Music Off, I’m Sleeping~! Automatically Turns Off Music On Android When You Are Asleep

I really love lullaby songs but as I grew up, I had to sleep without them. Well, now I usually sleep with the songs running on my Android phone and the headphones plugged into my ears. Once I fall asleep, the songs keep playing all night eating up the battery on my Android phone. I am sure many of you would have faced this situation and might curse yourself for playing music all night.

But there’s an app which I came across on the Google Play Store which turns off the Music app while you are asleep and is known as Music Off, I’m Sleeping~! (download link at the bottom of the post). You might now wonder how could your phone detect if you are asleep. The app’s description gives an explanation for that.

How It Works

This App. uses Android’s accelerometer to monitor signals from your body while you lie on bed and checks if you are asleep. When this App. finds you asleep, it will graudally decrease the volume untill the volume reaches zero. It is then when this App. turns the Music App. off. This App. also resets the volume automatically, so there is no need for you to worry about resetting the volume back each time you use this App.


You might be using various other apps to listen to music other than the stock music app. Not to worry about that as this app can kill any music app that follows the standard API.

The app does not turn off Music instantaneously (sometimes that might disturb a person’s sleep). It reduces the volume of the app gradually and turns it off. You can set the time for the music volume to be reduced to zero after which the music app will be killed. Also, the app does not consume much battery but make sure you do not have many apps running in the background. This app will also run in background along with the music app and it might get killed automatically to free up RAM space. Also some auto task killers might interfere with the app’s performance (that’s my personal view).

Download Music Off, I’m Sleeping~!