[LEAK] Google’s Messaging Service Babel Tested in Gmail

Google will be launching a unified messaging service called “Babel” pretty soon and it look like it will be available on all platforms including Gmail which can be seen from the leaked images below.

We haven’t reported anything about Babel yet because we didn’t want to post rumors unless it looks like a real deal like this one. As it can be seen, Techradar has leaked this image from an alleged Google employee who is testing Babel in Gmail. Hovering on the feedback link says “What do you think about Babel in Gmail?” and this (at least) confirms that the messaging service will be called Babel.

A few more images have been leaked which show a plethora of emoji/emoticons/smileys that a user can use to express their mood or convey their messages. The emoticons seen below are nothing but the mood icons you find in Google+ for Android. These are animated and can be used to demonstrate your mood while chatting. There are also other emoticons of cats and dogs which are also found on WhatsApp (I rarely use them).

You can also see a camera icon which means users will be able to send images while chatting but not before you join Google+. This is one the best ways Google can get people to use their social network and also keep them active on the site.

We will get to know everything about Babel from Google’s I/O event this year. Make sure you connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated.

Source: Techradar