HTC One Mini Specifications Confirmed Via GFXBench

The not so ”mini” HTC One mini has been playing many a rounds of those hide n seek games that any device does prior to it’s launch and as the day is coming closer, more and more information about the device has started to surface. With hardly a month for the official unveiling of the device to follow, the device has sprouted up on the GFX Benchmark website which has been one of the key sources for info leaks recently apart from the Picasa Web Albums. The specification chart put up on the benchmarking website not only gives us a hint but a full list of the hardware and software that can be expected upfront from the device!


From the specification chart which we found on the GFX Benchmark website shows that the device will boast a couple of cores on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset that are found to be ticking at a healthy enough 1.4 GHz of clockspeed while the images will be rendered by the Adreno 305 GPU that sits alongside the Krait cores. The device also features 4.3 inches of display estate over a native display resolution of 720p pixels that counts out the 342 ppi mark that can be considered to be quite an eye candy for the taste. Further, you can expect 2 Gigabytes of RAM over 16/32 Gb of native storage capacity.


As speculated, the device will run over the current latest from the Google confectionery that’s Android 4.2.2 for the taking and it’ll be all skinned up with the HTC Sense 5 User Interface that’s a trademark thing for the HTC One line up.

By the looks of it, it seems that HTC has decided to go for a rather modest mid range configuration for the ”mini” but the ”HTC One” moniker attached before it, you can expect this Taiwanese lad to be nothing short of a star studded performer and by that we mean the performance of the device on the multimedia front. The device will be boasting a 4 Mp Ultrapixel camera and beats audio integration and that is something that will provide this device an extra bit of edge over the mid range competition but only if the asking price chips a bit promising for the buck which just doesn’t tallies up with the flagship blood that races through it’s veins!

Another mid ranger, the HTC Desire 600 has been put up for a pre-order in the subcontinent but it doesn’t seems that HTC are making a fair deal as a similarly spec’d Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro is already selling high for a 2/3rd of the former’s price. Further, with a Xperia SP and the even cheaper Xperia L already selling masses, the success of the One mini will contrastingly depend upon the pricing scheme that HTC comes up with!

Source: GFXBench