HTC One Mini (M4) Photos Leak, Might Be Official In a Month

Releasing a “mini” version of a manufacturer’s flagship device must be promising good sales, probably? And that’s why you had the Galaxy S3 mini and now you have the S4 mini. While Sammy has been releasing the mini version of its flagship devices, HTC is following suit. The HTC One mini is HTC One’s younger brother – consider it’s look or its ultrapixel camera, they are the same in both these devices and hence  making “mini” an accurate description for the device.

An Estonian website Forte has reported the HTC One Mini is in the final stage of its building and has released these pictures of the phone where it sits with its bigger brother. Look at the phone separately and you would call it the HTC One because it look so very similar to it bigger version.

The new kid is codenamed M4 (HTC One is M7). The screen measures 4.3 inches and the dual speakers are found in the same fashion as you see in HTC One. The device will run on a 2 GB RAM powered with a dual core processor. There’s no clue on the which processor and clock frequency will it run on. It would have 16 GB storage and a 4 MP ultra-pixel camera that you find in HTC One. The OS as expected must be Android 4.2.

nexusae0_m43 HTC-One-Mini-M4

HTC-One-Mini nexusae0_m44


You can expect an official announcement from HTC within a month and the same will be posed here on the site. To get more updates, you can follow us on Facebook,  Twitter or view more subscription options.

Via The Verge