Moto G Gets Official CyanogenMod 11 With Dual SIM Support

Though Motorola’s fastest selling device did have an Android 4.4 update, building a stable CyanogenMod 11 ROM wasn’t possible until few days back. However, nightly builds can be seen lined up on CyanogenMod’s website which includes two snapshot builds. Snapshot builds are more stable than the nightly ones but not completely stable. A few minor bugs do exist which may be eradicated with future snapshots or with a stable build.

One of the best news for Moto G users in India and Brazil is that CyanogenMod has added support for dual SIM in their CM 11 builds which means that both SIMs are functional in Moto G XT1033. While I grabbed a Snapshot-M5 build. I was amazed to see the way CyanogenMod has built up the dual SIM options.

On your first boot, you will be presented with a screen to configure “Subscriptions” – that’s how SIMs are called in a CyanogenMod ROM. You can configure both subscriptions on boot and you’ll be good to go with a dual SIM working CM 11 build on Moto G.

Screenshot_2014-04-17-17-38-47 Screenshot_2014-04-17-17-38-41

Talking about what works and what doesn’t, you can check out the known issues page on CyanogenMod wiki. If you were to believe my personal opinion, I didn’t face much issues apart from a few minor ones which include the following:

  • Low in-call volume but you can live with it.
  • You can not hear anything from the other end if you have both SIMs enabled. I turned off SIM2 and it worked well. This would be a serious issue for people who use both SIMs.

These issues were found after a clean install of the ROM.

You need to have a rooted device and unlocked bootloader to install this ROM. You can find the instructions to install on this page.

Download CM 11 for Moto G