HTC Opera UL: The Facebook Phone?

Its been a while, Wait! just a while only? To be very honest, after a very long period of time, the much awaited(sort of discarded?) announcement from the 28 year old multi-billionaire has sprouted up on the benchmark sheets as HTC Opera UL.  A very reliable source has assured Pocket-lint that the leaked HTC device could host the Facebook moniker on it’s face. If the sources speak true, are we really going to have an Android powerhouse as the alleged personification for the Facebook phone?

The leaked specifications of the phone from the Nenamark benchmark sheet have revealed a chipset running Adreno 305 on-board with a 1.4Ghz processing unit(take that to be a dual core one!) while the display resolution is all set to pop your eyes up by marking a 720p resolution on the pixel counters. The scores that this configuration have gathered up some good results in the alleged benchmark which point at a seamless web browsing device which could possibly turn into a best-seller courtesy it’s social networking moniker(We guess nobody else on the planet has such a team backing him up 😉 ).

The only question that pops up in our mind is that with that amount of processing power is this the proper answer to the questions that get pointed over the official Facebook app’s Google Play page?

It’s the Android world which we live in and you can’t take  anything for granted. Take the LG Optimus 4X for the concern, LG took so long to get it launcher, the alleged flagship got outdone by it’s flagship counterparts as it got a bit too late to get outdated that easily. What I wanna say is this could be a true deal breaker if and only if the Social network signs it up as soon as possible what had been considered a deactivated account.

What’s your cut? Is this device capable enough to make you go blue? Wait, you’re already in!