LG Optimus G Pro Unveiled Before the MWC 2013

Although everything was plain clear regarding the much known yet awaited LG Optimus G Pro, but since it is the best set of hardware that we can have on the papers, everyone will welcome the most powerful phone till date with arms wide open. Being released a few days back in Japan, the international version will hit the scene with some hardware as well as aesthetic improvements over the latter and holding the moniker in common to a bestseller and the first of it’s kind, the LG Optimus G, the Optimus G Pro will have a lot of promises to hold and a over a dozen expectations to stack up to and since it is official now, let’s see upto what point it’ll hold up it’s breath.

The international version of the LG Optimus G Pro will sport a bigger 5.5” FullHD Display unit over the 5-incher for the Japanese version and a somewhat Nexus 4 inspired “squared glitters” pattern on the back panel of the device which attribute some classy aesthetics to the beast under the hood. The glittered back panel will be covered by a glass-type material which’ll add some sort of vision effects to the artistic job. Meanwhile, the rest of the specs remain the same comprising the Quad Core Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset with it’s four cores clocked in at a whooping 1.7 Ghz of clockspeed supported by 2 Gigabytes of RAM to sparkle up the dazzling FullHD display while all of this massive configuration will be powered by a juicy enough 3140mAh battery. Further, the camera will be a 13-Megapixel unit which can be expected to be loaded with features if you take a look around at the phones that share the same chipset.
That is all the bit of information that we have in our hands for the time being as we do not have any further clarifications regarding the pricing or the availability of the device or when should we expect it to land on the shelves. Finally, all we can do is wait for this year’s MWC where we will be able to see all of this live in action along with some tough enough competition coming from the other side of the turf!

Source: Phandroid