LG Is All Set to Release L,F,V and G series smartphones at MWC

It looks like MWC will bring quite a lot of news from LG and Samsung. While we already reported about the dual SIM versions of the L-series smartphones from LG, we have something more to share with you and these are the L, F, V and G series phones from LG.

LG just uploaded a teaser of the aforementioned series of phones on their YouTube channel which you can watch at the end of this post. The video shows how LG focuses of the letters L,F,V and G. According to the teaser uploaded by LG, L stands for “style”, F for “freedom”, V is for “view” and G stands for “greatness”.

From this, we can understand that the L-series is perhaps the dual SIM phones as we already mentioned in the opening sentence of this post. The G series might refer to the LG Optimus G Pro whose specs sheets and images were leaked recently.

The only two letters left are F and V about which there have been no leaks so far but we still have a week to go before LG announces these phones on 25th of February at Mobile World Congress (MWC) at Barcelona.

You can watch the teaser below:

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