HTC One All Set To Go AOSP With A Nexus Experience Variant

Having done with more than 5 million units going off the shelves, HTC One is turning out to be the saviour for the Taiwanese giant and to return the honors, HTC has decided to step forward with an all AOSP running variant of the device which it quotes as the HTC One with “Nexus User Experience”. It was known long back after we came across the leaks regarding various nexus devices i.e. the Nexus X from Sony and the Motorola X while we knew that the Nexus 5 is already in the works from none other than LG itself, that google has decided to go AOSP with devices that do not even belong the it’s Nexus catalog. With Sony already seeding the AOSP firmware to it’s flagship and it’s tablet twin and the Galaxy S4 with Stock Android being announced at this year’s Google I/O, it does seems a fair enough deal for the Taiwanese to bring some metal good to the competition.

Announced by none other than Android’s SVP himself, the HTC One with the Nexus Experience will go straight away on sale from the Google Play Store by June 26th. That is the same date on which the Nexus flavored Samsung Galaxy S4 will hit the tables while the HTC One’s AOSP variant has been priced at $599 which does looks like a bargain in front of the Galaxy S4 while both share the same chipset and the former being a metal geared contender. Further, as with most of the stock Android devices, the HTC One with Nexus User Experience will go live with an unlocked Bootloader while all the rest of the specifications have been kept the same with its “Sense”-ible counterpart.

Although the HTC First which also offered the vanilla Android experience turned out to be one of the biggest let downs of the year, The HTC One may turn out to be the game changer as apart from the rest of the competition, it does brings some high class metal to the user’s feel. Meanwhile, It’ll be rather interesting to see how HTC works it out without having the HTC Zoe and Beats audio on board as these have been the deciding elements of the Multimedia experience that the original HTC One delivered and upon which it’s success thrived upon. Android police went on to make a query straight ahead with HTC and they did responded on a positive note. But if HTC does fails at any of the above promises, the efforts may go in vain as the Samsung flagship is a true predator in itself.

Source: HTC Blog | Android Police