LG Nexus 4: The Next Big Thing?

After playing a month of hide ‘n’ seek in the rumourland, call it as the LG E960, the Nexus HD or to be very exact, the LG Nexus 4 (as confirmed by some leaked EXIF information on picassa web albums) is all set to outshine the all covers and rumors put on it. Carrying on the Legacy of its Quad-core Krait Flasghip which ruined the lives of all the beasts which were predating, LG has embraced the next Nexus phone with the same Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset which symbolizes true domination in the benchmarks of today’s mobile computing technology with the four cores and 2 Gigabytes of RAM being coupled along the Adreno 320 GPU which is one of the most powerful renderers till date on a mobile SoC.

With such a powerhouse of a chipset on board and boasting the “Nexus” moniker, to be very honest, it turns out to be the most potentially capable Nexus till date. But with such a potential, how can this Godzilla of a device do a compromise in terms of some hardware bragging rights? The huge 4.7” True-HD IPS display of 1280×768 resolution  is fabulous enough to blow your eyes up with some fascinating pixel count of 441ppi while the 8megapixel snapper on the back has already showed it’s imaging capabilities via the leaked camera shots on Picassa Web Albums. But wait a minute, you ain’t gonna get the candy without a pinch of salt to your taste. One of the most epic sorrows till date, this big thing is not as big in the memory department. With the internal storage limited to a mere 8 Gigabytes of memory for a phone of this caliber courtesy the absence of the expandability options( USB on-the-go? ).

The only conclusion to the above mentioned characteristics of the device point at a device aimed at delivering a rich Android experience without much thinking about the needs of the potential buyers. Subjected against the most powerful droid predating out there, it’s own sibling, the LG Optimus G, the only thing this dude has got to brag about is the branding that it holds, and to be very honest, its all that matters. With the pace at which the whole Android world is expanding, the only concern for the buyers is the support that companies provide regarding the upgrades of the devices, the aid to this, is the Nexus moniker. As everyone knows that with every Nexus device you buy, you’ll be amongst the first of the mob to enjoy the latest of Android out there along with all the major/minor upgrades at your serve, officially.

The question is, Is the Nexus branding enough to outshine the demerits of the device ? Or, will it be a choice between this masterpiece of a phone and it’s very own sibling, The LG Optimus G?

With all the sources pointing at an official launch of the device at October 29th with Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean on board, are you gonna be there?

Please leave us your comments/reviews on the device in the comments section as we await for the device to get official as well as for the response from the guys @XDA 😉 .