HTC One Max Rooted Before Launch, Camera Features Leaked

The HTC One Max which has already been leaked earlier in several photos has now been rooted by the same tester who leaked those photos. The HTC One Max is a phablet which makes event the Galaxy Note 3 look smaller and also sports a fingerprint sensor on the back.


Some screenshots of the HTC One Max have been leaked which show the capability of the device to record HDR video. The screenshots also confirm that the device’s camera will sport panoramic mode and beauty shot with three levels of blemish removal. This confirms that the device will come with a Snapdragon 800 processor onboard which was expected considering the previous leaks.

The tester confirmed the existence of the fingerprint sensor on the back and says:

“Spent a few days HTC one Max fingerprint recognition rate is very high, there was no awkward situation,”

The sensor is a capacitive touch sensor and seems to work perfectly. Sure HTC will be competing with Apple’s Touch ID technology with the HTC One Max.

The screenshots below show the camera interface of the HTC One Max.

HTC-One-Max-root-and-camera-features2 HTC-One-Max-root-and-camera-features1


Earlier, the device’s launch date and pricing in China were also leaked. Updates will follow as and when new leaks surface. Stay tuned!