Manually Update LG Optimus L5 E610 To Official Jelly Bean

So it looks like the LG Optimus L5 is one of the phones from the L-series that is receiving Jelly Bean love. Though this phone hasn’t seen too much development, other than a root and a working CWM for the ICS version. With this post, we’ll let you know how to update your LG Optimus L5 with official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware. You can do this using LG’s software update program on PC but you can not be sure that you will receive this update on the PC. Also, even if you receive the update on the PC, you may not able to install it properly on your device.

root lg optimus l5

We recommend updating it using LG’s PC companion first and try this only if it doesn’t work. This update will also void root access on your phone (in case you already rooted it).  It’s not a big deal anyway because you can root it again and also flash CWM.


  • You need the device drivers which can be downloaded from our drivers page.
  • Download V20a firmware (Jelly Bean).
  • Download KDZ Updater (Unzip the files and make sure you run msxml file while you install the KDZ updater).
  • Make sure you have backed up all data on your phone using our data backup guide because this process will wipe all data on your phone.
[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” ]Hack My Android is not responsible for an damage your device might face by following this. Proceed at your own risk.[/box]

Steps to Update LG Optimus L5 to Jelly Bean

  1. Run KDZ udpater (KDZ_FW_UPD.exe) as admin.
  2. Select Type as 3GQCT and phone mode as Emergency as shown below:

    Ignore the .kdz file in screenshot


  3. Connect your phone to PC in download mode. To do this, press and hold Volume down button while connecting it to the USB that is connected to the PC already.
  4. Once your phone is in download mode, select the V20a KDZ file in the KDZ Updater.
  5. Click on “Launch Software button’.
  6. The Jelly Bean firmware will now be flashed to your phone.
  7. The initial boot takes too long usually. But if you seem to be stuck on the boot scree, you can perform a hard reset by removing and re-inserting the battery and then press and hold Volume down + Center button + Power button together. This will reset your phone.

If you face any issues with this, feel free to comment below. We”ll be posting a rooting and CMW guide soon.

  • Mobile need to be Soff or not?

    • Lalit Indoria

      What does that mean?

      • S off ?

        • Lalit Indoria

          It is only HTC phones that have the S-ON and S-OFF feature.

          • Is there any difference in Korean android mobiles?

          • Lalit Indoria

            Again, I don’t understand. Difference is between two things. Difference between Korean mobiles and?

          • ravi seetaram

            they said the officail updat has been released how long will it take to reach trinidad

  • Marco

    Must the phone be off when you press and hold the volume down button. I am struggling with this part. Is there a more detailed guide on how to flash the update to my phone?

    • Lalit Indoria

      Yes, the phone must be turned off. I’m not sure how you are doing it.

  • Marco

    Well, as per your post, volume must be pressed before inserting the usb cable. I’ve done this more that once, and still cant get the phone to be seen by KDZ Updater. I have the latest LG drivers installed for my phone. PLEASE HELP

    • Lalit Indoria

      Try Volume Down + Center + Power button together. This may factory reset your phone but just in case if you wish to give it a try. I have seen people getting into Download mode via this procedure.

  • Moises

    to enter in download mode…turn off the phone…hold “Vol + and -” at same time…and then plug the cable in the pc

  • Marco

    THe update didn’t work using the KDZ file referred to in this post. Is there an update for South Africa??

  • I tried to get in the Download Mode with two different procedures. First, I tried with pushing and hold Vol – and Power buttons together and I only got a full screen of something written all over the screen and in the end “fastboot: processing commands” and I had to take out the battery to switch it off again.

    The second time I tried to push and hold Vol- and Vol + and Power buttons, but my phone does absolutelly nothing. Just the two soft-touch buttons blink once and that´s it.

    I don´t know what could be wrong. Maybe I should just wait for the official OTA update.

    • Joni

      Cool! works with me=)!

      SYFnMario all you need to do is holding volume + and – and while you hold you put the usb-cable to it. Tadaa and you have get to the download mode:)

      • twitter_SYFnMario

        Unfortunately, the result is the same in my case. All I get is this “fastboot: processing commands”. But no big deal. I don´t need Jelly Bean, ICS works perfectly so I don’t see a point to change it, unless it comes OTA. Then I will update it.

      • twitter_SYFnMario

        Joni, this time it worked! I finally got 4.1.2. on my phone. 🙂 Here is what I have found out and it might help someone else also. So, when you press and hold Vol – and + at the same time you should first connect the USB part that goes in PC and then after that insert the micro USB in the phone. I don´t know why but that did the trick in my case to get in Download Mode. Thanks again! 😉

  • samar

    thanx dude its work great….keep it up

  • Srimoorthy

    Please someone tell whether the performance of the phone is increased by updating the Jelly bean.

    I wanted to try only if there is any performance improvements.

  • Mall John

    Good day.. i actually did it to my LG L5 E612 and it works fine.. For those who are using E612 and still having problems in entering download mode just press the Vol-, Vol+ and Power button at the same time and connect your original USB cord as fast as you can before the LG logo comes out then follow the next steps! God Bless! Thanks for this post!

  • Ashutosh Agnihotri

    how to register android jelly bean in lg optimus l5 …..?? PLZ HELP FRND 🙁

    • piyush

      same problem to me also

  • Ashutosh Agnihotri

    plz send androied jelly bean 4.2 KDZ file

  • Vino

    Hi Mate,
    I tried updating the jelly bean 4.2 KDZ file. I was successful in getting it upgraded however my LG E615 phone is not responding.. Its frozen..
    Could you pls help me how to get back to ICS.
    I downloaded the 10D, 10C file and tried flash it with KDZ but getting the LPARAM and WPARAM Error.
    I installed all the necessary software before doing this.
    Pls help me out!!!!

    • manos

      have you solved that problem??? ’cause i have the same one… :/

    • hassan mahmoud

      vino if you want to downgrade and get your stock firmware back message me on facebook sorry but its too long steps to downgrade and flash it again and you need files i cant upload here .. its complicated the first time but after you do it it will be easy and you can install any rom you want and downgrade again .. and if you dont want to message just go to xda site and search there you will find the solution but be patient

  • Mall John

    @Vino, hey pal.. you have tried to root your phone before you update it? i you do, you have bricked your phone.. you better restore it back in ICS and try to update it to Jellybean.. one of the most problems with LG phones are easily to be bricked.. you better flashed it as soon as possible..

  • david

    I just had my device LG E612 upgraded to 4.1.2 now how to root the new one??I’ve tried the ICS rooting step but it didn’t work..please help..

  • rockyfire

    Hi mate great work, does this work on e615 dual sim version. I want to upgrade mine

  • rockyfire

    Please some one anser me

  • piyush

    i dont know how do i thank u but it helped me a lot thnx a lot dude!!

  • piyush

    i want to get back to 4.0.3 but its unable to get into download mode using this firmware v20a can u please tell me how to get into download mode or how to unlock bootloader

    • Riccardo

      Hi, i had the same problem with the 20a, i solved trying to unlock the bootloader. After that i tryed to enter download mode and it succesfully entered.

  • Richard Lambojon

    Hi Lalit ,

    I successfully updated my LG e612 from ICS to JB but the problem is there’s no signal on my phone.
    Can you help me with this? Thank you very much!

    • Lalit Indoria

      Reboot and try once again.

      • Richard Lambojon

        but still no signal :(((, by the way im from philippines..

        • dk mkk

          dude,just check for software update through your mobile.if it says there is a new version available but it can be only be updated by connecting it to pc.then it means it JB OFFICIAL UPDATE.
          i didnt update my lg l5 by this method.actually i did the Official update.try it!
          and yes i have JB in my lg l5 e612 now!

          • Richard Lambojon

            yes, i tried updating through LG PC suit and it was successful, but still after the update it doesn’t detect any sim but luckily after a couple of hours it just suddenly detect my sim.. thanks bro 🙂

  • dragz

    Now that it has been udated to jellybean, is there a way to root it again and flash it back with CWM? If there is already a way, please let me know. Thanks.

  • dk mkk

    if i have a rooted lg l5 running on ics(i have installed kind of custom roms.actually i didnt know what it were though.i have done everything on my phone required to install google now on ics),on upgrading it to jb will i lose my data??
    and if yes,then how do i stop it?

    • Madalin

      Can you help me ? How to instal custom rom on non rooted lg optimus l5 ?
      Help me please

      • Custom ROMs require CWM, hence you need root access.

  • Arghya

    bro frankly answer if it works on lg l5 e615 or not??????????

    • dk mkk

      dude,just check for software update through your mobile.if it says there is a new version available but it can be only be updated by connecting it to pc.then it means it JB OFFICIAL UPDATE.
      i didnt update my lg l5 by this method.actually i did the Official update.try it!
      and yes i have JB in my lg l5 e612 now!

  • kamal

    please answer, does working on L5 dual E615?

    • Lalit Indoria

      No, it doesn’t.

    • dk mkk

      dude,just check for software update through your mobile.if it says there is a new version available but it can be only be updated by connecting it to pc.then it means it JB OFFICIAL UPDATE.
      i didnt update my lg l5 by this method.actually i did the Official update.try it!
      and yes i have JB in my lg l5 e612 now!

  • mk dkk

    NP bro! 🙂

  • Srimoorthy

    Please guide me step by step procedure on how can I do official jelly bean update

  • Marco

    Use the LG software update. I did, and got Jellybean running smoothly on my E612

  • Mthobisi

    so there is an update also in South Africa? cz i checked it a few days back and it wasnt there

    • Marco

      Yes there is. I’m in Cape Town, and did my update via the LG Software update tool for PC two days ago.

      • Mthobisi

        did you use the KDZ method to update it. Is there anyone in South Africa who used the Kdz method and how dd it work

  • klarissa collado

    Hi i upgrade it but the problem is theres no signal and it doesnt recognize my sim card. Plus it becomes slow and the wifi doesnt work too. Im from the philippines can you help me with this. Please.

    • A reboot should solve the signal issue.

      • klarissa collado

        i fixed the signal but the wifi connection always disconnects? 🙁

        • kiran

          How u fixed signal problem…..please help me

      • Nathaniel Beaver Mendoza

        mine doesn’t hard reset

  • blesson babu

    can i do this on my optimus l5 dual e615?

  • Thodoris Papadopoulos

    I have tried every possible combination but I cant get it to boot in download mode. I have a e610v (v stands for vodafone) and I suspect thats the problem. Please help however you can!

  • henco

    only one problem cant find a way to root it again

  • Cyrus Jude D Maniago

    My LG E612 was bought in Hong Kong, but there is no update yet with the Jelly Bean OS.

  • Rafito

    my sim card isnt detected in my phone!!! but wifi works perfectly!!! i have a reboot, hard reset, nothing works. I cant make a call please HELP me!!!!!

    • I really hope you did not apply this to the dual SIM version of the phone?

  • Andy Andrei

    I’m stuck on the boot scren, i’m tring volum down – center button and power button but doesn’t work

  • Arsi

    Be patient. My phone found sim card five hours after the updating. Naturally all connections wake up also at same time

  • Avirup

    My LG L5 E612 won’t go into download/emergency mode!! I’ve waited far too long but n more!! Please help.

    • George Thomas

      The same problem is there with my phone too. Mine is an LG Optimus L5 E612.

      Anyone please help me….

  • dadafaf

    I have a lg l5 e610v (vodafone romania) and at me work only with a hard reset. I belive works only after flash make a hard reset by pressing volume down, home button and power booton together until backlight buttons are blink. After that release all buttons and you make a hard reset :). Thats works very well for me. LIKE HACKMYANDROID, IS the best site after xda developers. I wish a good day for all 😀
    sorry for my bad english I have 14 years old 🙂

  • rejul

    link is broken

  • rejul

    nothing to download in rapidshare

  • janjan

    hi guys plzz help me
    how to fix lg l5
    my lg l5 has a cwm and rooted
    android 4.1.2 jellybean

    when i go to settingsabout phone then i press software update theres a update available pupups then i see install now(32.75 mb) then i press install now
    when the download is finished it say reboot.
    then i reboot
    then it recovery in its own
    then i turn it off
    when i turned on
    it will boot to recovey on it own
    plzzzz help me…

  • janjan1

    hi guys how to remove the cwm in lg l5 and get the stock recovery