Moborobo Helps You Manage Your Android Smartphone from Your Desktop

Let me take you a few years back in the past when most of us used to feel quite geeky holding those Nokia S60s in our hands but one thing that always used to bug me off was the different sorts of connectivity issues while using the PC Suite. Then I came across the MobiMB browser which was nothing but a straight forward mobile media manager and more of a file manager which helped me out in managing my files, applications and other data when the official PC Suite was troubling me every other day. Now coming back to the present, what we have in our hands is a complete smartphone management tool dubbed as Moborobo. Now the question is, how well does it fares out when stacked up against the regular PC suites that the OEMs deliver for their smartphones? Let’s check it out!


Moborobo for Android brings ease of use and access both at the same moment of time along with some additional features that come in quite handy at times. You can transfer your media, manage your applications, take a backup, do a restore as well as monitor your Android smartphone’s screen right there on your desktop!


Althuogh Moborobo failed to generate the device model for my phone but that’s okay considering the device to be a newcomer on the charts(still! needs a check).

As soon as you get done with setting up the application onto your desktop, all you have to do is enabling USB debugging on your phone via the Developer Options tab under the settings menu and connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable which is recommended although the app also supports data transfer over WiFi as well. It takes hardly a minute for Moborobo to download and install the required ADB and USB drivers for your phone onto your PC and once it gets done, you will be notified with your device being connected as well as the time your device will take to for a full juice up charge!

Well that’s pretty much for the basic stuff you wanna know before you can get started with using the app so let us have a quick look at the services that Moborobo puts on the serve for you as soon as your phone gets connected!


The Music Manager allows you to manage all your music as well as play it back in real time on your pc


With Moborobo, you can manage both your downloaded as well as system applications seamlessly using your PC


The File Manager plugin makes managing all your data stored on the internal as well as the internal memory with an easy to get along interface and easy edit options!


The Contacts manager helps you to get hold of your contacts, add new ones to the list or create a backup file.

Moborobo provides a pretty easy to use way of accessing your media files stored on your mobile onto your desktop with a one click play option for music and videos while the contacts manager does really well at covering the basics and a file manager is always there to make things easier for the users who like to keep a check of the root! Meanwhile, I personally found the application manager as one of the better tools that a smartphone user needs in the present scenario just after Android got past the 4.0 mark which led to phones having huge internal memories and hence, a lot more of space for the user apps. All in all the application manager turned out to be pretty much like the default Android application manager with an Application update checker being the icing on the cake!


The screen simulator was a joy to watch but it failed to impress to that amount courtesy the relatively slow refresh rate over a USB cable connection.


The backup and restore manager helps you backup all the content that you wanna keep safe including those precious call logs and messages!

Apart from all that, the backup and restore app takes good care of your data by making sure you do not loose any of it while the on-screen simulator is always appreciated on the trot. You can backup your media, call logs as well as messages all at once using the backup manager and restore later on in a similar fashion.

Apart from the aforementioned features, you can also head over to Moborobo store and browse for some apps, games and wallpapers which are absolutely free of cost.

All in all, I am fairly impressed with the way Moborobo handled all my smartphone management needs but during the course, I did faced a few hiccups during setting up my phone for the connection but this isn’t that much of a factor to worry about as the app on a whole not only fills the space up for a great smartphone management utility software but also does it with quite a lot of ease!

You can connect with Moborobo on Facebook and Twitter or visit their website.