Moto G Android 4.4 Update Leads to Camera Error, Here’s How to Fix That

Just a day after I received my Moto G, I updated it to Android 4.4 KitKat and made sure that all apps run using ART runtime instead of the regular Dalvik. Hours later I realized that the camera no longer works. Though ART is not natively supported by many apps, this surely wasn’t something related to runtime because if it was, the Camera app wouldn’t have run initially after the update.

So what’s next, I went ahead and disabled the Camera app from Settings>Apps. Note that you can not uninstall the app without rooting but you can surely disable some apps that you don’t use. Also, I cleared Camera app data from the same screen and re-enabled the app but in vain! Nothing works.

My second try was to try third party camera apps – Camera 360 and Focal camera. This didn’t fix the issue either and rendered a black screen on app launch.

A quick search on Motorola and other forums revealed that the error was due to some other app using the Camera Flashlight. Somehow, I finally got it to work. Here’s how:

  1. Boot your device into safe mode. Safe mode ensures that your device runs only with system apps and no user apps. This is something which the service center guys usually do when you take your phone to them to get it repaired.
  2. To boot Moto G into safe mode, long press the power button to see the power menu and long tap on the Turn off option.
  3. After you do this, you will get an option to boot your device into safe mode. Tap the OK button and let the device boot into safe mode.
  4. Once your device has booted into safe mode, start the camera app. If it works, you can be sure that this is not a hardware issue so there is nothing to worry about.
  5. After I took some photos via the safe mode, I rebooted the phone to boot it into normal mode and found the camera working.

It has been two days since I have done this and the camera app still works. In case it doesn’t in future, I may have to repeat the aforementioned procedure. Though this is a temporary fix, I expect Motorola to roll out an OTA update soon that fixes the camera error issue.

  • King constantine

    hey nice work around. camera working at least for now !!!!

  • Harry

    Thanks a mil. Worked.

    Saw on some other forum that they found the camera to be “toast” and the phone had to be repaired. Happy it was a software issue