HTC All Set to Unveil It’s Next Generation Flagship: The Countdown is On!

It seems that the Taiwanese are all set to make a flashy enough return right before this year’s MWC and to be very precise, February 19th is the date. This is a scrap of the mail that we got from HTC a day back which has got nothing to show but a lot to say. It looks as if the Taiwanese have favored the Apple way this time around to create the hype preceding the big event the company is going to host in the next week. The reason is as straight as it could be, A sinking giant needs a revival and that also, a big ONE!


It is a known fact that after the brutal Onslaught by the Korean giant in its way to become the world leader(which it currently is!) has taken it way too hard to the lives of other contenders. While most of the competition has been left drowned deep, there are a few sinking fleets that do deserve to make a comeback.

The problem remains the same! Samsung has got a capable enough army of troops in almost every other price bracket which depicts it’s might. How to tackle? Well it is said that to take down the army, you gotta take down the commander-in-chief! But for that, the opposition should be strong enough too!

But wait a minute, the HTC One (formerly rumored as the HTC M7) with all the promises and chances at stake has got some blistering tricks under its wrist along with some sheer firepower under the hood in the form of the Quad-core Krait. Further, it has got that 2013 Flagship trademark on its forehead corresponding to the Full HD visuals it has on the show upfront. Couple all of that with the latest update of HTC’s very own customization over the stock Android interface, it does makes a lot of Sense and this time, its version 5.0!

To sum it up, the upcoming HTC Flagship seems to have all the blood of a benchmark dictator running through the silicon lines and to make things more happening, for the first time ever, the Android platform will get to see the next level of imaging capabilities in the droid horizon in the form of HTC’s Ultra pixel technology which to me looks like an answer that’s tough enough to put the droid army back into the multimedia race along with the multimedia beasts from Nokia as you simply can’t neglect the authenticity of Dr. Dre’s BEATS that is a part of the package too!

With all those goodies under its belt the HTC One looks all set to get things settled over the lost territory in a hell of a showdown with the Koreans. The HTC One has got enough of power to muscle out most of the 2013 Flagships unless and until the Koreans show up with something even bigger! Yes, we definitely are talking about the Quad-core Cortex-A15 unit which is powerful enough to beat the Kraits straight out of water. But at the same moment of time, we just can’t neglect the whole package that the Taiwanese warhead has on the serve as in the end, apart from all of those synthetic benchmarking sheets and stuff, it’ll be just the real life performance.

Further, if you still wanna know, let me make this clear, it was only the sleek and stylish Sony Xperia Arc that had taken down to the lives of many Dual cores courtesy the heavy amount of improvisations put in by the Japanese which had led to an overall experience that left almost all shattered and shocked. Adding more to it, the amount of hard work put in the HTC One can be seen clearly and standing as a no non-sense device, it’ll sure be in for a serious brawl to gain some of the lost pride and honor.

So, hold your nerves, sit back, relax and wait till the calendar show February 19th and the covers are taken off from one of the most awaited launches of the year. With the HTC Butterfly already taking it out with most of the 2013 Flagships out there, it’ll be interesting to see how the competition stacks up against this deadly Duo of FullHD devices from the Taiwanese manufacturer, only if the two see some good marketing strategies to follow their onslaught.

HTC One Image Courtesy: Unwired View