HTC First Likely To Be Discontinued By AT&T

It seems that the HTC First, that is the first step taken by the social giant into the mobile phone arena seems to be turning out as one of the biggest let downs till date. As per the sources, the HTC First recorded a merely below average sales mark as opposed to the hype with which the campaign was taken over by the carriers. To be honest, the reports are harassing enough for the carrier to throw the Social lad off from the shelves as it hasn’t been able to touch the marks of dis-graces like the HTC ChaCha or call it the HTC Status(as they called it in the US and if you remember, this was one amongst the second set of droids released by the Taiwanese and had a qwerty keyboard accompanied by a dedicated Facebook button.

Call it rude or let it be termed brutal! It does seems like the users are yet not ready to let their Homescreens to be taken over by a bunch of social updates with the being irony being the missing phone shortcut upfront. Although the HTC First’s specifications chart shows it to be a capable contender in the mid range but everyone knows that an HTC phone without the HTC Sense is nothing but ‘Senseless’. Apart from that, the Facebook Home App itself got a bunch of negative reviews over the few positives it had. Further, people these days are anytime more likely to go for the nexus phones(Which retail for almost similar prices on contract) rather than the vanilla android topped up with Facebook Home that does home on the HTC First. I just think that all the above reasons seem to be just enough to make even the $0.99 price slash look bad enough to match the user’s taste.

All in all, it just looks to be as sad as the end could be for all the efforts that were put in the making of the social giant’s venture but as it looked way too unpolished in front of the competition, It’ll be rather interesting to see how Mr. Zuckerberg(Happy Birthday to him!) follows up from here. Talking about HTC, they still have their top notch metal clad Ultrapixels to get the better shot on their fortunes!

Source: BGR