HTC One X+ Goes Official -Offers Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Out of the Box

From the flag holders of the Quad core race, the firm that announced the first nvidia Tegra3 powered quad core mobile handset seems in no mood to let the competition rest assured of any sort of dominance as it is back with a bumped up version of it’s current flagship, meet the HTC One X+.  The phone has finally come out of the curtains and is ready to take on with a little face-lift with newer color schemes while the rest of the exterior remains the same yet nothing short of a blockbuster performer with the latest of Android on-board.

The latest Taiwanese flagship is capable of getting into the nerves of all the beasts roaring around it in terms of processing power as it runs on the mighty nvidia Tegra3 AP37 chipset with a quad core architecture ticking at a blazingly fast 1.7Ghz along with a “Helping core” which runs along the power-grid to handle the background tasks while keeping the battery consumption on the lower side of the scale when your phone goes idle. A Gigabyte of RAM is ready to take some good care of all your multitasking needs whereas the phone will be available in two variants viz. a 32Gb/64Gb one depending upon the internal capacity.

The huge 4.7” SLCD-2 display glares upfront with a sharp 720p resolution with Gorilla Glass 2 protection along with Optical lamination which cuts down the reflection and facilitates outdoor use of the handset. Along with such eye candy on the serve, the back of the phone boasts a 8megapixel shooter which is capable of shooting 1080p videos while the front camera does pretty well with a 1.6megapixel resolution for images that it produces while it can do 720p in case of videos.

On the software side, the phone packs in a punch by delivering one of the most pleasant Android experience on the serve, combining the latest of Android with HTC’s home made Sense4+ UI along with HTC Hub integration, known for setting higher usability standards. Being such a multimedia powerhouse, the sound production department doesn’t disappoints either by bragging some BEATS audio integration while the speaker hosts an amplifier of it’s own.

The phone features a full-fledged connectivity suite with no boxes left unchecked along with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC technologies while the battery being rated at a juicy 2100mAh is a bit on the comfortable side for such a beast of a performer. The phone is all set to hit the shelves in this month in some regions while HTC will also start seeding an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Sense 4+ update for it’s former flagships( the HTC One S and HTC One X).

The phone in expected to be priced along the other flagships of firms like Samsung and Sony but the question that pops up, is only a clock-speed bump, a worthy of an upgrade for the potential buyer? Will you be taking one of these home? Please leave us your opinions on this phone and the post in the comments section.


  • Bozo

    I'll be picking this up, replacing an Atrix 2.