LG D801 Shows Up As The Most Powerful Android Device Till Date

Disguising everyone and hiding itself under the fame of the LG Optimus G Pro, LGE seem to be working it hard to get back into the battle and claim for the throne that once it used to own. As a result, subsequently after making two direct blockbusters and a Nexus phone, LG Electronics have showed up yet again in the benchmark battlegrounds in order to grab some spotlight with it’s “next big thing” coming to life much earlier than expected.

Coming out of strictly nowhere, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 running LG D801 with it’s suspected Adreno 330 GPU on-board has  shown no mercy in taking down the best in the business without paying even a nibble of respect/mercy over the opposition. LG’s mysterious trump card seems to have hit the scene much before a smartphone of such honor was expected to be. While Samsung’s Cortex-A15 based Exynos Octa couldn’t outdo even the Snapdragon 600 by a margin that it was expected to hit, the Snapdragon 800 can easily make the life of the life companion even worse if the D801 goes official with the similar pace that it has sprouted out of the dark.

Here’s the extract from the GLBenchmark Website showcasing of the raw power that the next LG Flagship exhibits and let me tell ya, it is impressive indeed!

LG D801

While the LG D801 killed the lives out of any other top end droid offering, it even surpassed one of the best performers in the GFX department, the Apple iPad 4 by a huge margin that is unlikely to be touched down by any other mobile device in the current scenario.

We all know what LG is capable of and what it has earned expertise in. The LG Optimus 2X and the LG Optimus G were the first of their respective races and everyone is aware of the fact that what it means to hold the pole position in atleast one notified area of a market that’s changing with the second’s hand. Therefore, although it might be just too early for the LG D801 to shed covers now but one just can’t stop to expect from the a company that’s fighting it out hard enough to regain some of it’s lost pride.

Source: www.glbenchmark.com