Install CM14.1 Android 7.1 Nougat on the LG G3 S and LG G3 Beat

Even though the LG G3 series was released 2 years ago, it still lives up to this day with it’s monstrous specs and beautiful screen. There was much left to be desired from the software side, but that didn’t stop Android Enthusiasts from taking matters into their own hands. CM14.1 builds for the LG G3 S and LG G3 Beat are officially out.


Installing CM14.1

Download the latest CM14.1 build zip file from the links below:

Once downloaded, copy the zip file to the internal storage of your device. Boot to TWRP by shutting down the device and pressing Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously until you see the TWRP splash screen, then select Wipe, then Factory Reset.

Note: This operation will WIPE your device! Make sure you have taken backup of necessary files before proceeding!

Then, select Install and choose the CM14.1 zip package. This will prompt you to “Swipe to Flash”. Once the installation has finished you can Reboot to System. Note that the first boot might take a while.

Flashing GApps

To use Google Services, we need to install the GApps (Google Apps) package. These services are pre-built out-of-box, but we need to flash the GApps zip in order to Install. It is recommended you flash GApps right after flashing CM14.1.

To flash GApps, download the desired GApps package from here, and copy it to your internal storage. After flashing CM14.1, it is recommended to flash the GApps zip before rebooting. This will ensure a smooth startup and you can use your Google Services without any issues. If successfully flashed, you should be prompted to login to your Google Account in the initial setup.