Nexus 7 Goes For Sale In India via The Google Play Store

The Google Nexus 7 has been a somewhat huge success as it goes down as the first nexus tablet under the search giant’s catalog. Boasting a configuration that’s still robust enough and an under $300 price tag, at Rs.15,999(16GB Nexus7), it is still a steal. While it’s better siblings viz. the Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 are still trying to sneak into the user’s demand, the nvidia Tegra 3 based 7-incher chips in as one of the best selling droid tablets till date, being closest to the Kindle Fire.

nexus 7As the page reads out, you can order one for yourself from the Play Store page itself. You can expect the shipping to start by April 5th while no exact delivery period has been stated but you can expect it to be on the first come first serve basis for the time being.

While Micromax’s series of funbooks are doing it out in the lower end segment and the iPads rocking the Rs.20k+ scene, without any doubts, the Google lad will show up as a better alternative who want some sheer performance backed up a brand name that’s already blasting the scenario off. A Quad core nvidia Tegra 3 powered Tablet PC backed up by the Search Giant itself under the Nexus branding which promises some state of the art software support, Doesn’t that sounds like a Bargain that’s good enough for the Rs.16k mark?

You can visit the product page here.