Jelly Bean Update For AT&T HTC One X Rolling Out

It has been long since HTC One X users on AT&T have been stuck on Ice Cream Sandwich. But AT&T announced some good news today and it is rolling out the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to the users Over The Air (OTA).

Th0ugh they pulled down their announcement, I can see people have received their part of Jelly bean via the OTA udpate. To receive this  update on your HTC One X, go to Settings>About phone and check for software updates. The Jelly Bean update is codenamed 3.18.502.6. If you see this, hit the download and install button while you are on a WiFi network.

While Jelly Bean is better than ICS, the browser looks much better:

ATT HTC One X Jelly Bean Update

Your device remains S-OFF even after the OTA update. If you have an unlocked bootloader, it still remains unlocked. This update will not relock the bootloader on your device.

If you did not receive the update because you have modified the system on your phone by flashing custom ROMs or by any other means, you may want to read what ThrasherSC2K2 posted on XDA forums:

[quote]I wanted a clean install and also could not flash the OTA with TWRP installed, so here is how I did it:

– Re-locked Bootloader
– Applied 2.20 RUU
– Unlocked Bootloader (did it here in case the new hboot would not accept unlocktoken)
– Started Phone (disabled Fast Boot option);
– “Check for software update” (Had to do this a couple of times alternating with doing a “factory reset” because the server would not find an update)
– Downloaded and applied OTA
– Reboot into Bootloader and confirmed S-OFF+Unlock in place
– Flashed TWRP via fastboot
– Flashed Super SU via TWRP
– Reboot and have working JB on phone.

Before: Stock 2.20 RUU with Root , S-OFF , HBOOT: 1.14 and Radio: 0.19as.32.09.11_2

After OTA: 3.18.502.6 OTA with Root, S-OFF, HBOOT: 2.14 Radio: 0.24p.32.09.06_10.130.32.34

As confirmed in my previous post: HBOOT and Radio were upgraded.[/quote]


Did you update your HTC One X to Jelly Bean? Let us know in the comments below.