JAYS Headset Control: One Button Contol To All Your Music

If you are a music freak and a geek at the same time, you might not be amongst those who like the headsets that the OEMs treat their phones with themselves. HTC had a family time with Beats Audio headsets but the collaboration ended up as a piece of software sound acceleration. Even if we chuck out the sound processing part, we can never forget the ease with which we used to skip through the tracks, adjust the volume or play/pause the track with one touch buttons that used to come on the Nokia headsets. Well that’s almost a thing of the past and we live in the Android era where nothing is impossible as the developers make sure you get some more life to have fun rather than nostalgic geeky moments.


While Googling around I came across this beautiful piece of software and JAYS producing their own headsets, it was doubtful for me whether it’ll work with my phone’s standard HTC earpiece or not but guess what, it is still a headset for both the phone, and the app! As you guessed it out, the JAYS Headset Control app was able to pair up successfully with the standard earpiece and after a few hours of playing around with the app, all I can say about this piece of software is that it is a really fine and handy utility for music freaks like me who are still lazy enough to take a hand to the pocket to take out my phone and have a control of the music player after passing through the phone’s unlock mechanism.

How It Works?

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First of all, you need a headset with a working call receiver button and that is surely not much of an ask as I found the sound quality the supplied headset to be good enough for a music session on the move. Done with that, you need to head over to the Google Play Store page of the app and download it (Link given at the bottom of the post). As soon as you are done with the installation of the application, you are treated with the above screen with the Jog Dial set to the easy mode. In the easy mode, you get a default set of clicks to command actions which can get you done with most of the tricks that this app can do but for the geeky side in you, you can move the toggle to the advanced tab where you get a full fledged command over your input actions as per the desired command to be performed.

2013-06-27_16-21-50 2013-06-27_16-22-17

You can edit the default set of actions as well as you can adjust the sensitivity of the impressions for the long press delay for as much as you prefer( And I am even lazier to do that!). Further, you can check whether the how app is recognizing your button presses you can head over to the extras tab on the advanced menu and then click on the headset monitor that shows up with a log of your clicks and presses in real time as you play with the button on your headset (Cool eh?)!

I went on to try the software with the tab set to the ‘easy’ mode and guess what, I do not have to go through all the android dramatics now to have some control over my music player or my calls. Further, as all of this sweet little package comes for free in the Google Play Store, it definitely deserves a +1 from us.

Google Play Store: JAYS Headset Control (free)