Increase Internal Memory on HTC Explorer Using Mounts2SD Script

HTC Explorer has an internal memory of 90 MB which is probably insufficient for most users. The system apps can not be removed and their data also goes into the internal memory which gets filled pretty soon because of these apps. However, there is a script that can help you increase your internal memory – only virtually (it is impossible to increase internal memory because it is a physical quantity). The function of the script is to use your SD card’s ext-2 partition as internal memory for your phone.

By default your SD card is FAT32 partitioned which can not be used by the phone as an internal memory. The FAT32 partition is the same partition that you can see on your PC hard drives. Since you need an ext-2 partition to use it as internal memory, the first step would be to partition the SD card and create an ext-2 partition.

This tutorial works only when your device’s kernel supports the mounts2sd script. You can try this on modded stock ROMs or CyanogenMod/AOKP ROMs. Please do not try this on stock kernel. You can view all popular ROMs for HTC Explorer here.

Partitioning the SD Card

Please note that this procedure will wipe all data on your SD card. Hence it is recommended to backup all contents on the card to your PC or any other hard drive.

The space you allot to your ext-2 partition will be your internal memory and the rest can be used for the SD card. So if you have a 4 GB card, you can allot 1 GB for teh ext-2 partition and use it as internal memory. This is your choice.

Partitioning using CWM

  1. This is the easiest method to partition the SD card and does not require any PC. All you need is a CWM recovery on your phone. To get CWM, you can refer this thread on XDA.
  2. Boot your phone into CWM and go to Advanced>Partition SD card. In the next screen you will be asked to select the space for your partition. Select 1024 MB or any other value that you need for your internal memory.
  3. In the next screen you will be asked to select the swap size which can be left 0 because we don’t need a swap partition in this case.
  4. After this, your SD card will be partitioned which will take around 5 minutes to complete.

Installing Mounts2SD script

  1. Download
  2. Place the zip file in your SD card.
  3. Boot your phone into CWM and go to Install zip from SD card>Choose zip from SD card and select the mounts2sd zip file that you placed in your SD card in the previous step.
  4. After the installation of the zip is complete, go back and select “Reboot system now”.
  5. Download Android Terminal Emulator from Google Play.
  6. Open the Emulator and type the following commands. You need to allow superuser permissions after the first command:
    m2sd apps disable
    m2sd data disable
    m2sd cache disable
    m2sd dalvik disable
    m2sd dlcache disable
    m2sd readahead 512
    m2sd rmount enable
  7. Close the terminal emulator and reboot your device.

The result must be this:

HTC Explorer internal memory


This tutorial can be applied to other low-end devices which have less internal memory. Alternatively, you can use this app to store apps in the ext-2 partition.

via XDA-Developer forums

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    • It is readahead that must be configured to 512 (which means 512 MB). Which method are you trying?

  • kaushaya

    I’m using TeamWin Recovery. Is it absolutely necessary to use CWM? I’m asking cause with TeamWin I can only make an Ext-3 or Ext-4. I tried making a partition with both and tried mounting my Ext-3 partition (with the help of S2E app on Google Play) but my internal memory did not increase. Does HTC Explorer only recognize Ext-2 partition?

  • Daniyal

    Dear admin help me, recently i am intalled cyanogenmod 10.2, jellybean 4.3.1 with cwm recovery on my htc explorer a310e pico & i am facing internal memory low problem, what can i do, i already tried android terminal emulator with your instructions but nothing happen & my playstore & android terminal emulator is missing and my back button and menu button is not working, kindly help me soon….

    • ravi

      Did u increase ur internal memory

  • ravi

    Its showing 158 mb only …internal memory not increased

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    my case is similar to daniyal’s after i installed cayanogenmod 10.2 with jelly bean my sd card does not mount at all.and yes the terminal emulator was missing until i made a hard reset.please do something.

    • Terminal Emulators are available on the Play Store, so that should not be tough. If your SD card isn’t mounted, it is because you have formatted the entire SD card as EXT2 or EXT4 . This partition is not recognized on Windows either. You can use a software like AOMEI Partition Assistant to view partitions on the SD card. To make it mount, you can partition it as NTFS or FAT32. Please research about what I said via a Google search and you will understand what I mean to tell you!

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    i did the whole procedure in cm 10.2 no change in internal memory…any other script that could work in cm 10.2

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    Nothing processed 🙁 this not helped for my HTC Explorer. Showing same 15MB of free space … What I do ???

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