msxml?
    how am i goin to run this zip file as admin? sorry for this…
    The zip file has a Microsoft XML parser, make sure you run it as an
    administrator and restart your PC. This will solve the wparam 100 and
    lparam 6 issue mentioned in a comment below.

    I am hoping and wishing to solve my problem…can i still have my phone back?
    i will wait for suggestions and try to do it again and again…gudnyt!

  • spider0877

    i did it to KDZ…to msxml file i don't see like run as admin…what i mean i don't know how to run msxml as admin..
    thanks for time and effort…

    • Run as admin option is only for Windows 7. Which one are you using?

      • spider0877

         now im using window xp but has same error…

  • Patru dan florin

    i wanted to say THANK YOU you are a phone-life rescuer you saved my phone after i installed cm9 and was entering in a endless bootloop but after reading carefuly my phone got perfectly normal ( it's brand new 2 weeks old) thank you so much

  • spider0877

     Upgrade Error
    Wparam: 100
    Lparam : 6

    how ca i solve this issue..ahhh..headache!

    • Patru dan florin

      right click my computer-device manager and disable lg virtual modem then no error of this type will appear, alsow do install msxml file as an admin in the kdz folder

      • spider0877

         i disabled lg modem..what do you mean kdz folder? where is it located? thanks anyway..

        • Patru dan florin

          on step 3 howto flash stock firmware on this page says:
          3 Download KDZ updater and install it on your computer.
          after you extract kdz inside is the msxml file btw all is possible to mr. lalit knowledge

          • KDZ files can be extracted only using KDZ updater.

      • spider0877

         i think my phone was totally bricked…i just purchased it two months ago..and rooted. i downloaded all the files and installed, except the one that i can't run as admin…(the msxml file)…i used windows xp and windows 7..but no development…
        btw thanks to mr. lalit and patru dan florin for sharing their knowledge and time.

        i'm still hoping….thanks!

      •  how to run msxml as admin pls explain it is an installer package!!! it fuckin gets install every time..i dont see any run as admin option pls pls pls save me

  • after the first command the bootloader works but the second command does not view the device

  • Elijaabigailclar

    I download again the Lg optimus l3 stockfirmware now I ensure that it’s not corrupted, and it’s completely downloaded 
    same thing this log appears wht’s the possible problem ? i’m losing hope that my phone will be back to normal pls. help
    [R&D Test Tools Log File]00:01:20 :Launching SW update  00:01:20 : 
    Unpacking KDZ   00:03:21 : kdz decrypt error.00:03:21 : 
    Extract file error00:03:23 : 

  • it says phone resting then the kdz updater crashes reply fast i cannot use my phone ><

  • i was about to get fucked bt i used some % of my mind and i booted back to ics can plz help kdz updater crashes after phone reset step !

  • Elijaabigailclar

    I download again the Lg optimus l3 stockfirmware now I ensure that it's not corrupted, and it's completely downloaded 
    same thing this log appears wht's the possible problem ? i'm losing hope that my phone will be back to normal pls. help
    [R&D Test Tools Log File]00:01:20 :Launching SW update  00:01:20 : 
    Unpacking KDZ   00:03:21 : kdz decrypt error.00:03:21 : 
    Extract file error00:03:23 : 

    • which OS are you using? If using Windows 7, did you run the msxml file as admin?

  •  Thanks man youre da best

  • Sonnet12

    KDZ said Phone Not found when im trying to Launch Software Update..

  • Sonnet12

    how to fix it?

  • kleberbg

    Nao consigo baixar o arquivo recovery.img diz que nao tenho permissao alguem poderia me enviar ele

  • sumomanu

    Works like a charm. One mention : on step 9 , the KDZ file to use is the one we download on step 2. I offer you a beer when you come to Romania, thank you for helping !

    • Lol! Thanks. Looks like I should add a PayPal donate button 🙂

  • Pato Doc08

    it says model dll msg not found(205…..pls help

    • That's a dll error with your windows, you may fix it using a dll fixer :/

  • Jaydumalaon

    How to run as admin.? thanks!

  • Pato Doc08

    it just keep on restarting over en over again… what should i do… anyone

    • What happens when you flash the KDZ file to your phone?

  • Guni X

    Hi all.
    This information is for those who still has problems after KDZ flashing…
    I had too But solved using the comment of Kiryuchamo right after the tutorial.
    What I did:
    1.) Made the reflash using the tutorial. After finish the phone didn't swith off and repeated it's endless loop.
    2.) I pulled out the battery and then put it back and switched on. The endless loop continued.
    3.) Now I repeated the above but switched on using Kiryuchamo's method: Power+VolDown+Home and released all of them simultaneously right when I felt the phone vibrating. Be careful: VolumeDown only, NOT VolUp+VolDown etc.!

    And… WOW.. it is booting!

    Cheerz: _Mike_

    • Stephanie

      THIS WORKED!!!!!

      Follow THESE directions! the order you press the buttons is important! I’m so glad I scrolled through these comments and found this one. The endless bootloop was driving me insane.

      After you carefully follow the directions from Guni X, I got an image (after the LG logo splash screen) of the Android mascot with an open box and an arrow jumping out of it. So if you see that image, then you fixed the endless bootloop!

      😀 😀 😀 😀

      Thank you so much, Guni X!!!

  • Orlymemories

    sir how to solve wparam 100 and lparam 6  i already restart my pc

    • I have mentioned a comment after the tutorial, that should solve the error.

  • Sravan Srav

    i neeed the back up file i forgot to  back up it pls send me alink

  • sonsonic

    thanks for the Big Help!!! 

  • Carlos

    The LG PC suite will work as a driver?

    • No, the PC suit will help you install the driver. But it should not be running along with KDZ updater.

  • Hvlw

    Please help me!
    I did everything exactly how you said, but the kdz program crashes and my phone doesnt reboot, stuck on the LG LOGO, so i took off de batterry then put it back and try what kiryuchamo said but it goes back to the CWM. anyone help me please i'm afraid to lose my phone

    • do a hard reset

      • Hvlw

        thanks for the feedback, i try to do, but i press all the three buttons then realease the power button and the "hard reset screen" doesn't appear, and the CWM comes back again! help!

  • I installed CM9 but had a probem with screen color (high contrast or 8 bit, i dont know) then I tried this tutorial and the problem was still there, tried 4 diferent stock ROMs but still the same, so with the original gingerbread I tried to update but now everytime the phone boots goes directly to clockwork recovery mode. I still can go to emergency mode but thats all. I cant do a hard reset either.

    I cant do the ABD cause all your files are separate, could you please do a zip file?, also I cant download the image becasue even after I register to you forum I have to wait for a moderator to let me post, wich is really frustrating.

    I just want my phone back with correct display, I dont care anymore about anything else.

    You should warn people about this issue.

  • ERROR!

    Upgrade Error
    WParam : 100
    LParam : 6
    What to do ? Help me plzzz …. thanks

    • getting this, too… 🙁
      i want back stock rom, because cm9 is very unstable and after my first try i am now in a reboot loop (lg logo – white screen – lg logo…)

      ps: xml parser is installed, problem on w8 and xp.

      • Did you read the comment I have quoted below the tutorial? People say that it solves this error.

        • Hi!
          Yes, i read it. I flashed the device with e400go fw (with lg tool i found out its not the lg e400 even if all stickers on device say its the e400).

          i then got wparam 100 – lparam 6 and did what is quoted in the box above (hard reset). but when i do this, nothing happens and the device reboots like ever. then i get the lg logo – then for a very short time a white screen und it loops this way.

        • First i give thanks to ALLAH and second to you for help to unbrick my phone 😀 

  • Lucas

    THX, my L3 is back to life. Respect.

  • Vitor Gustavo

    esta aparecendo o seguinte pra mim :
    Upgrade Error :

    WParam : 100
    LParam: 4001

    alguem me ajuda plis x.x

    • Read the comment I have quoted at the end of this tutorial

      • Vitor Gustavo

        é depois q acabo aquilo meu celular reinicio sozinho e só esta ficando na tela da LG, quanto tempo demora para voltar? é normal ficar tanto tempo assim ?

  • Balaji Rajendran

    Am getting the same error again and again..when i try to do the things at the end of the not getting any thing as mentioned..its going to clockworkmod recovery…help me on ths

  • Balaji Rajendran

    Do i need to follow the steps after i install the firmware via kdz or what should i do..tell me the process please

  • Balaji Rajendran

    Getting the same error

    ERROR!Upgrade ErrorWParam : 100LParam : 6

    Can some please help on this..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Balaji Rajendran

    I went to Emergency mode and ran found the device and started the process, but t failed by throwing the ERROR!Upgrade ErrorWParam : 100LParam : 6

    • The comment quoted at the end of the tutorial should solve the issue as it did for others.

  • simharahul

    i updated my phone to ics but when I power off my phone and tried to turn on, and its not turning on it shows LG logo and turns off itself.

    • Boris Blagojevic

      You are using outdated and opsolete ICS Cyanogen Mod please don’t do that anymore keep trying untill you sucsecfully turing back on and leave it ON.And than just update it only with the latest and newest version.That will solve your problem.I had a exactely that same problem and I solved by simply downloading the only the latest and newest Cyanogen Mod and installing it.So I have never again have that problem.Good Luck.And please obey my advice and do just like I told you and use all the instructions from this site for installing the latest Cyanogen Mod.Good Luck again and you will make it I know you will solve this problem what you have now just like I did.Most dificult part is the only turning it back on.My personal experience about this problem and how I handle it.Good Luck again.

  • kdz updater crasher while updating plz help im using windows 8

    • It is pretty difficult on in Windows 8. You need to leave the KDZ as it is unless the process is finished. Disturbing it will make the KDZ crash.

      • i left it was showing not responding at first but after some time it was working & after ph restart kdz crashes ! >< same with windows 7 on my laptop :/

        Any other way ?

  • Balaji Rajendran

    No it is not solving my problem…

  • akshay mv

    i  use this method but showing "model dll msg not found(206).." many times and at last finish but my phone still in clockwork mode ,
    i m also use command prompt method showing "waiting for devise "
    i  installed cm9 on my phone after stuck in cwm use
    anybody pls hlp me..

    • The dll issue is related to Windows, you may search for a fix and then try this method.

  • akshay mv

    i also download model dll file and past it on kdz updater folder but its not fixed

  • hi the update is going well and at the end kdz crashez , but the rom is instalet half i gues because it only start to write the part where lg and then restart and so they give repeat

    • KDZ should not crash, it may not respond for a few minutes but you should not disturb the process unless KDZ says "Finished".

  • Marlon_vizconde

    i just finished this tutorial and my lg phone is stock on LG loading screen image.. 

    • Perform a hard reset as mentioned in the tutorial above.

      • Marlon_vizconde

        there is no hard reset in this tutorial.. =( argg.. my cm9 is not stable in my phone it keeps FREEZING.. and bootlooping =( 

        • A comment has been quoted in the tutorial which says:
          what i did is i pressed the vol.down+home key+power button (hard reset). i know u’ve probably did this but the phone will just vibrate and the LG logo will appear then it will automatically shutdown.. thats why all who experienced this cant enter into recovery mode. only emergency mode is working.

          but the trick for you to be able to do a hard reset using the 3 buttons goes like this:

          push the three buttons and when u felt the phone vibrates(its just only half a second, i guess) release the buttons right before the LG logo appears.. it will take you to an android unpacking a box screen.. wait for it to finish and your phine will reboot and will now work fine with stock rom.
          – This is what a hard reset is.

  • Belen

    I have followed the tutorial step by step, but I get an "Upgrade Error: wParam: 100 LPram: 4008". I do not know what else to do, and my mobile no exit "emergency mode"

  • Chester Jed14


    • Lalit Indoria


      What does that mean?

      • Boris Blagojevic

        I don’t understand please explain that atachment brother about grafic on your phone.Maybe I can figureout how to help.That is all I like and want to do.To helping everyone who need’s help.

    • Boris Blagojevic

      What is going on here with your Android device?Please explain.

  • RapHaeL444

    Does this work on the lg optimus l7?

  • Boris Blagojevic

    That problem Lalit I have solved myself with the latest update.After that it happend another problem when I have tryed to install and use from Modaco or XDA Forum LG E400 1.5GHz kernel what nobody but me wasn't tested and that overclock was worked that good that was crashed and nockdodown my LG E400 Android.So it was stocked at LG boot screen.That problem I was sucesfully solved myself simply I was manualy rebooted my Android into the CWM and reinstall CM9 or Miui ROM OS and 1GHz kernel now it works fine but much slower than the firs time when I installed CM9 Bro.

    • Boris Blagojevic

      Without unbricking.And my LG E400 is locked on only VIP Operater Serbia Lalit.

  • Boris Blagojevic

    I had a same problem and I solved without unbricking.Your OS is crashed.So you must manualy reboot into the ClockWorkMod Manager and reinstall your OS from External Memory Card it worked for my model but you must ascept the fact that your Android will then like mine be much slower than the first time when you were get your Android but it will be stable like a first day.

  • Boris Blagojevic

    Lalit his OS is probably crashed so the one of the solution is to try to reinstall again like me OS from External Memory Card that is how I solwed that problem with mine Android now is much slower but it work.

  • Boris Blagojevic

    You are mean usefull right?Usefull and Useless is not one at the same.Usless have negative meaning.

  • Boris Blagojevic

    My only problems are driver when I last night tryed to download drivers ADB for LG E400 to install on my PC P4 HT @3.00-3.04GHz machine it says acess is blocked on your website.And I can't put my windows on Administrator Mode.So I wonder can I reinstall LG E400 oficiall ROM from ordinary user account.And my LG E400 is locked on VIP Serbia Operater.So I am stock with MIUI and Cyanogen Mod but no oficially default Stock ROM OS.Lalit one very important question for me please I am asking you very nicely like my own big brother can you please see with Cyanogen Mod developers when they will add one extremely imortant option from the default LG E400 Stock ROM OS to enable PC Suite update baseband with LG PC Suite on the PC.I have tryed to update from recovery mod but my PC since I have Installed CM Mode canot update my baseband so I have stock with V10i and I have heard that is now avalabile V10J baseband frimware.And I saw on my younger brother friend LG E400 with Stock ROM OS that is avalabile some update size of 27,somethenig MegaBites.Do you know Lalit to tell me what is that update size of 27 MB for LG E400 I have saw some rumors that update is maybe an LG E400 ICS Stock ROM.But ordinary while I was on the Stock ROM I was get only update of baseband of the size 1.37 MB.When I was first day get this LG E400 from VIP Serbia Operator I had V10G than the first day directly over the WiFi OTA I get an V10H and the last time over the LG PC Suite I get the in that time the latest V10i what I have now.

  • Boris Blagojevic

    Do an Reinstalation your ROM OS what I hope that you have stored on your External SD Card and let me know is it work.Don't forget to to all wipe procedures incuding System.emmc,cashe,data dalwik cashe,battery status and aeverything but leaveout your external card.And when you finish sucsefully reinstalation your os just redownload again gapps from your PC copy on your external card and reboot again in CWM and install gapps in CWM and reboot it and than just conect your android with your google mail account activate play store and from there all google aplications including Gmail app.

  • Arshad

    can u please tell me a simplest method to increase the system memory from 157 MB as my phone often alerts me of low memory and not all apps can be moved to sd card also i don't find such applications useful as per my needs i am using a l3 e-405 dual

  • Yessen

    i can't download the recover.img file help plzz

    • Lalit Indoria

      The download link has been updated. Download it from here.

      • Boris Blagojevic

        There is an another link for ubricking this model directly without the LG KDZ and PC.Wich you can reinstall Stock ROM OS with only one diference it has preinstalled Xperia theme.It can be installed just like any other custom ROM OS.Today I will install and test it because I really need an baseband update.I wonder can I install baseband update at any way over the air using only CM over the air.Did you try it brother?

        • Boris Blagojevic

          This is the link where you can get it brother

          • Boris Blagojevic

            This is the link where you can get it brother Instalation LG Optimus L3 E400 Xperia Theme preinstalled from EXT SD Card sucsesfull.Update in progress. 🙂

          • Boris Blagojevic

            This is the link where you can get it brother Instalation LG Optimus L3 E400 Xperia Theme preinstalled from EXT SD Card sucsesfull.Update in progress. 🙂 And also you can unroot it with this rom without the KDZ Updatera and PC directly on the this model self.I think that I will not unroot it.But on the Stock ROM system video player canot play movies of the resolution 854*480p real entry HD.It can play only the video of the resolution 800*480p almost real entry HD.

          • Boris Blagojevic

            This is the link where you can get it brother Instalation LG Optimus L3 E400 Xperia Theme preinstalled from EXT SD Card sucsesfull.Update in progress. 🙂 And also you can unroot it with this rom without the KDZ Updatera and PC directly on the this model self.I think that I will not unroot it.But on the Stock ROM system video player canot play movies of the resolution 854*480p real entry HD.It can play only the video of the resolution 800*480p almost real entry HD.So people forget your PC and KDZ Updater and all the crap of that kind because the stock rom what can be installed just like any other custom rom is all and everything you need it is much simplier and much less stresfull that KDZ Updater and PC. 😉

          • Lalit Indoria

            But to install that ROM you need to boot into recovery mode and flash the zip. If you don't have recovery mode or if your phone bootloops into recovery mode, you need to use KDZ updater.

  • Stefan

    Hello, I wished to flash my phone back to stock rom and the following happend:
    Phone in emergency mode, start process.
    Getting lots of not found lines of code,
    Step: phone reset
    Phone reboots,
    Kdz flasher crashes and no way back to get it alive only option to close program
    seeing lg logo, lg bootanimation, and then:
    White screen.
    Lg logo, lg bootanimation
    White screen,
    Reboot etcetera.

    Any idea what the problem is?
    I can still boot in emergency mode.

    • Lalit Indoria

      First: Did you see "Finished" written in KDZ Updater?
      Second: Did you try doing a hard reset as mentioned in the tutorial above?

      • Stefan

        Hi there,

        Since I could see the bootanimation from the stock firmware I thought that the program must have done something so I tried to boot the phone in recovery mode. It did the animation and load bar of a ''reset'' from the phone and after that it booted. I did see the configuration settings from the first time like you just bought the phone.

        So the program crashed before it was able to boot my phone in recovery mode, but since I did boot it in recovery mode myself, my phone is working again.

        Thanks for your effort.

    • Aman Gupta

      hey hepl me … ive the same problem .. i tried the hard reset one … but am still stuck with it … what to do ??

      • Lalit Indoria

        You should do it exactly the way it is quoted as a comment :/

        • Aman Gupta

          i did that … but it goes into boot loop , i also did a hard reset …. it didnt work ….

          • Lalit Indoria

            Try the KDZ method again and perform hard reset and then boot the phone normally.

  • Radavvadra

    Thanks this allowed me to fix my phone when an official update malfunctioned and messed up the firmware.

  • Ivan

    Hello, I did everything said here and It worked flawlessly… or I thought it did… Now I can't connect my phone through USB or even charge it by any means. Please help, I don't know what to do.

    • Lalit Indoria

      What happens when you connect it via USB? Did you flash the right firmware for your region? Try to do a hard reset and reboot again.

      • Ivan

        I flashed the right firmware for my region. It does nothing, like I didn't plugged anything in it. I did a hard reset and it did nothing useful.

        • Lalit Indoria

          Does it charge in Power off mode? And, try some other charger to find out what's wrong.

          • Ivan

            It shows the LG logo intermittently and the screen goes on and off, it doesn't seems to charge while off. I'm going to a store, thanks 🙂

    • Eduardo

      I am havin the same problem too, and also the display colors problem 🙁 PLEASE HELP ME!!

      • Lalit Indoria

        That is because the phone you have is new one with new drivers.

  • jhon

    pardon me sir.. but my phone get stuck on lg logo after flashing the stock rom v10b..and one more thing, it reboots itself after the tool says "finished".. after that, when i turn it on or do a hard reset, i always end up on cwm.. please help me get my phone back sir, coz i cant fully get how to do your tutorial about adb and fastboot.. sorry 'bout my english

    • Lalit Indoria

      Jhon, you should do it this way – push the three buttons and when you felt the phone vibrates (its just only half a second, i guess) release the buttons right before the LG logo appears.. it will take you to an android unpacking a box screen.. wait for it to finish and your phone will reboot and will now work fine with stock rom.

      • ethan

        i already do that many times but still my phone is always off then on then after off again and on again please im begging is there any alternative way to recover my phone thanks and godbless

        • Lalit Indoria

          Try to flash a different recovery.img file to the bootloader. I have written how to do that under "Update" heading.

  • Yo

    when i switch my phone on it gets into recovery mode automatically i tried factory reset nothing happens PLEASE HELP FAST!…THANK YOU

    • Lalit Indoria

      Flash the KDZ file and let me know what happens.

  • Naveen

    please help !! after flashing v10h_00 on my device . .. every thing done .. but the problem is my display contrast is too high … what to do . . please help me

    • Lalit Indoria

      Which region are you in? Try some other firmware.

  • jhon

    actually sir, i already did it once..and it works, felt very thankful for that..sorry i didnt mention that, i should've say thank you.., but i think my mistake is, i did format its internal storage including the boot.img file on my brother's pc and root the phone again then upgrade the software from v10b to the latest via wifi..and thats where my problem starts because i cant use the trick like i did the first time… i always get stuck on cwm..been trying the adb myself but it is unable to detect my device.. did installing the lg drivers.. anyway, thank you for sharing your time sir.. really appreciate that..thanks

  • Tanya Wilken

    For some reason I am unable to install the KDZ Updater to my PC. Whenever I open the .exe it asks the usual windows allow changes and when I click on OK nothing happens. My phone is stuck in emergency mode after a software update went wrong somehow. How can I fix this :'( ??

    • Lalit Indoria

      Try to disable Firewall and Antivirus as that might be preventing the installation.

      • Tanya Wilken

        Thank you! With all the panic over my phone I completely forgot to even think about my antivirus. The KDZ Updater finally opened, so now I can start fixing my phone

        • Boris Blagojevic

          Sis did you try to do it on in my way just over the CWM to install it just like Cyanogen Mod ROM I have left you an link with the Stock ROM OS what can be installed just like Cyanogen Mod and MIUI ROM OS without the PC and KDZ and after that just update it with your PC LG PC Suite during an update process will also unroot it and restore it as it was like the first time when you get it.It has work ok with mine.

          • Tanya Wilken

            PC Suite couldnt connect my phone because of the emergency mode. And it was because of the PC Suite Software Update that my phone crashed in the first place. It also didn't do a factory reset with the KDZ Updater. It took 5 minutes, my phone restarted and everything was back to normal and perfect.

          • Lalit Indoria

            I'm glad the tutorial worked well for you!

  • Rickvi

    Well…I used the KDZ updater to get back to stock…but now it's in a bootloop..I can't use kdz updater anymore because it gave an error. If I try to get into recovery mode it still boot in CWM but I can't install cm9…so I guess I'm stuck…?

    • Rickvi

      Dude…in my country we have a saying…"Meer geluk dan wijsheid…"…it meens somuch as More luck then wisdom…but it up and running, stock rom and I won't be flashing for a while…;-) Thanks for everything!!!

  • Fairy

    Dont install this ROM ! the graphics are TERRIBLE ! and you might have a hard time restoring the original ROM ! :'(

  • Fairy


    that aternative worked like a charm :'D

    • Lalit Indoria

      I'm glad it did 🙂

  • dj

    Need Help!!

    "MOD UptestEX MFC Application has stopped working"

  • Vhince

    sir thank you for your tutorial i succesfully finished it but my lg l3 e400 has facing a problem my screen text and icon(app) is all blured!!!

    how can i fixed this??

    i hope you can help me sir!!!!

    thank you for your concern!!

    …im prom philippines!!!!

  • Vhince

    sir thank you for your tutorial i succesfully finished it but my lg l3 e400 has facing a problem my screen text and icon(app) is all blured!!!

    • atoysky

      Hi! I'm also from the Philippines. I also have the same problem as with Vhince. When I first installed the MIUI rom, I had the low screen resolution problem. I thought that going back to the original rom will solve the problem but it didn't. Do you have any idea on how to fix this problem? Thanks!

      • Lalit Indoria

        Problem with drivers, try some other stock firmware or do a factory reset.

    • Lalit Indoria

      It is a problem due to display drivers. Try to flash a different firmware and see if that helps.

      • atoysky

        I will try other firmwares and will reply back with the result. Thanks for the reply.

  • Vhince

    sir i try the philippines firmwares in your firmwares download list!!!!!!

  • Vhince

    sir i see my cousin lg l3 e400 celphone and his software version is V10j

  • Vhince

    sir i try now the software update/ via wifi network!!!! i hope the screen text and icon of my l3 is back to normal!!!!

  • Rod

    Hi Sir! Thank you for such a great tutorial! it really helped me a lot! God Bless!

  • horst

    hay I tried to unbrick my phone with the adb and I'm able to type in "adb reboot bootloader" all works after that I typed fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and it says waiting for devices…

    • Lalit Indoria

      Go to Start menu>run and type devmgmt.msc Update the drivers with exclamation mark.

      • horst

        there is no exclamation mark at none of those drivers!

      • horst

        there is nos exclamation mak at none of those drivers!

      • horst

        alright now i have a andoid with exclamation mark but which driver do i have to install?

        • Lalit Indoria

          It must be the fastboot drivers which you should search and installed. I tried to do this driver installation on one of our reader's PC running Windows XP via Teamviewer but it didn't out and I couldn't figure out the issue with the drivers. 🙁

          • horst

            I tried to looking for a fastboot driver and I also found something like that but it also didn't want to work after that i tried to use my old computer with xp nothing the same issue and on this pc i have windows 7 and I red that it can be the problem! well do you know where I can get a suiteable driver?

          • horst

            unbrick my heard!!! I got it I just flashed the latest lg version cheers buddy!

          • Lalit Indoria

            That's great. How did you solve the drivers issue?

    • Sooraj Sizon


      trust me i had the exact same problem

  • Melvin

    THANK YOU A LOT SIR! it works! Im so pissed off with my self cause i ruined my phone. ive been sleepless for 2 days searching on how to solve my problem! God bless you! you have a very unselfish heart!

    • Lalit Indoria

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  • Melvin

    I use system update it downloads and then reboot but after it a message box appeared saying that update failed. pls help sir!

    • Lalit Indoria

      I am not sure about system updates because it depends on the company 🙂

  • Melvin

    coz my phone's interface look like the older version. anyway. thank you then! 😀

  • horst

    my phone is still a brick can you tell me how to fix this waiting for device

  • Vhince

    and now my phone is locked to the clockworkmod 🙁 🙁

  • Dime

    Can you help me .. My LG L3 e400 have white screen ..I can hear that is powering on bunt cant see enything…

    • Lalit Indoria

      What did you do before this happened?

  • Vhince

    sir my phone is lock in cwm and everytime i reboot its returning to clockworkmode again and again~~~`

    i try the KDZ and when it finished the lg logo is appearing but lg logo stuck!!!!

    and when i re insert the battery anf turning it on its CWM recovery again!!!!!

    how can i fix this!!!



    is the lg community service ..fixed the phone because my phone has a warranty!!!!

    • Lalit Indoria

      Since you have flashed the stock ROM, they should fix it but make sure you show them the LG logo and not CWM 😀

  • Vhince

    sir my phone is lock in cwm and everytime i reboot its returning to clockworkmode again and again~~~`

  • atoysky

    Hi! I downloaded and installed the V10J firmware and now, my screen resolution is back to normal. Thanks!

  • Vhince

    sir im trying to flashed the stuck rom but its returning in cwm again and again!!!




  • Vhince

    sir how can i get out in clockwork mode recovery!!!!

    because when i finished the step in flashing stuck rom with kdz it is stuck in lg logo!!!

    when i re insert the battery its cwm recovery again!!!!! :(((((((

    • Lalit Indoria

      The button combination seemed to work for many in this situation :/

  • Vhince

    sir is my phone can be fix or can be alive again when the lg community fix it or it cannot be fixed anymore like a broken phone!!!

    sorry for my bad english!!!!

    • Lalit Indoria

      It obviously can be fixed by the LG support team.

  • Vhince

    sir the lg community team is fixing my phone..they said that the software of my phone is damage and need to be replace!!!!

    .because of the warranty the software replacement is free!!!!



    and after 1 to 2 weeks my phone is already fix!!!


    can you please warn the people trying to upgrade their 0S because it can damage the phone!!!!


    if their is no warranty the chip that need to be replace is worth og 3500!!!!

    so bewarf

  • Vhince

    sir the lg community team is fixing my phone..they said that the software of my phone is damage and need to be replace!!!!

    im lucky because it has a warranty!!!!



    the software chips is worth of 3500!!!!

    so beware in upgrading your 0S!!!

  • Vhince

    guyz if your phone has a warranty !!

    even if it is rooted,stock in lg logo,stock in clockwork mod and stock in emergency mod the lg oppicial phone care should fix it!!!!!

    . so if ur phone has a warraty you should bring it to lg community to fix it as soon as possible!!!

    • Lalit Indoria

      Was your phone fixed? Thanks for the information 🙂

  • LGL3E400

    I think i have the same problem. I tried to install CyanogenMod9 with Clockworkmod rommanager, it didn't work. I ended up with a hardbricked phone, but i fixed it by using this tutorial. I tried to update my software, (With the app that's already installed on the phone) but when it tries to install the update, it has to boot to a special screen, but it boots into Recovery Mode that is installed by ClockWorkMod.

    • Lalit Indoria

      The special screen – is it yellow in color?

  • Vhince

    yap!!! they fix my phone and the moral lesson i learn is be contented in what operating system you have

    ..hahaha!!!!! :))

  • Wolf

    Lalit I think you have very little knowledge on this and mainly you are misguiding people which led them brick their phone

  • Tanmay

    What if i have a back up of my stock rom using rom manager?????

    • Lalit Indoria

      I don't recommend ROM Manager. Maybe you can try an online nandroid backup if you don't have CWM.

    • Lalit Indoria

      Oh well, you need CWM even for an online nandorid backup.

  • jelo freaks

    hi lalit

    i try to partition my dcard so the internal memory will get bigger

    but it doesnt work…

    now i want to restore my default ext sd size (8gb) cause i use it for partition..

    now what i accidentally did was i reformat my system and sdcard (in cwm)

    now after i reboot..lg logo appear and its stuck there

    now i take off the battery and in..

    now i press -button and menu and power…it goes to cwm…

    now i go to cwm and its working..

    now i read your tut on how to unbrick

    its not working…

    i install xml parser then kdz then launch software update…

    at first extract error -finished

    2nd those param…etc..

    my device working well on my pc…

    tell me what i will do next

    as as possible

    thank you

    • Lalit Indoria

      What happens with the KDZ? Did you try wiping data and cache via recovery mode?

  • brianna

    thank you so much!!! now my phone is alive again:-)

  • Remar

    I can't download LG e405 firmware. It seem it no longer existing. can you upload it again and post the link? thanks in advance.

    • Lalit Indoria

      Which one are you trying to download?

      • Remar

        is your post applicable for LG L3 Dual?

        • Lalit Indoria

          No, it is not!

  • Remar

    File does not exist anymore. Please upload it again! thanks in advance.

  • Brianna

    Oh boy! I bricked and unbricked my phone but when i root and install cwm again my phone is stuck in recovery mode.. I tried the steps again but it did'nt work anymore.. I tried the adb fast booter but also didnt work.. The recovery.img that i downloaded does'nt work maybe corrupted.. The adb file does'nt work also. Please help!

    • Lalit Indoria

      Brianna, this is the only method I know as of now. If I come to know about some other method, I will let you know.

      • Brianna

        Thank you!

  • john michael

    i'm from philippines, where did you bring your phone? it didn't void your warranty even its rooted???

  • Pradeep

    Thanks i almost thought i lost my E400 trying to go for Android 4.0…

    where i had to leave it bricked, but thanks to you…..i just managed to escape from leaving it bricked….Thank you very much

  • Fidel

    Hey thanks everythng works apart from usb connection it doest work at all not even showing charging

    • Lalit Indoria

      Do a factory reset.

  • irvin

    i cant detect my phone when connecting it to pc, i have tried everything i have read such as reinstalling usb driver and so on. help me pleaase, i want to bring it back to stock firmware.

    • Lalit Indoria

      Try to disable anti virus and firewall and try again.

      • irvin

        still not detected. i installed cm9 build 3 wherein there is a bug about usb , then i installed build 4 then still bug is still here i guess. what do i do ?

  • Hrishi


    I installed drivers of Optimus One

    It shows LGE Modem in the device manager which i disabled

    tried shaking & everything but phone is'nt being detected

    and so the phone isn't being booted

    • Lalit Indoria

      Disable anti virus and firewall

      • Hrishi

        I have neither antivirus nor firewall

        • Lalit Indoria

          In manage devices, do you see any yellow triangle with exclamation mark?

          • Hrishi


            VSO devices

            Patin Couffin Engine for 64 bit systems (AMD)

          • Lalit Indoria

            No,not that. There should be one for your device too. There might be some issues in your PC which prevent your device from being recognized.

  • Hrishi

    Yup You are right…..

    My OP1 is bricked during installing new baseband recovery

    so i followed everything……

    I removed all drivers and reinstalled pc suite,usb drivers

    when i connect the phone to PC……

    It gets turned on showing Lg boot screen

    So then

    in device manager i disabled Modems

    but no use…….

    The connection is fine as my phone gets turned on automatically

  • Rosdrakon

    So I did what the guide says, and the KDZ updater worked fine. I rebooted the phone knowing it would take a long time as you said, but it has been stuck at the lg logo screen for almost an hour now… Is that normal?

    • Lalit Indoria

      Do a hard reset as mentioned in the post.

  • Rajosik

    I had installed CM9 and was unhappy with it. So I decided to go for stock. I read this article, did as you said. But my phone just wouldn't start. It keeps rebooting, the LG Screen and startup sound over and over again. I can't even launch the CWM. The hard reset as you call it, Down Volume + Home + Power doesn't work either, it restarts the phone and it keeps rebooting.

    • Lalit Indoria

      The Hard reset should reset the phone. What happened with the KDZ? Was it successful?

  • Yusof

    Sir I have my problem on my LG optimus l3 E400, i flashed my stockrom before and after the processing, its now stuck on "emergency mode" yellow screen, i tried everything like holding the menu+volumeup and power, and i reflashed rom again, nothing happened. until now im stuck on emergency mode. please help sir.

    • Lalit Indoria

      What does KDZ updater say?

  • Juelz Malia

    Where did you download the V10J?

  • Aman Gupta

    Hey my lg l3 has unbricked , thanks , but cn u now tell me how to increase the size of system memory without unrooting the phone , i cant install more than 4 apps, it would be good if the system memory would increase till about 500 mb … can it happen ?

  • greg

    Man i need help please..i did all steps that u was say.. but in the begining the problem was the error : Upgrade Error – WParam : 100 LParam : 6!! the file that u said to install for this i already the problem is that my laptop dont recognize the usb because cant find mobile usb modem drivers.. so i cant try again now. my phone is lg-l3-e400..

    • Lalit Indoria

      You need to install the drivers again on your laptop. There might be some anti virus program or firewall preventing the connection between your phone and PC.

  • Lalit Indoria

    You can do that using a custom ROM only. You can not increase the memory but you can free up some space.

    • Aman Gupta

      can u mail me the steps on how to increase it using cm9 ?….. it will be a pleasure for me in having a larger system memory ….

  • Rudyard

    pls help me.. my firware version is V10j

    and it was not listed in the official firware list (

    what should i do? please help me..

    • Lalit Indoria

      Select the firmware according to your country!

  • Rudyard

    i selected it already but the link seems to be broken ..

    so i decided to download stockromv10j

    and it works thanks a lot sir..

  • Rudyard

    whoa .. i think i've downloaded a wrong firmware please help me about this ..

    it says NO SERVICE ..

    • Lalit Indoria

      Try to reboot the phone and do a factory reset.

  • Rudyard

    help me please ..

    when i go to settings> about phone > status ( i dont have any network ???)

    oh no .. help me please

  • Rudyard

    where do i find the kdz file ?

  • Sasa

    Resolution problem on lg e400. It looks like you have to download just new .kdz. V10N version solved my problem. Great work Lalit. Thanks for your help.

  • kazz

    Hey Dude, i got a problem, my phone keep on rebooting after i did unbrick 🙁 can you help me? 😀

  • kazz

    Hey Dude, after doing the tutorial. my phone keep on restarting… is there any way to fix it? /sad

    • lalitindoria

      Do a hard reset.

      • kazz

        it’s now working dude. thank u

  • Patrick Kearney

    Hey! thanks, saved my phone, but i have a huge problem…. The KDZ file is from the uk.. not the us. so my att sim wont work. theres is no kdz file on ANY forms anywhere for the U.S. What should I do?

  • Patrick Kearney

    ALSO, another HUGE problem. my lg l3 wont connect with my pc, charger or any form of charging, i tried to root the thing, then did your tutorial, and it worked but it put it in the telecom moble, instead of nothing. I used the kdz file V10c, which is from uk. However, it doesnt help much because i need the phone to work in the U.S. is there a KDZ file for that like one for unlocked gsm in america? please respond, because this is a major problem.

    • Lalit Indoria

      I don’t think there is any separate kdz file for U.S. Try to use the Indian one, it has no network locks!

  • vishal

    is the stock rom zip file link working..? hav a look bhaiya.. i think cwm method would be short and easy.. i tried . bt nt succeed … i think its dead..

    • Lalit Indoria

      It’s working for some people only! I don’t know why LG revoked access to those files :/

      • vishal mallick

        help me bro…. need lg e400 stock rom for cwm method unbricking……

        • Lalit Indoria

          It is hosted on LG servers. Can’t do anything unless they fix it!

  • Patrick Kearney

    Thanks! you got my sim to work!! but my phone cant connect with my pc, and when i turn it off, once its plugged into my pc, it does the endless boot logo stuff.Once i turn it on, it starts up fine and everything works. but the browser doesnt work either, it keeps crashing, same with dolphin and opera mobile. any sugestions?

    • Lalit Indoria

      Do a factory reset and try again!

  • Sooraj Sizon

    Dear Host ………. its verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy imp to have latest drivers from lg it took almost 5 hours for me to unbrick the phone . others who are facing other problems get latest drivers from lg

    ╚══╝╚╩╝╚══╝─╚═╝─╚═╝╚╩╝╚══╝…………….. (HIGHLY RECOMMMENDED)
    if youre drivers are not uptodate
    1) you ll get stuck up after fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    (ANd dont try to rename the file “recovery.img” inside the android folder due to the name in command)
    2) soo what you have to do is
    right click my comp
    go to manage
    device manager
    you will be able to see a yellow dot under android
    right click on it and select update ….. update from net
    the drivers will be automatically installed

    do the steps again after starting a fresh command prompt…………….


    I will be posting a vedio soon on unbricking make sure you check it out …. if you have any problem

    • Lalit Indoria

      Will be glad to see the video 🙂

  • Patrick Kearney

    Thanks! now the browser works, but my phone cant/ isnt being recognised by my pc, what should i do to get it to connect?

  • soorajj

    update youre divers mr patrick …. i net tats the only solution … update it via the device manager on pc

  • Penitent

    Gud PM sir I have a problem… after flashing a zip file my phone is stuck at black screen after the logo… following your steps for unbricking the phone turned off during the software update using KDZ FW… now it’s useless 1. won’t turn on again 2. PC can’t detect the phone 3. won’t charge so I can’t go back to emergency mode… I hope you can help me with this… Already installed the LG universal drivers but still can’t recognize, I tried removing the battery and connecting it to PC but still no emergency mode… My phone is locked to SUN/SMART PHILIPPINES… Thank you in advance…

    • Lalit Indoria

      Did you successfully run the KDZ update? Did it say finished? What was the zip you flashed? If you flash a zip to a locked network phone, there are high chances you will brick it!

  • Boris Blagojevic

    Lalit there is a very litle problem with your download link it doesn’t work because it reciving toomuch trafic download requests.So the alternate link to download the Stock ROM V10j for installing using CWM ROM Manager is that is onlyone functional link for download ready anytime,anywhere.

    • Lalit Indoria

      Thanks for the link but it looks like Xperia Stock ROM 🙂

      • Boris Blagojevic

        Don’t let that the Xperia theme fool you.That is only theme that is all and nothing more.But actualy that is a LG E400 Android 2.3.6 Stock ROM.And I was confused at the first and later I was realised that is only theme brother. lol

    • Saga Gopali

      this ROM is of xperia or LG L3 ??

      • Boris Blagojevic

        For LG Optimus L3 E400.Saga don’t let that the Xperia theme and look fool you to think that is Xperia ROM because that is not Xperia Stock ROM.If it was my LG E400 could be terminated but it is alive and well and healthy.That is a real living prove,evidence and the fact about that is actualy LG Optimus L3 E400 Android 2.3.6 Stock ROM.I swear.

  • Boris Blagojevic

    Lalit you are simply love the KDZ metod I have noticed that.Because you are keep talking about KDZ all the time. lol

  • Boris Blagojevic

    And I have forgot to thank you.So thank you for metioning me here brother Lalit.See you Lalit and people here.

  • Melvin

    it works! thanks for that but did I completely get rid of the clockworkmod?

    • Lalit Indoria

      Yes you did!

      • Melvin

        so it means when i turn on my phone again using the power button+volume down key+menu button it wont go to clockworkmod recovery? thanks a lot for your help mr. engineer. im taking up engineering too. 🙂

  • Patrick Kearney

    hey, so my phone is fully functional, but it still wont respond/connect with my pc. i have updated the drivers, so that not an issue. everything works fine, but this. ive tried doing a foctory reset, and nothing worked. the phone charges, when i changed the software version it said it was complete. but the phone isnt actually synced with my pc. Any ideas?

  • Saga Gopali

    alternate method can u plz reupload the link of stock rom zip its not working !

    • Lalit Indoria

      We’re trying to get the KDZ file from somewhere but it looks like the link is working for some people. LG shouldn’t have taken them down!

      • Boris Blagojevic

        KDZ procedure is a very risky and tricky procedure.So I really don’t like it.

    • Boris Blagojevic

      Saga here is the link where you can see the best and alternate method for unbrickinghttp:
      And this is the link where you can download it
      For this just use the ClockWorkMod ROM Manager and use the same instructions what youare using when you are instaling Custom ROM like Cyanogen Mod and MIUI.That is all sience what we have to know.Good Luck

      • Saga Gopali

        I did with that stock rom which was named Xperia n now im stuck at LG logo :/

  • Saga Gopali

    LOLOL IDK how I unbricked my phone just now ! it was being stuck at lg logo when i tries with stock rom then i did with kdz on that then the phone started working xD many many thanks to hackmyandroid 😀

  • juhica112

    I installed CM9 yesterday, but I don’t like it and now I want to set back my phone to stock firmware. So, will this method work to set my phone to stock again and work normally like it was before? Thank you!
    Btw. do you know where can I get official version of my gingerbread I had before installing CM9?

    • juhica112

      I forgot to write that my phone works perfectly fine. I just don’t like how that custom rom works(there are some bugs and it looks ugly at my llittle phone).

  • Axelerre

    I have a problem.
    When i start the update, i have a error ” wParam = 100, IParam = 2″
    Can you help please ? Thx

    P.S : A screen may be helpful …

    • Axelerre

      I have a error sentence : “Step : Upgrade Error error code = 2”

  • Steven

    The link for alternate flash suspend? Is there any other option through CWM?

  • Bojan

    I do this, step by step and my phone is just turns on and off. :/
    What i to do now?

    • Lalit Indoria

      Do a hard reset.

  • mbarak

    official firmware for lg e400 not available for my country please help. my country is KENYA.

  • Ivan

    My L3 crashes every single day, 1-4 times and I tried many KDZ versions… Just restarts randomly even though it has lots of available memory at dispose… So I wanted to try the German version v10h for which I’ve read is good and during updating something went wrong… I got an error in KDZ updater and now my computer doesn’t recognize my phone any more and it won’t even charge the battery with the supplied mains charger (so USB port is totally useless)… However, the phone turns on, works just fine (with what’s left of the battery). So, what can I do? Is there any way I can root it with an app, flash new ROM or anything at all??? Why is it crashing on a daily basis???

    • Lalit Indoria

      Do a hard reset. If that doesn’t help, try a different firmware!

      • Ivan

        I forgot to say I tried the hard reset, didn’t help…

        I don’t know how to put diff firmware on cause USB port is not working… I’ve done some research about flashing without pc, but most of them say I have to root it first which I can’t because the two apps i tired only support to like 2.2, not 2.3.6 so I’m stuck 🙁

  • Dan


    • Lalit Indoria

      That’s a problem with display drivers, flash the stock ROM zip file to roll back or wait for a newer build of CM.

      • khalid

        I live in Saudi Arabia
        so I can’t find this country in the list of official-firmwares-list
        What can be done in this case?
        Thank you

      • pangkz

        men i have problem on my L3, i accidentally update software, i thought i was an update from LG for my firmware, then after it was installed & restarted clockworkmod recovery appear, i tried several times to update the firmware but im unlucky even the message “install from sdcard complete”,, i also tried your tutorial but still no successful,
        16:16:22 : Launching SW update
        16:16:22 : Unpacking KDZ
        16:16:23 : KDZ file extraced
        16:16:26 : Files were extracted.
        16:16:26 : LGMobileDL Load.
        16:16:26 : Port = -1
        16:16:26 : Connecting to phone
        16:16:26 : PHONE WAS NOT FOUND!
        16:16:28 : ===FINISHED===
        This is the log
        i need your help men….

        • Lalit Indoria

          Problem with your device drivers!

          • pangkz

            again clockworkmod recovery appear, but its looping same problem w/ “Richmondthuku” i hope you can me men…

  • rasleis

    when i look for the software it says NOT FOUND? what shall i do? :@

  • bokbok

    it says Phone was not found.

    what should i do?

    • Lalit Indoria

      Check device drivers, disable anti virus!

  • bokbok

    thnks its working… i will hack it over
    god bless

  • SR

    i did all the steps in cmd prompt when in cwm mode. while in cmd prompt when i typed “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” it shows and nothing happens . any idea?? Thanks in advance

  • migo22

    hello sir, at first i got this bootloop but then when i hard reset my phone it work fine and normal now. thank you so much.

    “maraming salamat at mabuhay ka” greetings from Philippines

    • Lalit Indoria

      Heh 😀 Thanks

  • bmkoknl

    Hello, after flashing (?) teh kdz file, my Lg L3 gets stuck in an alternating white screen / startup screen loop.
    installation gave a wparam 100 lparam 6 error. pleas advise!

  • bmkoknl

    never =mind. had tot try about ten different .kdz, but finally found one that worked! pfew!
    thanks for your help!

  • bmkoknl

    never mind. had to try about ten different .kdz, but finally found one that worked! pfew!
    thanks for your help!

    • eir

      what kdz worked for you?

  • Neelakanta

    Hello Sir,

    My Device is LG Optimus L3 E400. I have flashed it with V10j_00.kdz using kdz updater. After update kdz software shown finished. phone was restarted and it continued restarting again and again. Why It happend like that I don’t know. Please help me to recover my phone.. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee

    • pranay

      same here

  • Manuel

    Hello my friend!!! your FAQ is fantastic, thank you mi cel: Lg-E400F
    Grettins from México

  • sant bohara

    My device is E405, it was restarted (after updates) and it continued restarting again and again it goes upto Boot lg logo animation only. Tried above both method, it says device not connected, have installed latest Driver as well. Now i m in problem what to do???

  • yashwanth

    yeah its working yaar thanks a lot

  • madiyari

    my lg c660 is not turning on after cwm recovery..i need the official stock firmware to try this..plz can u give me a link to that…not getting the proper me

  • ariel jimenez

    thanks ! though KDZ updater crash on the last part , but still my phone came as good as new

  • Mladjan

    I have problem with adb bootloader. I type command “adb reboot bootloader” after that phone goes to bootloader mode, but when I type “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”, command promt says “Waiting for device” and phone says
    –portchange–“. What am I doing wrong?

  • jing

    wow, it really worked! thanks for saving my phone! more blessings to you!

  • Anubhav Karanseth

    when i try to flash, everything goes fine for 5-6 minutes, but after that, a dialog box opens and says: Wparam: 100
    Lparam 500 issue
    please help!

  • Roshan

    how long will it take to switch onn after following all the steps??

  • Joaquin Serrato Sanabria

    Hola buenas tardes:
    Resulta que ayer fui a rootear el LG E400 que tiene mi hija y cual fue mi sorpresa que cuando se va a reiniciar el teléfono, se me queda con el logotipo de vodafone que es la compañía del teléfono y no arranca.
    Al ver esto me pongo a mirar por aquí y veo el post que tienes de hacer flash en LG E400 y me pongo a ello.
    Cuando pongo el teléfono en modo de emergencia se pone bien , despues abro el Software update (KDZ) y cuando se pone a trabajar este programa en todas las particiones que me hace me sale el mismo mensaje.
    Model.Dll Msg not found (205,…)
    Hasta que termina el programa y me dice que el programa dejo de funcionar.
    Espero que me hayas comprendido, esperando tu contestación recibe un cordial saludo.

  • Victor Chazare Stano

    hey , i used the procedure so well and at the end i got an error though the kdz told me Finished! just wondering after how long will my phone open up for it has taken a while nw resarting
    thank u

  • Boris Blagojevic

    Hey brother Lalit and the people.How are you all?

  • Boris Blagojevic

    I have one big problem my problem was started with the instalation of SD Merge Mod for LG Optimus L3 E400.And this mode was replace my original oficiall and stable ClockWorkRecoveryMod with custom CWM-based Recovery v6.0.1.2 and than I was lost my 157 MB ROM system particion and 1.00 GB was became 1.14 GB and my Ext SD Card stop working on my phone and LG E400 I can only listen the music from Ext SD Card but I cant watch photos and videos and the phone option doesnt work at all like calls and SMS.And also USB Mass Storage on that custom CWM based Recovery doesnt work.And there is only in that custom Recovery is present blure grafic.And before instaling SD Merge Mod from Gelmar and Crasybite developers of that mod I had installed original officiall fully stable and realabile ClockWorkMod Recovery v5.8.4.5 and I had no problems whats soever none and nothing at all and everything was runing apsolutely perfectly stable realabile and smooth before instaling SD Merge Mode wich replace my with mailfunctioning custom CWM Recovery based v6.0.1.2.I really need your help.ZIP stock 2.3.6 doesnt work on custom CWM based Recovery v6.0.1.2 it say everything stoped,Stoped this stoped that stoped apsoluthely everything.Please help me brother Lalit and the people to get my LG E400 back to life.My LG E400 is now stuck with custom CWM Recovery based v6.0.1.2.Please help me.I am in big trouble like you can all see.I am in big deep trouble.Get me and mine LG E400 out of this custom CWM Recovery based v6.0.1.2.

  • Ryan


    • Boris Blagojevic

      My advice to you is follow my steps and go for Microsoft Windows Phone.Android is toy for the litle kids in compare with Microsoft Phone.I learned this to the painfull way.I hate,and alergic and discusted with Android.Android is discusting device.

  • Boris Blagojevic

    Brother Lalit and my brothers and sisters I am definitely leaving the Android and moving into the Microsoft Windows World.And I will be here only as a guest.Why?You can findout in my previous comment.And today I was speak with my servicer about my problem with my phone and he told me that there is very small and tiny probability that my problem can be solved and another user on XDA after me have the same problem with LG Optimus L3 E400 caused by SD Merge from Gelmar and Crasybite and he tryed to solve it with LG KDZ Updater but the KDZ updater doesn’t see his and probably will not see even my phone with the same problem.Why brother Lalit?Please explain to me.And Servicer also told me that he will the next monday will send my phone for testing and attempt of repair and return it to me in whendesday.And also told me that my phone isn’t pay off to me for repair.When you take my phone and turn it on it looks like hard soft brick.Anyway repaired or not I am change it for Microsoft Windows Phone where is the situation with OS Update is much clear and safer than with Android.I don’t want to see an Android never again I am so furious monstrous angry with Google Android.I will never forgive this to Open Source comunity.Cloused Source is definitely my type of OS like Microsoft Windows.I am Microsoft Windows loyal fan wariour and protector since year 2004.

  • Bhupender Dhawan

    You will be using ADB and fastboot commands in this. So if you are not familiar with it, head over to this tutorial.
    Download recovery.img and place it in the folder where you have the ADB files. I have named the folder as C:Android in the aforementioned tutorial.
    Open Command Prompt and type “cd C:Android” or the path to the
    folder. Alternatively, you can open the folder that has the ADB files
    and Shift+Right Click to select “Open Command Window here”.
    Make sure your phone is in CWM (it has to be) and connect it to PC via USB Cable.
    Type the command “adb reboot bootloader”. Your phone will now be in bootloader mode.
    Now type “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” (Without quotes please).
    You should see some file transfer being done. If you see something else, post it in the comment below.
    Now type “fastboot reboot”.

    as mentioned in your tutorial o save the phone , i had done the above steps but after fastboot reboot , my phone gets reboot and the it is rebooting itself after lg logo comes within 1/2 minutes , how to fix this , i had done the same steps as mentioned above .

    but before duing this i had completely format my phone wipe chashe, dalvik c

    the problem start with ota firmware update. i had done that with having recovery cwm

    then my phone stuck in recovery boot loop, it start in recovery mode.

    after doing the steps mentioned by you it start to the lg logo screenand reboot.

  • Safdar Alam

    i m not able to download stock firmware plz help

  • Asas

    doesn’t work. pls help. it says theres an update error

  • Nicko20132

    [13:04:47:925] : Expect booting mode: Dload mode and try to get model name in emergency mode

    [13:04:47:925] : GetModelName() Operation Failed Check Diag CMD

    [13:04:47:925] : EMERGENCY Booting Mode

    [13:04:47:925] : >>Get Model Name in Emergency Mode [DLOAD_VERREQ_F]

    [13:04:47:925] : >> Get Model Name in Emergency Mode FAIL

    [13:04:47:925] : GetEmergencyModelName in Emergency Mode – FAILed (No Phone)

    [13:04:47:925] : DB is creating on the phone so wait and try again

    [13:06:29:963] : Log finished

  • Saurya Paudel

    I have done this many times but today I wanted to remove the custom Rom so did the process and the phone keeps on restarting….Its shows white screen and then restarts again…waited for long but it doesnt stop restarting….plz help

    • Saurya Paudel

      finally works with Kiryuchamo’s method….thanks for the post bro

      • Charith Kumara

        What is the Kiryuchamo’s method.? plz help. I have the same problem.. plz

        • Saurya Paudel

          see the later section of the above post for kiryuchamo’s method

  • Slobodan Janevski

    i have problem with my LG e400 it is locken and now i need to enter my Gmail but i dont remember it. is there other way to unlock my phone

  • ٲڃہٰہٰمہٰہٰډ الہٰہٰڲہٰہٰڸاڵہٰہ

    links not working 🙁 not found please another links

  • Nguyen

    My L3 400 brick when i update to Kitkat.. I try using KDZ but cannot solve problem. It has lParam err: 2. And I use LG Mobile Support Tool, wait checking and download. After that erverything is ok. Unbelievable. He still alives. So I think it’s a very very tool for brick LG

  • Cameron Parker

    This is awesome! Thanks for the great and very comprehensive tutorial! For everyone with the white-screen issue and not able to do a normal hard reset, read the instructions carefully as they fixed my issue!

  • Lowie

    how many minutes it takes to reboot?

  • beejay

    when i click link you gave for the stock firmware, it says NOT FOUND… is there any other website where i can get a stock firmware? thanks!

  • Luigi Ramos

    device not found 🙁

  • Robert kand

    device NOT found ……….finished

  • Alexander Nikolaevich Hell

    after it finish my phone restart many times and turn off by itself but wen I open it ,my phone restart again

    please tell me what Im going to do

  • uditha

    You can download LG Mobile support tool from & install it.after ur phone connect to PC via usb turn on phone(if ur phone bricked? NO PROBLEM) and run mobile support u can upgrade recovery.after the upgrade phone is reboots normally.

  • hadi

    thanks bro the kdz stuff have to switch off the phone open kdz,connect phone and then press vol up,down & power key to switch to emergency mod.

  • Vlad Tepesdracula

    Hi. I tried doing this procedure and it failed. It didn’t find the phone, despite following the steps in order. Any ideas?

  • sachin

    awesome man!!!


    was stuck in bootloop for weeks!!!

  • bean

    After a bad flash of a room costum my lg l3 e400 do not any more want to demarer.I tried all the methods of demarage. his vibrate. But no display just the touches which flash.can you help me.

  • Melisa

    You always save me!

  • kamzl

    hello , my problem is that I can not spustitnouzový režim.jedná the LG E410 mobile phone but the procedure should be the same ? or not? KDZ in the process , the phone recognizes it but in the wake of a program disconnects throws an error message procesu.advice ?

  • kamzl

    hello , my problem is that I can not run in Safe mode. It is a mobile phone LG E410 but the procedure should be the same ? or not? KDZ in the process , the phone recognizes it but in the wake of a program disconnects throws an error message process. advice ?

  • infinite bootloop


  • KrisKros1213423

    I cant go to emergency mode….My LG E430 just keeps restarting….. R.I.P my phone

  • Sofi

    OMG the trick of saved my life! Thank youuu

  • vidya aravind

    OMG…thank you so much Kiryuchamo. Logged in just to thank you .first my cell showed booting with lg logo and then a white screen, after few seconds alternate back and white screen flashes.When i tried to flash the stock rom using kdz updater i got wparam=100 lparam=6 error.followed ur trick and now its working fine ..cheers friend.

  • Duane Emerson

    Hello I need help I followed instructions to remove kingroot and replace with SuperSU I’m new to this but pretty quick also anyway I used supersume and after my phone froze when I rebooted it it froze on boot screen then it went thru I put password in but there’s no apps visible settings won’t go off network part and it says no sim card I’ve factory reset it it gets stuck on upgrading contacts …….LGK7 droid lolipop