Motorola launches the Moto Z and Moto Z Play In India

Motorola is an outstanding company which never compromises on the experience of the user and has recently launched Moto Z, Moto Z play, and Moto Mods in India. These handsets, however, have only been introduced on Amazon and Flipkart ranging between Rs.39,999 and Rs.24,999 each. As said by a spokesperson at the launch event held on 4th October that “We believe in redefining the possibilities that a smartphone can have and it’s time to re-imagine the possibilities that can be created”.Moto Z, Moto Z play, and Moto Mods will be available only from 17th October.

Moto Z, Moto Z play, and Moto Mods are set to revolutionise the smartphone arena by offering interchangeable backs that completely changes the experience for the holder. Here are some of their features respectively:

Moto Z: Categorized as world’s thinnest premium smartphone

  • Moto Z offers dual profit i.e. durability and slimness with a thinness of 5.2mm.
  • Moto z works on Android Marshmallow.
  • Moto Z is made of stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminium.
  • Moto Z has a splendid display of 5.5 inches with Quad HD AMOLED display which produces content with clarity and fine details.
  • It has a 4 GB RAM with powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor which makes it handle even the heavy tasks with utmost ease.
  • Moto Z has a 13 MP rare camera along with optical image stabilisation,f1.8 camera and laser auto focus which brings forth high-resolution pictures.
  • The front camera is 5 MP coupled with the wide-angle lens and front flash which makes the selfies more coherent and sharp.
  • It comes with a 2600mAh battery which works for over 24 hours without any obstacle. Even when the battery power gets low it gives a 7-hour battery within 15 minutes with Turbo Power.It also has a water repellant coating.
  • Moto z come with a 64 Gb internal storage options and that can be expanded up to 2 Tb with micro SD card.
  • The handset makes the experience even more enjoyable and comfortable with other features such as:
  1. Moto Actions
  2. Moto Voice
  3. Moto Display


Moto Z Play: Amazing battery and numerous other possibilities

  • Moto Z Play has a longest lasting battery ever a smartphone had before.
  • Moto Z Play works on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.
  • Moto Z Play has an octa-core 2.0 GHz processor and 3gb RAM which enables it of smooth multi-tasking.
  • The smartphone is ultra stylish with a glass back, solid aluminium frame, and lightweight design.
  • It has a display of 5.5 inches with 1080p Full HD, 403ppi Super AMOLED display which gives a crisp and clear resolution.Other features of camera are:-
  1. Zero Shutter lag
  2. Color Balancing dual LED Flash.
  3. Phase detection Autofocus.
  • The rare camera is 16 MP and the front camera is of 5Mp with led flash and autofocus.
  • The best part about the handset is its amazing uninterrupted battery life of 45 hours with 3500mAh battery and support of Turbo Power which charges the phone for 8 hours in fifteen minutes.
  • Moto Z Play comes with fingerprint reader and is available for dual sim in some countries

Moto Mods: Best way of instant transformation

  • Moto Mods enhance both Moto z and Moto Z play when attached to them.
  • It boosts the stereo sound from JBL Soundboost and user can watch a movie with Moto Instant Share Project that turns the smartphone into a 70-inch projector.
  • Moto Style shell, when added in the design of real wood,leather, and ballistic nylon, beautifies the smartphone outstandingly.
  • Physical shutter and zoom controls make the photography experience of higher quality and easier simultaneously.

These are set to rule the market for a while and will be in a  to buy the list of many buyers.