Mobile Wars : Look Out Who Lives To Tell The Story

Its been heating up ever since the first iphone got a clash with the T-Mobile’s G1 (sounds like some bollywood superhero?). Android or iOS, whichever way you choose, you’ll end up finding a whole mob bashing out your phone or the OS on any of the technology blogs you could seek on the net. There has been one more player heating up the ball game with a C.E.O. who has always looked in proper shape to get his own firm drowned in ruins of the unknowns, Nokia. Yeah! hard but true, It was no other than the Finnish leader ruling all the plots as everyone knows back in those days, Symbian with it’s ARM based NOKIAs and PDAs was the only “Smart” thing around.

But that’s not the scenario right now as well as any hopes for Symbian striking back seems nothing but some distant past. It is the era of multi-core beasts roaring round in the benchmark territories doing a blow to blow with each other. Apple being one of the most consistent players in the game has just came up with the latest edition of it’s king’s rock, the iPhone 5 while in continuation to the series of ridiculously hap-hazardous marketing strategies, Nokia looks in for another shy at the pole position with it’s Windows 8 based range of flagships and RIM seems to be totally vanishing out in despair( we can hope for a strike back soon!). But the one platform that’s pacing out the competition is none other than our very own Android OS.I may sound a bit too rude as this post follows but i’ll try to make sure we won’t be hurting anybody out there.

Android has recently overtaken the iOS in it’s own territory, the United States!

In today’s scenario, Microsoft’s WP8 seems the most potential platform for the developers while iOS can still be referred as the most stable on the plot but the thing which takes Android ahead of all the competition is the usability standards set by the OS itself. The best part about the OS is the fact that unlike all other OSs, it isn’t a “premium segment” thing. Android phones can be found across each and every stage of the food chain i.e. from phones starting at as low as $100 to some high end offerings past the $600 mark which made it possible for the Google initiative to take on the lives of the aged yet classy Symbians which at a time dominated the scene. But if you think you may have to see a bit of subsidized amount of features as per the price bracket, think twice, the droidians have got a whole team of developers working hard along at the XDA in order to bring the latest and the best of the OS to each and every possible device. As for example, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has been ported to some low-end devices like the HTC Pico or take the Vintage HTCs without any features taking the leave!

You can have a look at how the Droidians are dominating the scenario which is expected to hit the 60% mark till the year sees off!
Picture Courtesy: comScore

Android has seen a lot more of development across the various stages since it came into existence with the latest editions making use of multi-threaded processing technology as well as the support for multiple cores while some of the developers have also came up with DUAL boot of the OS along with MS WP7 (Consider the HTC HD2)! But the only matter of concern that the general user faces with their droids is caused by the OEMs. They are releasing devices at such a pace that themselves they seem incapable to take care of the lads they have produced. But in reality this isn’t all the fault of the OEMs. To be very honest, the pace at which the platform is growing has left even the developers in trouble! Google can take this pace as a matter of pride but should must do something in favor of the potential customers!
With the only OS that could possibly catch up with the droid army can be none other than Microsoft’s robust WP8 platform, it still has got a long way to go as rivals like Apple (with the largest application store, how can we forget that!) won’t let the new guy skid through that easily!

Whatever may be the scene, we still love the Droid as we used to, just that it’s growing up way too fast 🙁 . With more generations of smartphones to follow, we surely can hope of a few more blistering entries, who knows! We will continue to love the platform for the flexibility it offers on the serve as nothing gonna stop us @hackmyandroid to keep the hacks coming!

On that note, I know it’s going to be a bit too tough for the iOS fans but even they will end up with a smile on their faces with this video clip 😛

So droidians, Keep hacking!