Make Your Android Phone Run Smoothly Using Greenify

A few days back, I posted why I rolled back to Gingerbread from ICS on my Xperia U. The reason was that the hardware of the device is not capable of running ICS. Though it is a fact that devices with weaker specs than Xperia U also run ICS, you must also be knowing how smooth it is. a 512 MB of RAM can run ICS but not so smoothly as a RAM with higher memory would run. And so, Gingerbread is preferable (if you don’t wish to try out some new apps on the Play Store which support Android 4.0+). I realized I was left behind in the race with Gingerbread on my phone and I couldn’t use the official ICS because it wasn’t smooth. But not until I came across Greenify app on the Play Store.

Since Greenify doesn’t support Gingerbread, I updated my phone to ICS yet again only to try this app and trust me, this app does not lie! It does what it says. Greenify is the perfect reason why you would ditch the donate version of Titanium Backup if you had been using it to freeze apps.


Greenify requires root access. If you don’t know what that means, read this. We recommend you to use SuperSU binaries instead of Superuser on your phone because the latter seems to cause hibernation issues.

Greenify helps your phone run much smoother. It is not a task killer. Greenify is used to hibernate apps that run in the background and hence free up RAM on your device. Since the apps running in the background are hibernated, you will see that your device’s battery lasts longer.

So how is it different from task killers? Task killers keep killing apps in the background and hence consume a lot of battery. Greenify hibernates the apps just like how you hibernate your PC when you are not using it.

When you freeze an app using Titanium backup, the app becomes unusable and you have to unfreeze it when you wish to use it. I’m sure it wouldn’t be convenient for you to do that and that’s where Greenify wins the race.

Greenifyapp App Analyzer

I’m sure most of you must be using apps like Facebook, Whatsapp. Viber, Google Maps and may be some third party browsers which run in the background. You don’t wish to freeze them because you access them frequently, but you can greenify them so they don’t consume much battery and RAM.

Once installed,you will be shown  a list of apps. You can greenify any apps you don’t rely heavily upon. Please do not greenify SMS apps that you use as you may miss some notifications unless you open up the app yourself. If you ask me, I would tell you that I have greenified Facebook, Whatsapp, Google Maps and Dolphin Browser.

The aforementioned apps may be available as system apps on your phone and hence can not be greenified. Uninstall them using Titanium Backup and install again from Play Store. Hence it becomes a user app and can be greenified.

For more on this, you can follow Greenify on Google+ and download the app from the button below.

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