HTC Butterfly Android 4.2.2 Now Seeding With HTC Sense 5

The much awaited Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update complete with the 5th edition of HTC’s home-bred user interface, the HTC Sense 5 has finally been reported to be seeding in the land of it’s origin, Taiwan. A little more over 550 Megabytes of update package not only ensures the promised UI improvements but also puts HTC’s first phone to boast a FullHD display in the race with the lives of the flagship, the HTC One and the HTC Butterfly S which is also the successor to the former.


Considering the HTC Butterfly’s considerably capable hardware, it is one of the horses of a long run for the Taiwanese and this is what made this update to arrive on time while HTC has already shook it’s head for the One S which also is a promising performer, hence, completely denying the device from getting any future updates. Talking about this update, the update comes in two parts and while the first one counts out merely a little above a Megabyte, it does the jobs of setting up the installer so that the whole procedure gets executed properly while the second one is the real update package that will get flashed onto your phone’s system.

Treating the Butterfly with the best of the software that the OEM has at present might not be any sorts of a deal breaker to any one but it’s just a good step forward in the right direction by HTC and a matter of joy to the owners of the device who felt betrayed when the HTC One launch followed in quick succession to the Butterfly going official. Talking about the better step, while arch rivals like Samsung and Sony are all having a plethora of handsets that sit comfortably in every single niche, making the butterfly a bit more stronger appearance in the premium segment might add a bit more of lime light to HTC’s cast. However, as this update is currently seeding only to parts of Taiwan, it can be expected to hit the horizon in no time soon considering the pace with which the Butterfly itself went global.

Source: Engadget