Moto X Unveiled & Here Are Some of Its Cool Features

The Moto X has probably been the most awaited Android smartphone this year. With the teaser released by Motorola few days back, the curiosity in our minds did go up sky high. The Moto X is the first Android smartphone that the company has manufactured under Google’s ownership. Today, the company has unveiled the device which has some fantastic features just like how we expected.

The most interesting part about the Moto X is what makes it different from other Android smartphones and the answer surely makes me buy a Moto X instead of the huge Sammy devices. Let me explain why.

Voice Controls

This is nothing new to you if you are a regular reader of this site. We did reveal this feature of the Moto X few days back, thanks to our friend who had his hands on the device when it was not official. You don’t need to touch your device to make it function. The Moto X’s microphone is always on and actively listening to what you say. Call that a Google glass feature, because your commands must begin with “OK Google Now”. Anything you say after this will be recognized by the phone followed by the execution of your command. It can be anything – calling a friend, sending a text or taking a picture.


While you can go ahead and order your phone to take a picture via voice, there is something much easier you can do while your phone is in your hands. All you need to do is twist the phone while it is in your hands and there you see the camera app fired up on the phone to take a picture. You can tap anywhere on the phone to take pictures. This makes it extremely easy to capture images while you are in a hurry.


 Moto X Notifications

This is probably the best feature that Motorola provides you with this device. When your phone’s screen is switched off, the device shows you all notification as soon as you pick up the phone in your hands, You may tap on the screen to see the detailed notifications – for example the content inside a text message. You can then tap on the notification itself to reply back or just ignore the notification. This is something I guess the Facebook phone could have done if they paid more importance to Android notifications and not Facebook notifications. Put the right content first according to the user’s priority and you get the points required.


Moto X Customization

Oh yes, the teaser did say that the phone is designed by you and assembled in the U.S. Sure that’s true but not for everyone. The phone launches in black and white for all carriers but AT&T customers do get a choice to customize their device according to their tastes. AT&T users are privileged to customize their phone’s back casing, buttons, camera lens trim, and front cover to anything that they like using a website called Moto Maker which will be live pretty soon. Your design is then assembled in Motorola’s factory after which it takes 4 days for the device to be shipped to your address.

That said, the 4.7 inch device does have an excellent body which makes it look more like a phone and not a beast in the hand. Oh yes, I don’t like beasts. I like phones.

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