Nexus 7 Second Generation Surfaces With Images and Pricing

Awaiting for an official note with hardly a few days to go for it’s launch, the direct sequel to the much successful Google Nexus 7 has begun to surface up, this time via a Best Buy circular. By the looks of it, if all goes well in line with the rumors and leaks, Google has managed to pull out yet another Blockbuster in making with boosting up the 7 inch tablet with more of juice without compromising in any field and without a notch up in the price tag.

From the data that we have for the time being, the second generation Google Nexus 7 will sport a FullHD display, a 5 Megapixel real and 1.2 Megapixel back camera, LTE connectivity and it will be available in 16/32 GB variants. On the inside, there could be either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600/S4 Pro chipset which is indeed a major improvement over the previously used nvidia Tegra 3 unit.

Further, this scrap coming from a BestBuy advertising pamphlet shows that the 2nd generation Google Nexus 7 will be priced at a generously $229.99 which looks as appealing as the earlier model which took the Android tablet market by a storm as it delivered the best of processing and technology at it’s time for the modest of asking price that the techies speculated of.

Source: Androidcentral