Motorola Atrix 2 Official ICS Update Rolling Out [Version 67.21.125]

Motorola is rolling out official ICS update for all Atrix 2 users. This is an OTA update which would be available for all Atrix 2 users worldwide. The version of Ice Cream Sandwich that is bring rolled out to Motorola Atrix 2 is 67.21.125. This updates brings a lot of changes in the UI like lockscreen, notifications, settings, folders and much more.

Regarding this official update, Motorola says:

We are pleased to announce the new Android™ 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) software upgrade for MOTOROLA ATRIX 2. The software upgrade (67.21.125.MB865.ATT.en.US) includes numerous enhancements and improvements.

The changes in this update are as follows:

Atrix 2 ICS update

New User Interface

Look and Feel Updated colors, font, icons, and animations. Added adjustable text size.
Lockscreen Enhanced lockscreen to include quick access to dialer, text messaging, camera, and homescreen.
Folders Added new homescreen folders that let users group apps and shortcuts by dragging one onto another.
All Apps Screen Updated All Apps screen to include access to both Apps and Widgets.
Notifications Enhanced notifications window to include access tosettings menu and new swipe to dismiss functionality forindividual notifications.
Settings Created a reorganized and easier to navigate settingsmenu, including toggles for airplane mode, Wi-Fi, andBluetooth®.
Keyboard Redesigned keyboard for faster input with improved errorcorrection and word suggestion.

Improved Features

Email Enhanced Email app with address auto-completion, quickresponse emails, and searching across folders andsubfolders.
Camera Improved the camera with time-lapse video, snapshotsduring video recording, ability to use volume keys asshutter button, updated zoom control look and feel, andflash-assisted low light focus.
Voice Action Upgraded voice input engine to allow for continuous dictation, pausing, and inclusion of punctuation.
Webtop Updated webtop interface to an Android 4.0 tablet-like experience with key apps optimized for the resolution and screen size of external monitors.
New andUpdated Apps Added latest versions of AT&T apps, Pre Loaded apps and Google apps.

New Features

SMARTACTIONS™ Added SMARTACTIONS™ app that intelligently automates routine, everyday tasks and suggests ways to personalize your phone and make your life easier. This app can help you extend your battery life and do things like automatically send a text to certain missed callers.
Face Unlock Added facial recognition technology for a new way to unlock the user’s phone.
People App Replaced the contacts app with the new People app,which includes larger pictures and rich profile information.
Screenshot Added capability to take screenshots by holding both the power and volume down keys for a few seconds.

How To Update Motorola Atrix 2 to ICS

There are two ways you can receive this update. Depending on your region, you may get a notification which says that a software update is available for your device. All you need to do is download and install it on your phone. The device will reboot after the update is installed.

If you do not receive a notification,

  1. Go to Settings>About Phone>System Updates.
  2. A message will be displayed regarding the update and its version. Make sure your phone is connected to WiFi.
  3. Select “Download”.
  4. After the update is downloaded, select “Install”.
  5. After the update is installed, your phone will reboot automatically.

Your Motorola Atrix 2 must now be running on official Ice Cream Sandwich firmware.

via Motorola

  • Dioelhdez

    I'm trying to update it but it says that no updates avaiable with 2.3.6 and i want ics, who can help me?? 🙁

    • In that case, you may have to wait for the OTA update. Some regions get it later!

  • Ankit

    i downloaded my update and after clicking install the phone restarted back to GB again telling me the update failed i tried this like 3 time it ain't working

    • You can go ahead and ask Motorola to do it for you. It's official anyway!

  • Ajeee14

    i have an at&t atrix2 which is an unlocked one.if i update it to ICS will it lock again?

  • Rafaelfilren

    Tenho um atrix 2 porém ele não é da AT&T e possui a ICS 2.3.6 só que ele não aceita atualizar para a ICS 4.0.4, estou quase me desfazendo do aparelho por causa disso.

  • Sati E6e

    i recently updated via ota and ota update has network guys wait for next update…