Need For Speed Most Wanted – The Blacklisteds are Back

Definitely the most popular ever title from the Need For Speed franchise has been rebooted to a new life and this time the blacklisted guys are going to hit the scene across multiple gaming platforms. Being the most potential gaming platform in the current scenario, how can the Droid army miss out on the action! Of course we are talking about one of the most celebrated racing titles, Need For Speed : Most Wanted, the Android version.

In continuation to the reboot of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, with Need For Speed: Most Wanted, Electronic Arts are back with a bang into the mobile gaming scenario. Burning tarmac, exhilarating speeds, Exotic 4-wheeled beauties, end-less action and some chunky music track to keep the adrenaline pump in line with the game’s storyline which takes you into the nostalgic bit of past where the blacklisted dudes had the party.

Absorbing storyline, intimidating corners, sharp controlling system and the Cops, the downscaled version of Need For Speed: Most Wanted has it all. Packed into a total download size of 1.8 Gigabytes of data, the latest drag from Electronic Arts runs nothing short of it’s bigger screen siblings. The game plot follows up to the expectations while the revamped visuals and technological advancements have paid in big time as the whole scene looks fresh meanwhile carrying the dark underworld instincts which made up the actual soul for the title being a smash hit earlier.

The user can choose to have the control via the accelerometer sensor (by using the phone tilt) or by a mini steering key using the touchscreen (it follows a single directional swipe though). The visuals are crisp while goodies like the motion blur and the playability factor that comes along with all the titles that the genre has produced, the game took me by a storm when it blew up at highly playable frame rate on my little HTC Explorer!

All-in-all this game is indeed a collector’s must have while being a hot pick for the lads of the 1990s. The game is indeed an indulging experience on it’s own while the tag keeps you in the hunt for more. On that note, being a bit too flattered by the way the game performed, I just can’t deny from the fact that its time to climb up the Blacklist, AGAIN.


  • It has got a Bigger name to it to keep the gamer going.
  • Good optimizations as per the device.
  • Superb visuals.
  • Controlling system never disappoints.
  • Crunchy soundtracks to keep the mood on.


  • A bit heavier on the device’s storage (thats a whopping 1.8Gbs of Game Data!).

Google Play Store link : Need For Speed: Most Wanted

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