Kingsoft Office – A Perfect Office Replacement [Freeware]

In the present scenario, before buying a smartphone, what sort of questions storm your mind? it may be regarding the audio output or the processing capabilities for the potential buyer but for those who ain’t got the time to even read this post, it’s all about the business computing support. A proper business computing tool for your desktop may cost you as much as the price of your phone while the mobile versions still snatch up some greenery off your pockets. But what if you can get an all in one Office document reader + editor solution which is stuffed with extensive file format support and other features without paying even a single penny? Sounds cool? If that’s the case with you, we have something in the house for you.

We are talking about Kingsoft Office, a freeware, available for download on the google play store for free and has more on the charts to offer than one can expect from it. Kingsoft Office allows the user to easily access or edit any kind of document file by supporting 23 different file types, including DOC/DOCX/TXT/XLS/XLSX/PPT/PPTX/PDF files. If you own a a monster display on your phone, the options provided won’t let you feel away from your desk by taking it to the closest possible level of office usability. The simple user interface keeps up the charm for the user where as the inbuilt cloud storage support won’t allow you to run out of storage. The software comes in a neatly packed size  while the stability is the deal breaker here.

Having collected a lot of reputation from different reviewers, this is a must have for those who are out for some serious business deals. To be very honest, it is a steal.  So will you be downloading it ? whatever may be the case, please leave us your opinions in the comments section.

Here is the Google Play Store link.