Motorola Releases Its Gallery App in the Play Store

Motorola has been keen on pushing its apps to the Play Store which would help the company update the apps easily and quickly without actually pushing out OTAs regionally. Today, the company has released its gallery app in the play store which is compatible with Moto X, Moto G and all other Droids from the company.


The Gallery app when launched shows you thumbnails of your pictures without any folders or albums. It is a slightly modified Google’s Gallery app (which Google seems to leave behind with the Photos app). Motorola Gallery does not let you browse photos based on location or tags, which you could do with Google’s Gallery app. You can browse photos using a slide-in left menu which shows options like Camera roll, Timeline and Albums.

Apart from the Share menu you used to see on the stock Gallery app on top right, Motorola Gallery does have an edit and delete button along with the share button. The overflow menu as usual is visible on top right as three dots.

The app requires Android 4.4 running on your Motorola device.