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The Only International Forum for LG Optimus Me

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Yes, we had been working on building up a forum from the past few days (keeping it secret among the blogosphere). Discussions are going on at Hack My Android Forums about the device named LG Optimus Me P350. The reason I used the word “International” here is that there are a few other forums in different languages (perhaps Spanish) which have built up a good community. I really appreciate their efforts but the discussions at those forums are in their native language. Hence it becomes difficult for people who don’t understand Spanish to take part in the conversation.

At Hack My Android Forums, we use only English. However, if you are not good at English, you can post your questions in your own language and a developer will replay back to you very soon. We do have developers from different parts of the world 😉

Why Only LG Optimus Me P350?

Am I being partial? Well, not much. I would like to include other devices also in the forum pretty soon. The reason why this forum has been made for LG Optimus Me P350 is that this device does not have any separate forum at XDA and hence there is was no place on the web where you can find all ROMs, themes, apps games, kernels and scripts for LG Optimus Me. Now, you get them all in the same place which is at our forums. You can participate in the conversation and talk to our developers directly at the forum.

Our Current Statistics


Not even a month has passed since we started the forum and right now we have 400+ Members on board discussing about their issues, customizations, games and a lot more. I had been recommending all my readers to post their issues on the forum and not send me private messages at Facebook. Obviously, I’m not a developer and also, after you post on the forums you may get to know new ideas and customizations from other users.

What do we have?


After a long-driven hard work of Keyur (Android developer) and myself, the forums were set up and have been growing quite fast with active participation of Android developers and users. We now have the following content for LG Optimus Me P350:

(The data given below is apt by date 6th June,2012)

46 ROMs & 6 Kernels For LG Optimus Me

LG Optimus Me P350 Development

Believe me or not, we do have all the Android developers of LG Optimus Me P350 as members at our forums. The forums contain 46 ROMs that have been created by these developers right from the time the device started seeing development.  There are also 6 Kernels available as of now.

P350 Custom ROM Development

The features of all these ROMs are available in the respective threads along with the screenshots.

Games, Apps and Themes

LG Optimus Me P350 Themes  Apps and Games

Apart from Kernels and ROMs, there are also a lot of Games and a few themes and apps that are suitable for LG Optimus Me. So if you are a Game lover, you can head over to the Games section right now or check out some apps and themes.

Optimus Me P350 Games

If you have any questions that you wish to ask to our developers or to me, you can head over to the Q&A Section and post your questions by clicking on “Post New Thread” button.

LG Optimus Me P350 Q A

If you do not want to ask a question, but wish to stay updated with a particular thread, you can subscribe to the thread even without replying or posting at the thread by clicking on the ‘Thread Tools” button.

Q  about upgrading

Apart from all this, you can also chat with our admins (if they are online) or send them private messages. This wouldn’t be preferable unless you have a personal issue because posting on the forum will also help other people gain knowledge about the issues that you face and ultimately get a solution to the same.

Do You Want to be a Developer?

Learning Area   Learn Android Development

We appreciate the urge to learn something new. Instead of being just a user, you may also wish to learn something so that you can tweak your phone’s performance and UI yourself. Self-learning would be difficult and hence we have a learning area for those who wish to create their own ROMs and kernels. Head over to learning area.

What Is Coming?

Since these forums are only for LG Optimus Me, there might be many users out there who would be disappointed as their device is not listed. Not to worry, we will include a few more devices as and when we receive requests for the same. The next few devices to be included are Micromax Funbook and HTC Explorer. We will include forums only when we get developers to participate. If you are a developer, shoot me an email. If you are a user, kindly let me know in the comments which device you would like to be included in the forums.

So what are you waiting for, sign up now at Hack My Android Forums.