Motorola X is A Whole Fleet of Droids That Might Scare Sammy Off

The highly anticipated Motorola X which was rumored to rival the Samsung Galaxy S4 has just turned out to be more than a direct competitor to the life companion as instead of being just another top end offering, it is a full fledged line up of customizable droids that’ll be Motorola’s first offering which’ll be totally undertaken by none other than Google itself.

Motorola X

What? Customizable?  Yes! you read that right. The Motorola X line up of phones will be the first fleet of droids that’ll hit the scene with customizable hardware for instance, the user will have an option to decide the amount of RAM as well as the internal storage that he wants his phone to operate upon. Cool eh? Does that sounds a bit familiar to the way customized laptops stole the audience from the branded dogs?

The phones are expected to see an official announcement at the 2013 Google I/O event. The devices will be available for sale over the Google Play stores as well as through the carriers and retailers around the globe. Further, the users will also have the option to opt for an unlocked Bootloader which means no more carrier bound restrictions as well as the users can have some personalized set of settings including contacts and other personal data and inclusive of all that, Google promises to get the customized devices shipped within a week of transition.

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 just set the pace up in the race, it’ll be a rather interesting to see how the new breed that is about to see a rise fares up in front of a mob that’s currently owned and reigned by the Korean manufacturer.

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Source: Androidandme