Install CM10 Jelly Bean ROM on HTC Explorer

This all has been really so fast for this little guy to on with all the changes that have happened to his life over the past couple of months or so. It all started with the super stable JaggyROM and then the developers got done with a stable CM9 ICS ROM. Both of these ROMs gained some massive popularity as the continuous updates made up for some solid backup for the cause. CM9 was based on Ice Cream Sandwich i.e. Android 4.0, what? Android 4.0? Doesn’t that sounds like some old fashioned release of the global mobile platform? Indeed it has been succeeded by a very capable competitor, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is here, but wait, how could the developers stay quiet with this? The answer to the above scenario is an Android 4.1 Jelly Bean CM10 build for the HTC Explorer.

The HTC Explorer/Pico is proving out to be one of the most developer friendly devices on the charts considering the amount of development it has been receiveing in succession as now the developers are up with the latest of Android that they possibly could. Its an Android 4.1 built which to some extent is pretty much functional for your daily use.

About the ROM:

Well, to be very honest, you can surely neglect the “ALPHA” tag put on the original thread by the developer of the ROM. This ROM is almost complete except for a few minor bugs which according to me, won’t be taking too much of time to get rid off. As i said, most of the things work for this ROM along with a hint of project “BUTTER” which can be noticed as one gets through this ROM.

Let’s have a look at the features of this ROM:

  • Boots
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera(stills/camcorder/panaroma)
  • RIL
  • GPS (untested)
  • Audio
  • Wifi(next build)
  • Project butter
  • Video Recording(forgot to include patch in alpha#1)
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • SD Card

The lists of bugs is as follows:

  • Mobile Data is unstable(let the phone run for 10-15 min,it will be stable)
  • Video Decoding
  • Voice Search

So if you’re done with all of that, lets not make you wait longer as we get back to our tutorial on installing this amazing ROM on our little PICO.


Pre-Installation Tasks

  1. Back up all apps using ASTRO File Manager. You can get the APK files using ASTRO and later restore it. Rooted users can use Titanium Backup which also backs up data along with the apps.
  2. Back up all contacts to SD card.
  3. Backup SMS on Android.
  4. Backup call log on Android.
  5. Have minimum 60% charge on your phone else you might get stuck while the update process is running on your device.
  6. Remove any security or Anti-virus app if you have them installed.
  7. Enable USB Debugging. This can be don by Settings>Applications>Development and making sure that USB Debugging is checked.

Disclaimer: Hack My Android is not responsible for any damage that your device may face during this process. The developer is also not responsible for the same. There are little chances that your device may face any issue. However, try this at your own risk. This process voids the warranty of your device.

Steps to Install CM10 Jelly Bean ROM on your HTC Explorer :

  1. Download the zip file from the original thread.
  2. Copy the downloaded zip to the root folder of your sdcard.
  3. Boot into recovery.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and flash the ROM zip file.
  5. Use these to navigate and select “Wipe” and then “Wipe data” and also consider wiping Dalvik cache if you don’t want to face “Low on memory” issues.
  6. Now, navigate through the interface choose “select zip from SD card” and select the zip file which we downloaded earlier.
  7. After it gets completed, you can flash the GAPPS file in a similar fashion and get back using the back button and select “Reboot” and you are done!.

Well, if you have followed this tutorial step by step, you must be enjoying the butter experience on your little pico.

Please make a note that this is ROM is still under development and hence, it may or may not have bugs. In case you come across any, please refer to the developer page of the ROM and report. The developers are working hard to get all the bugs fixed as soon as they can. So, please help the community to grow.

If you found this tutorial helpful, please refer to the comments section and pay us a word of aid there. We’ll be happy to accept all queries/suggestions as far as it is related to this concern of your’s 🙂

  • Androidworldblog

    Will this require root access??

  • Maitreya9364

    is it safe??

  • Iqshit Dhawan

    plz upload a video HTC explorer working on CM10

    right nw i'm using Evervolv 
    i wanto see apps in working mode,  apps like :- play store, wi fi n all… ASAP

  • Eray

    Wifi tething don't work and usb tething 🙁

  • Abhishek bhatia

    why doesn't any of the cynogenmod custom roms have radio in them..Its really annoying.

    And it also drains out battery quite fast…my phone doesn't last for more than 5-6 hours

    • They are updated with time. People do it for free so it will take time and might have bugs.

  • Nikag89

    play store not working!!!!!!!!!!!! Why??????

  • ALopez

    Will it affect my wifi ?