Install Xposed Framework on your Android 6.0 Marshmallow device

For a while now, Xposed has been one of the most popular mods for the Android OS and many users swear by it. Xposed Framework, developed by rovo89, is an Android Framework which allows you to modify parts of the Android OS without much changes to base code. Xposed uses a “modules” system which allows us to even use multiple modifications with ease. This also makes it easy to undo the changes in case it does not function correctly or you do not prefer it.


  • TWRP Recovery installed on your Android device
  • Root Access

Downloading required files

We need to download the required files first. The XposedInstaller_3.1.apk. This must be installed to manage installed modules, the framework won’t work without it. The xposed_sdk23*.zip corresponding to your processor type must also be downloaded. is used to remove xposed from the device.

Installing Xposed Framework

Copy the downloaded files into your device’s internal storage. Install the XposedInstaller_3.1.apk as you would instal any other APK. Now, reboot the device into TWRP recovery and tap install and browse to the XposedSDK file we had copied. Tap the zip file and Swipe to confirm the flash. Reboot to system and if everything goes well, you should now be able to see a affirmative status on the Xposed App. Note, the reboot might take a while and optimize your apps.

Using Xposed Framework

To start using Xposed, simply head over to the Downloads section and download any framework you desire. Once downloaded and installed, head to the Modules menu and activate the Module by ticking the checkbox. You will now need to reboot your device to enable the module. Our personal recommendations are Greenify, GravityBox, YouTube AdAway and YouTube Background Player.

Note: You might have to check the description first as some Modules do not support specific devices.

Uninstalling Xposed Framework

Simply copy over the to your internal storage, reboot to TWRP recovery.Once in TWRP, tap install, browse to the and swipe to flash the file. This should remove Xposed Framework from your device.