[Game Review] Icy Tower 2: A Blast From The Past

If you belong to the current breed of Android users, most of you must have been through the ages when we used play 8-bit games on our Pentium PCs and that too was done with a lot of daring in the ask as it had to be done in the absence of the teacher! Back in those days, we had to play slow yet amazingly catching titles but there came a title in the early 90s which blew our minds up with some blazingly fast action paced up with glittering eye candy on treat. If you could get yourself back into a bit of nostalgia, it was none other than ICY TOWER, which still stands as one of my all time favorites, from Free Lunch Design.

icy tower
The sequel to one of the most played PC titles has finally arrived and this time, it’s all ready to hit the Android platform. Most of the current generation would be familiar with Doodle Jump for now, but back in our time, it was Icy Tower. A plain yet absorbing title, full of thrill and eye candy meanwhile engaging enough to make the user do multiple rounds amongst a group of friends, Icy Tower 2 is simply one of the best tower jump titles available out there in the market.

Screenshot_2012-12-25-23-48-11  Screenshot_2012-12-25-23-46-19

The Welcome Screen has got all the options you need out there but it takes just a click to get started with the game where you’ll be welcome with an instructor who’ll help you get along the basics. The plot is plain simple i.e. you have to jump and that’s it! One more thing which can be taken as an addition to the game play courtesy the platform is that the game is controlled by the tilt or what you call as the accelerometer sensor.
Screenshot_2012-12-25-23-47-51   Screenshot_2012-12-25-23-48-27

The further you jump, the more scenes you unlock, the more you score. Again, you can fetch the dude some upgrades on his errand via the in-game store which has got both addons and power-ups which you can buy via the coins you collect during the gameplay. The settings tab is nothing special to write home about as it still provides you with the most basic of features available or you require along with an access to the tutorial to the game.

All-in-all this game is ranking high in stores and to be very honest, could turn out to be a blockbuster for Free Lunch Design as most of us would love to sit back, get drowned in a bit of nostalgia and bring out the kid in us who always wanted to score better than his friends! 🙂

Wanna give it a try? Here is the Google Play Store link for you: Icy Tower 2