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It has just been a few hours back that Google rolled out communities for Google+. With the Google – Facebook war going on, we are more interested in the best way we can reach our readers. Facebook groups was one option but managing those groups using my Facebook profile wasn’t something I wanted to do – Facebook pages are more than enough at this point. Google+ communities seems to be a better option to Facebook groups right now and hence we have created a community for our readers – the Hack My Android Community.

Hack My Android Community

Why Should You Join Our Community

1. Getting Your Issues Resolved

We have seen that most of our readers don’t find it convenient to post a comment on our tutorials and sometimes we might even miss replying to some comments. With lots of comments pouring in each day, replying to everyone becomes difficult. We do not own most of the devices but we help you solve your issues with it by contacting the developers and asking them about what could be done to fix the issues.

How about a weekly Hangout? 😉

2. Contacting Developers via the Community

We will also be inviting Android developers at XDA forums to join our community. Fortunately, we have some developers on board at Hack My Android Forums too. You can post your problems in the community and possibly you will get a reply from me, our author Goutam Dutta or from the developers of your device. We will try our best to see that all posts get replies as soon as possible.

3. Announcement of New ROMs & Updates

With the developers joining the community as well, they will also share the new ROMs that they develop for the device you own. Any existing ROMs that are updated will also be posted in the community by the developers themselves or by our readers who have been using the ROM.

4. Connecting With People Having the Same Device

Who can solve your issues better than a person who has already undergone the process successfully? By joining the community, you will be able to contact people who have the same device and those who have successfully tweaked their phones. Hopefully, they will be your best pals at the community.

That said, you don’t lose anything by joining the community but you gain quite a lot from it. We will make sure that there is no spam on the community. The moderators at our forums will also be active on the groups to see ensure that the community remains clean and free of spam.

Would you like to be a part of our community? If your answer is yes, go ahead and click the link below.

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