Install TWRP and Root the Xiaomi Mi Mix

Released on November, 2016, the Xiaomi Mi Mix’s almost bezel-less design stunned us with it’s unique design and one-of-a-kind look. It can almost be felt like looking at a single slab of display, with nothing supporting it. This 6.4″ device has a whopping 83.6% screen-to-body ratio which no other device can boast of. Coupled with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 and a maximum of 6GB of RAM, this beast can handle anything you throw at it. However, some of us might be let down by the customisation options offered by MIUI, which is pre-installed in the Mi Mix. This tutorial will teach you how to install TWRP recovery and root your Xiaomi Mi Mix.


Unlocking the Bootloader

Note: This will wipe all data on your device. Make sure you backup important files as necessary before proceeding.

  1. We need to obtain a unlocking code from Xiaomi first. To do that, visit this site and apply for unlocking. After a week or so, you will receive a code which you will need to note down.
  2. Go to Settings, About Phone, and tap the MIUI version a few times to enable Developer Options.
  3. Go to Settings, Additional settings, Developer Options and bind your approved Mi account under the Mi Unlock Status. Log in to the Mi Account which is acquired unlocking permissions on your device.
  4. Turn Off the device and press and hold the Power and Volume Down button at the same time to enter bootloader mode.
  5. Now, open the Mi Unlock tool and login into the same account to apply for unlocking. Connect the device to the PC when prompted.
  6. Press “Unlock” and your device should now be unlocked.

Flashing TWRP

If you’re not in fastboot mode, enter it by Turning Off the deivice and holding down Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time. Connect your device to the PC and open Minimal ADB & Fastboot. Once in fastboot mode, confirm the connection by entering:

fastboot devices

If the connection is succesful, it will display your device. We recommend disconnecting any other Android devices.

Now, we need to download the TWRP .img file for the Mi Mix from here. Once downloaded,rename it to “twrp.img” (no quotes) and place in the folder where the Minimal ADB is installed. For most people, it is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot.

Once the file is in the folder, we can go back to Minimal ADB and type in the command:

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

This will replace the stock recovery with TWRP. To boot to TWRP, enter:

fastboot boot twrp.img

This will boot the device into TWRP. Now, select your preferred language and you will be prompted to swipe to allow modifications. Download the latest dm-verity and force encryption disabler here and copy it to the Mi Mix without exiting TWRP using MTP.

After copied, tap Install and select the file we just copied. You will be promted to Swipe to Install.

Now go to the Wipe section and choose Format Data and confirm the operation.

Rooting the Xiaomi Mi Mix

Download the latest SuperSU zip here and copy it over to your device. Flash the zip file and reboot the device to system. The first boot may take a few minutes to start the device.

Verifying Root

To verify root access, you can download Root Checker by joeykrim and tap “verify root”. If all goes well, you should be prompted to “grant” Superuser access and should see a message confirming the same.