HTC One Hands-On Video Comes Before Official Announcement

We just posted that there are 2 hours left for the HTC Event to begin. The HTC One smartphone should launch shortly in 2 hours but we are amazed to see a hands on video of the phone on YouTube. Though there is one more hands on video which is 5 minutes long and is an extensive walk-through of the specs and features of the phone, it was pulled down by YouTube. The video in the scene seems short enough to be disguised in the lot but has got enough of footage to make out a brief introduction of HTC’s next generation flagship, even before it goes live!

Living dangerously after the series of rapid onslaughts by competitors like Sony and Samsung, the Taiwanese have been loosing quite a bit of market share along with the audience it had held to it over the decade! In such a scenario, the HTC One(previously informed as the HTC M7) can just turn out to be the dark knight for the ship that’s already drowning deep. Holding so much of promises and expectations up on it’s shoulders, the HTC One will have to put up a valiant effort to pull some of the lost pride and honor back to the firm. Talking about efforts, take my words, the HTC flagship might not have to worry much about the competition as far as the technicalities and synthetic trials are considered.

Boasting the mighty Qualcomm APQ8064 Snapdragon chipset which combines four Krait cores coupled up with the Adreno 320 GPU whose rendering capabilities are powerful enough to blaze through all the pixels up on the Ful lHD display, and 2 Gigabytes of RAM, the HTC One is a serious looking demon ready to be unleashed. Apart from all that power under the hood, the HTC One has got some out-of-the world multimedia technologies viz. Beats audio and the 13 Megapixel camera which uses HTC’s new Ultrapixels technology embedded to pace out the competition as far as the overall user experience is concerned.

Finally, if you combine all that paper work within a sleek looking shell while the interface being topped up with the latest edition of HTC’s Sense UI, which has been one of the sleekest user interfaces in the droid horizon courtesy it’s heavy UI customization, the HTC One might be the one, that the competitors must look out for. Being one of the most awaited launches of the year, HTC might not want to take any sorts of risks this time, at least technically.

Hold on for more as we have just an hour to go before the event goes On-Air.