Make Your Smartphone Smarter With Profile Flow – An Alternative to Tasker

Smartphones are smart enough by default but there are various ways, you can make them smarter. Profile Flow is one such app which does that in a clean and neat interface. You may call it a new Tasker app with a pretty cool and noob-friendly UI.

Profile Flow

Activation Criteria

Profile Flow – as the name suggests works according to the profiles a user creates. The activation of a profile is subject to the activation criteria you specify. Once the activation criteria is met, the profile gets activated. At any point of time if the activation criteria is not met, the profile gets deactivated automatically. There are various tasks you can assign to a profile- we’ll have a look at those after the break. Coming back to activation criteria,  here are the following criteria you can use for activating a particular profile:

  1. Manual activation – Doesn’t provide any automation, you activate the profile manually. Once you activate this profile manually, all other profiles remain inactive until the profile is manually deactivated.
  2. Date, Date Range & Day– You can specify the day on which the profile has to be activated. The profile remains active for the entire day. If you wish to activate the profile for a specific time frame on a specific day, you need to add another criteria which is Time. Instead of a single day, you can also specify a date-range when the profile must remain active. Another alternative is to specify a specific day of a week, probably a weekend when you are not working.
  3. Time Range – Without assigning a date, if you assign a time frame to a profile, it remains active during that time frame every day. For example – you can set the phone to silent during night by specifying the time frame between 11 PM – 7 AM.
  4. Location – You may wish to put your phone to silent mode when you are at the office. Just set this activation criteria which takes you to a Google map where you can specify the location of your office and the distance range. Once you enter this range, the profile gets activated. It requires you have the correct location settings on your phone and of course mobile data and GPS must remain ON for the app to fetch location information.
  5. Charging – Turn on your WiFi when the phone is charging or set it to silent mode when you put it on the charger.
  6. Battery Level – One of the most used criteria would be the battery level. I have set the battery level to 0-20% which means that the profile gets activated once the battery falls below 20%. What tasks does the profile contain? Let us see them in tasks.

Entry & Exit Tasks

The entry tasks are executed once he profile is activated an exit tasks are executed on the deactivation of the profile. You can define one or more tasks inn the profiles you create. The following tasks can be created:

Network Tasks

Controls all the network tasks on your device, you can set the following to enable or disable within a profile:

  • WiFi
  • WiFi Hotspot
  • Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Discoverability
  • Aeroplane mode
  • Auto Sync
  • Mobile Data

Sound & Volume Tasks

The following tasks control the phone’s volume, ringtones and vibration modes.

  • Ring Tone
  • Ring Type
  • Ring Volume
  • Notification Tone
  • Notification Volume
  • Alarm Volume
  • Media Volume
  • Vibrate Mode

Display Tasks

  • Brightness
  • Notification
  • Auto Rotate
  • Display Timeout
  • Wallpaper

Phone Tasks

  • Place a Call
  • Send a text message

An Example

Let us now have a look at a simple profile I created to test this app. When the battery of the phone falls below 20%, I wish it has the lowest brightness on screen and mobile data disabled. But once the phone’s battery rises above 20%, the brightness must switch back to 60% and mobile data enabled. Here’s how the profile looks:

Screenshot_2013-05-18-18-48-22 Screenshot_2013-05-18-19-34-51


Oh well, the Lite profile is something I forgot to mention above. It is a profile with no exit tasks which means that you can activate the profile temporarily for a short period of time.

Lite profile

One activation criteria I wish the app had was USB connection. I regularly turn on USB tethering on my phone and it would be great if the app could turn on USB tethering once I connect my phone to the PC. Sure, I am not aware of the technical aspects involved behind this. Nevertheless, the app is great and we would rate it 4.5/5.

Thanks for providing us with the app, Amith.

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