LAVA XOLO X900 Review – It’s Intel Inside

Lets have a look back in the past. It was qualcomm and nvidia ruling the scenario as the king of all trades watched them grow up. Its the age of the nvidia tegras and the qualcomm super-SoCs. From mid range phones to the top end deal breakers , these two platforms have been topping out the benchmarks. With GHz snapdragon chipset being a huge success it seemed that it ain’t be anybody competing around. But wait, take a look back in the past out of the android era, u see PDAs but can anyone tell me what chipset it used back then? It was the king of processing technologies, Intel. It was an era of PDAs powered by Intel’s X Scale processors and guess what? The ace of the cards is back to shatter all the deck once again.



The Intel x86 Medfield SoC

Yes you read that right, this all new SoC from the house of the processing super power boast a true x86 single-core processor. And yes, its powering a phone this time. After years of hard work and innovation, intel presented this new SoC with “the best ever battery management” as quoted, and yet thrashing almost each and every dual-core that came in it’s way (of course we are not considering the dual core krait CPUs). Counting on the lower side in terms of power consumption but topping out the benchmarking sheets along with full video encoding and decoding support, this little single-core dude has got something to tell you -“Its Intel Inside”

Intel Atom



Apart from all those bragging rights, lets get back to our review now. Its the LAVA XOLO X900 that’s in the spotlight up here. Following Intel’s FFRD( Form Factor Reference Design) and backed up by an unexpectedly powerful single-core SoC powering inside , what we get is a dashing looking handset standing in the mid-range with some sleek looks, elegant finishing and some sturdy build quality. Running on Google’s not-so-old yet “aged” platform, the Intel SoCs quite easily pulls out strictly the best ever performance by a single-core processor, pacing out a no. of dual-cores in the way, and hey, it does good at killing one of the biggest pains of the android users, the battery life.




LAVA XOLO X900 Specifications

  • Intel’s Atom Z2460 SoC
  • 1.6 GHz Intel Medfield Processor( Saltwell) with Hyper-Threading
  • PowerVR SGX540 GPU clocked at 400MHz
  • 32-bit Dual channel LPDDR2 memory.
  •  4Inch LCD Display at 1024×600 resolution (295ppi)
  •  Android 2.3
  •  NFC
  •  HDMI
  •  3G
  •  Micro SIM
  •  8MP CAM with Flash, 10fps burst mode and 1080p video.
  •  3MP VGA CAM
  •  1640 mAh Battery

Featuring quad band GSM and HSPA+ connectivity up to 21Mbps, NFC and HDMI this phone packs each and every possible mobile connectivity option available out there. The 4.03″ display of the phone is crisp viz the high ppi value and is quick to respond. The default android keys (capacitive ones here) below the screen and the front-facing camera sitting beside the earpiece completes the front portfolio of the device.

Performance & Real Life Experience

After watching the hyped reviews and exhilarating benchmarks (standing just aside the mighty HTC OneX ) I decided to go a mobile shop in my locality to take this wonder for a ride. And guess what? I got greeted by one of the fastest software experience to ever land on a mobile phone.


These benchmarks may not satisfy the hard timers but take my word, this phone is worth a watch considering its just a single-core processor ticking inside @1.66 Ghz . And anyways its a must have for the collectors’ interest as it is the first ever android phone running on an Intel inside.

Multimedia Performance

X900Medfield-0419The handset in question performs well enough to satisfy each and every media content thrown at it courtesy the snappy processor and the vibrantly capable android platform. With an ICS update in the works, this experience is expected to reach a higher level as the update rolls out. And hey, its a capable shooter too boasting an 8 megapixel resolution camera that sports 10fps burst mode ( again viz the Intel powerhouse ) and some good quality 1080p video recording (yes u read that right, it can do a few tricks which most dual cores can’t).

My Verdict

A smart buy considering the fact that it has a single core processor that is anytime low on power consumptions and add some Intel magic to it and u get a beast of a performer as Intel has made its point clear enough and is already working on dual-core SoCs. Priced at Rs.22,000($423/€323), its worth a look.

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