Micromax Funbook Talk : GSM onboard

Being one of the most popular devices in the subcontinent this summer, the Micromax Funbook has received a lot of applause for the reason that its just not the cheapest Android 4.0 slate out there but also packs in quite a punch with the specifications it boasts on the cards. The 7-incher proved out to be a good paced gamble for the Indian mobile maker as they continuously pushed out some exterior updates under new variants with most of the interiors remaining the same viz. the Funbook Infinity boasted a 2megapixel shooter on it’s back upon the same piece of hardware as it’s predecessor while the device in question here has got enough of networking capabilities to keep you hang along with your favorite social media on the go without pushing the price tag by too much.

Offcourse we are talking about a brand new sequel to the low cost blockbuster, the Micromax Funbook Talk. As the name suggests, apart from the cheeky facial upgrade, the 7-inch tablet packs in a punch with GSM connectivity onboard which facilitates voice calling and GPRS data right on your slate, on the go. Furthermore, the Micromax Funbook Talk boasts of a 7-inch display upfront accompanied by a front facing camera which a 0.3 megapixel VGA unit which can handle all of your video conferencing needs including Skype support. The interiors of the slate consists of a Gigahertz of Cortex-A8 processing power under the hood coupled with the trusted and efficient Dual Mali 400MP 2D/3D core to enhance the graphics processing power, while the 512megabytes of RAM is sufficient enough to handle all the multitasking issues with ease.

The rest of the specifications are listed in the below image:

In the multimedia part, corresponding to the very capable Dual Mali-400MP onboard, the 7-incher boasts some rich codec support including 1080p playback which means you can throw any video you got from the torrents or youtube and the tablet will play it back for you without any difficulties which look sharp on the 7-inch WVGA display, while the interface is as catchy as it could be courtesy stock Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.



Apart from all of those bragging rights, the real life performance of this slate can be correlated to the performance of the original Funbook which debuted a couple of months back which we reviewed in detail for you. Here is the link for your convenience.

The deal breaking point of this device is the fact that apart from the much awaited calling functionality, the price tag doesn’t seems to have a major bump which may cause some further consequences to the bigger players in the subcontinental region. All in all, this could be a very robust deal for you as it can easily take on the best of mid rangers out there meanwhile providing to you the bigger amount of eye candy on the serve.

What’s your opinion? Will you be buying one or not? Whatever may be the case, please let us know about your views on this amazing deal breaker in the comments section.