HTC First Announced: Meet Facebook’s First Home

Along with the Facebook Home, Facebook charted out a list of select league of devices that’ll be amongst the first in the lot to taste the Facebook Home experience. The list goes along some big names viz. the HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy SIII/SIV, Samsung Galaxy NoteII and also the new Taiwanese warhead, the HTC One(Hold on for a minute! Where are the Nexus Devices!?). But as the modern warfare goes, in order to promote anything related to the mobile telephony world, let it be the Android platform itself or the Facebook Home, a flagship device is the better way of all. Facebook’s Response? It is the HTC First.

As the name goes, the HTC First will be the first smartphone amongst the lot that’ll ship with the Facebook Home straight out of the box. The phone has been developed under the HTC-AT&T collaboration that points out a 4G LTE enabled handset that’ll be capable enough to churn the best out of AT&T’s 4G cellular network and meanwhile facilitate the Facebook Home’s full fledged networking capabilities along with all that eye-candy that comes bundled along. As per the rumors suggests, the HTC First will come with a dual core variety from the inside while it has been built around a “big but not so big” display as quoted by the maestro himself.

The device will be shipped in some fancy shades matching up to the mood of the summer sun while it is expected to go on sale by April 12th itself which has been tagged in as the scheduled date of the Google Play debut of the Facebook Home app itself! You can also pre-order the device at the official FacebookHome page itself.