Official BBM For Android APK Leaked But It’s Useless

September end is close by and we approach close to the launch of BBM for Android on the Play Store as promised by RIM. So far we have seen the app running on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a video that shows a complete rundown of the features the app would possess. Yet another leak that surfaced minutes ago lets you download the APK of the app and install it on your phone right now.

Screenshot_2013-09-16-19-08-51 Screenshot_2013-09-16-19-09-03

It is the official APK that comes from RIM and not like the spam apps that were available on the Play Store weeks ago. Calling it useless doesn’t mean I imply that people will not wish to use it but it means that you actually can not use it. The reason I call it useless is that it won’t connect to BlackBerry services as of now.

The APK works only on whitelisted devices for which you need a BlackBerry developer account who have already received invites to tryy out the beta version of the app. If you don’t have one, you need to wait for a day or two perhaps.

The app should be in Play Store on September 18 and the announcement will be live here as soon as that happens. So make sure you subscribe to us or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to be informed.

Download BBM For Android APK

via XDA Forums