No More Android Phones From Samsung?

Yes, you read that right. Samsung – the company that is known for producing the very popular Galaxy Series smartphones may no longer produce Android smartphones. Samsung had also released the Bada platform back in 2009 which is used in its low-end handsets and is still popular in some parts of Europe and Asia. The company now plans to release the Tizen OS which will power its future handsets.


According to a report by Bloomberg Businessweek,

[quote]We plan to release new, competitive Tizen devices within this year and will keep expanding the lineup depending on market conditions,” Suwon, South Korea-based Samsung said in an e- mailed statement today. The company didn’t elaborate on model specifications, prices or timeframe for their debut.[/quote]

Samsung confirmed that it will be launching Tizen OS powered handsets this year.

[quote]The Tizen was born as Samsung hoped to lighten its growing dependence on Google on concerns that its top position in the smartphone market may weaken following the Google- Motorola tie-up.[/quote]

The Korean Giant wants to take more control over its mobile experience and does not want to depend upon Google’s Android OS anymore. Samsung believes that the introduction of Tizen OS powered smartphones will give it more control over the User Experience, Design and hardware specifications. There is no information about how and when will Samsung make this changes but this will surely bring some relief to Apple, HTC, Sony and LG. Two major questions which may still haunt your minds:


Will Samsung stop producing Android phones?

  • Edward

    dude… sounds like we are going backward

  • Claudiu

    so much crap from you article mister Captain! So, you said that you are a blogger, sorry hard working blogger, android developer,etc. Like a Boss!

    Your stub is just some news report about some say-sos, about some ideas etc. and some declaration about tizen ans bada? Have even make the effort to see tizen in action and where they are now with developing?

    What about the ubuntu? is ubuntu leaving thee desktop computer and move to mobile? You such a troll….

    • Lalit Indoria

      You must have seen Tizen in action by now. You may read the post once again and leave a reply! Regarding myself boasting about my skills, I am doing it at my site where I don’t need to follow any Claudio’s rules!

  • Boris Blagojevic

    Hey does anybody else but Me noticing a similarity of Tizen OS with MIUI OS what could mean that is Tizen maybe based on MIUI OS or is that just theme from MIUI.

  • Boris Blagojevic

    And I was thinking to take Galaxy Advance as my second Android.Because of Sound posibilities like SRS HD Audio and 5.1 surround Audio system Sound my brother have new SAMSUNG Star 3 with thouse posibilities that is the only thing what is temting me about SAMSUNG and nothing more.

  • If they going to Bring something extraordinary then I am going to Welcome Samsung for not making any more of Android Phones. Lets wait for it.

  • If they are planning to do this then I am sure they will be in trouble very soon.Nice article Lalit Indoria 🙂