HTC M4 Surfaces in China: Ultrapixels On the Budget

As everyone expected a mid range Ultrapixel lad from HTC, it seems the Taiwanese were always ready for one. The HTC One that was codenamed as the M7 has finally got cleared with all the formalities part and is all set to hit the shipping docks and in the mean-time, call it the the successor to the mean machine in the lower price brackets or a feature rich mid-ranger that can trouble the lives of even the best in the segment, the HTC M4 has been spotted in China while going through the Telecom equipment certification process.

The HTC M4 can cause some serious damage to the lives of most of the mid rangers that are sitting comfortably enough in their respective shelves. The reason behind this stand the out of the world multimedia capabilities that the HTC M4 is expected to arrive that can just blow away any other thing in this class. Talking about technical specifications, the HTC M4 will be running the Dual core Qualcomm 400 chipset which runs the two Krait 200 cores alongside the Adreno305 GPU and a Gigabyte of RAM. Further, what makes it a deal stealer is the fact that this device is going to ship with the much appreciated HTC Sense5 complete with HTC Zoe and the Ultrapixel camera on-board. This just makes quite a lot of “sense” here as while the number of pixels couldn’t fare out well with the flagships having those huge 12Megapixel sensors, the 4.3 Megapixel Ultrapixel camera can bring to the sheets a real benchmark in the segment where most of the devices do with a 5Megapixel unit.

The device has been approved by Telecommunication Equipment Certification Centre MIIT in China as the HTC 606w and will have a 1700mAh battery, 16Gigabytes of internal storage and a complete connectivity suite. The question that stands here is that whether the HTC M4 will be made available outside China or not but we still have our fingers crossed for the reason that the HTC Butterfly got to hit the shelves globally straight after it’s launch in Japan.

Source: GSMinsider